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  1. http://www.play2crush.com/ Id wait till the timer on the top hits 0
  2. So in W101 or P101, when we are talking about PvP, It is like a turn based card game? That's not exactly what I think of when I think of PvP in a MMO. Is it PvP in the sense that checkers or tic-tac-toe is PvP? Maybe I need to look at some youtube videos. Also, no one else here but W101 and P101 players?
  3. Honestly, you don't us infecting the rest of the forums. Just stay away from the Shadowbane Forums like it's the plague.
  4. I already know what is awesome about Shadowbane. I know what I want in this new game like Shadowbane and what I don't. What I don't know is anything about the other games many people here are coming from. I see a lot of W101 P101 and various other games with a following here. What were those games, what made them tick? What do you want to see here from those games and what do you not? Why were they amazing games and why are you now here?
  5. I don't see that happening. Did you forget who these people were over the last 12 years?
  6. Is Jimmy the Greek aka BA around?
  7. Please don't suck :: crossing fingers::
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