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  1. I'm sure someone can pull that from one of the EMUs
  2. Here you go. I run back to Myth for heals only to find out she wasn't on a druid for the first time since ever.
  3. 1:22 - 1:30 Can you apply that thought process to the AT skill trees?
  4. He doesn't tank but all fights right now are open field. I'd like to see what a few do defend a choke or poi with heals/dps behind them. If all fights were in a 20x20 cage we would be crying that fessors suck
  5. Scissors here just popping in to say nerf op rock. Paper is fine
  6. elf mage channy blade weaver (only used 1 sword) and strength based so i could use better armor, like in diablo.
  7. Yoink

    Autorun hotkey

    This is a lot of discussion about something so menial. But I suppose every thread on these boards goes like this, "Any opinion/thought/idea" "OPPOSITEOFOPINIONTHOUGHTIDEANOMATTERWHATITISGOESHERE" "better explanation of opinion/thought/idea" "OPPOSITEOFOPINIONTHOUGHTIDEANOMATTERWHATITISGOESHERE+BECAUSECOMPETITIVEGAMERSSAIDSOGOESHERE" and then it just repeats for 10 pages. As far as an auto run key goes, meh. I could take it or leave it. If people want to AFK in a open world pvp game, I will not complain if they cross my path.
  8. Also, it is a lot of fun but it is the best ability in the game IMO. Its better than myrm berserk.
  9. WoW WTF! Where are all the trigger warnings?! I'm shaking right now.
  10. I could def see different CWs changing it up. Maybe some that only apply a % of your training or negate some trains when in that CW. I'd also be fine with them being wiped every so often. Then your build sort of matters.
  11. That said though, I don't think the idea is a bad one. Maybe something in the EKs for bragging rights. With infinite time and money I wouldn't mind pve stuff being created, so long as it doesn't take away from the games main focus
  12. Lol so 2 accounts with 1 name a variation of the first, created on the same day. What are the odds?
  13. Did you post on a second account to agree with yourself?
  14. I really cant/don't know if bigger groups are needed or is FF is an issue. What I do think is that everyone is just used to playing a certain way (no FF) so it feels wrong. I've been in quite a few guild fights were I was the odd man out or in a group of 2. I spent a lot of time not being able to attack the focus target because I just couldn't safely get in there. That is not a bad thing, its just a different thing. It was frustrating at first but eventually was fun to figure out this new problem and how to effectively contribute. I can definitely see FF adding an additional layer of skill to the game.
  15. So there is a lot of discussion/debate on how character creation should be. These will be my issues and ideas with the current system based on the assumption that things will work they way I believe they are right now. I understand that not everything has been revealed yet. This post, like all the others is probably a giant waste of time. However, It is my understanding that these are all the levels of character customization. Basic skills tree (applies to your crow at an account level, when on any AT) AT skills tree ( applies to your crow when on that AT) Starting runes (applies to your character at creation, removed from the game when the game moved to 1 crow per account?) Vessel (an 'item' you 'equip' to your crow, entering a vessel makes your crow a champion or knight or confessor etc.) Disciplines/runestones (in game items that apply to your vessel? Grants your character unique stats, abilities, etc) Gear (equipped to your vessel) Assuming the above is correct there is a fair bit of concern. There is no real character customization/identity or character permanence. Skill tree training, as is currently provides no real choice or diversity. Everyone will be mostly the same and given enough time you will have everything. Starting runes are presumably out of the game. Vessels seem fine to me so far other than the fact that you can possibly not have the one you want to play? It seems that the majority of your characters uniqueness will come from disciplines. That is mostly ok but the current thoughts floating around is that disciplines are attached/tied/slotted into your vessel. So when you lose your vessel you lose the disciplines, thus going back to a basic confessor, champion, etc. and no longer being the weird or different build you have set out to be. I would propose the following. Skill trees- I'd put a cap on how much can be trained. Come up with some sort of system to do this. X amount of skill points or X amount of hours can be used to train per AT. Make it so that the skills can be trained and then untrained to get back your points so you can try something different. Put it behind some sort of in game resource or time block if you have to so that respeccing isn't instant or without cost. Then we have a choice to make. Do I want the 10 cheap skills or do I want to go for the more costly ones? If there absolutely must be skills that you can get all of over time, maybe just the universal skills and cap the AT skills. Skills would persist between CW. Vessels- If you have to have a vessel to play then all need to be available at all times. What I would like to see is for there to be a 'base' vessel always available to you. Say you just lost all your stuff, your vessel broke or you just want to try out a druid for the first time. You should be able to hop into a blank vessel of that type. Think of what we have now in BW. This still leaves you able to have better and more powerful vessels like it is currently meant to be. Vessels would be reset going into each CW. Starting runes- These can still be implemented in a one crow / vessel system. My idea for this is that they would be at the account level for each AT but not tied to the vessel. You hop in your base vessel and you have x amount of points to spend on x amount of starting runes for that AT. Since we can not make new characters if we want to try something else put in a way to remove/replace them. Again, make it so that it is costly or timely to do so. Runes would be reset going into each CW. Disciplines- See above, exact same idea. I would really like to see something like this. If I want to play an int based proccing sundancing werewolf ranger, I don't want to have to go out and find, make, buy my runes (what makes my character my character, every 3 deaths.) Disciplines would be reset going into each CW Gear- Just make sure it matters enough that we always want it to be better. I really like the way gear is right now in BW and I hope to see a lot more effects on gear. And one more thing. Please. Lots more abilities. Add them to the base AT, put them in starting or discipline runes, add them as an unlock in the skill trees. Something. Give me the choice of 25+ abilities even if I can't use them all at once.
  16. You were a SB guy right? It feel a lot like SB right now. It's fun, if you have people to play with.
  17. Yes that's true but that's just a dial that can be adjusted at that point. Either way the option should exist.
  18. Stopped reading 3 pages in but I'll throw in my 2 cents. I hate the idea of eventually being able to fill out everything. I'd much rather see some sort of point allocation system. Say we get X amount of points to spend. Keep the current trees, keep the gradual training increase over time but make us allocate our X points. Want to train something else but you capped on points? Start slowly untraining something else to free up points. I'm ok if it takes a long time to use up the X points but X should not be infinite. This is what I miss the most in games. Building unique characters with vast possibilities. Look at shadowbane. Runes, stats, discs, promotion classes, training points on top of many skills, etc. Unlimited freedom in chatacer design. Was Cool's mage melee 100% staff warlock viable? No not really, but it was fun and it was possible. and more importantly it was possible to find out. And while I'm here I'll also say that I hate the current idea of minimum viable powers. It's not currently minimum viable powers, it's just minimum powers. If you only want us to have access to 10 active powers at once that's fine but give me a choice of 50.
  19. Yoink


    That's odd. I've never experienced that, even on stress test weekends. I'm still having quite a bit of fun playing but there are about 7 or 8 -W- also playing so I've always got someone to play with.
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