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  1. But have you ever sat at the table of champions?
  2. If Disc are truly as permanent a choice as they are making them out to be it would be awesome to see as many harvesting and crafting disc as there are for combat combat.
  3. Make you finish your murder of crows before you shift.
  4. Its all weapons atm. It's gotta just be a decimal is off
  5. Yoink

    Shadowbane 2.0

    Ehh for all that VN is he has sorta got a point about SB here. Shadowbane was slow slow slow. Like others have said, the majority of fights in SB were decided before you left your town's walls. TTK was fairly long and combat was more about comp counter play. Even roguebane was like this. Not to say that SB wasn't awesome.
  6. The Cake cover is Awesome. Redo the video with the Cake cover. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KJjVMqNIgA
  7. I sort of think dizzy down is a dumb mechanic already but don't really mind it all that much. Its just something annoying to deal with. But with the zoomed in harvesting + dizzy down it seems like its just too much of a penalty to me. What are your thoughts? @srathor LoL
  8. Lots of fun fights this weekend. Can't wait to see all the videos once there is a reason to be outside the EKs
  9. I read this as pols, as in the Polish. Thought you meant that SB guild.
  10. I now have brain cancer, thx guys. Guess I have 5 alt accounts I won't be able to use to sell off...
  11. Fessors are probably the most well off resource wise of all non pip classes. It is possible to go OOM with out the passive, even with it, but if I am simply mindful of what im casting; when, why, how often, I can last an entire fight with out OOMing. Activly managing my resource. This is a good base point to be and this base point should be an option for all classes. You should never be starved for resources unless you over extend or spam.
  12. Would you like something like this? Put the passives as unlocks in the respective tree? Unlock the mining passive with X% of mining trained. You still have to choose to slot it but you have to be invested in training mining skills somewhat to get it.
  13. That's a fun spec. Was playing that exact set up last night in skirmishes
  14. @DravoiX What are all these dots? There are not that many aoe dots, at least not that I can recall. There is bard, fessor firewall, some single target bleeds. What am I forgetting?
  15. There are a lot of troubadour tears in global. Its a bit overtuned but I think the mechanic and dmg is fine. I think it could use change to how the debuffs are applied though. Id suggest for abilities like the op listed, they either fall off the player if you are out of range, or make the buff/debuff pulse on the caster. Say all debuffs and buffs pulse off the caster every 5 seconds and apply a 5 sec debuff/buff. Then you can range the debuffs, not have the guy be in range once and apply a 20 sec debuff.
  16. Seem to be way too good as in they don't use enough resources, as in you will add + weapon efficiency to them to make them use more resources? The Myrm wont be able to apply the 3rd basic hit bleed anymore.
  17. I know what you mean. There are certain classes that are just basically unkillable. The fessor, druid, and to some extent the lego can just choose not to die in open field PvP if they chose to just run away. But this really only matters for small scale, non poi combat, so it really might not matter. But center the PvP around a stationary poi and it should be different, I think. Also, give time for builds to readjust with all these new disc.
  18. Why should the hit boxes be the same?
  19. Do we know what happens to equipped runes if you swap vessels?
  20. I spent a good bit of time last night farming slag to make a 2h mace to test out a rune that required it. Then went through the crafting process. All in about an hour. I got to the last 2 combines. I think 60% chance on each. I said to myself, "well, lets see if I log off for the night or play for a few more hours." I managed to not fail, and did indeed play all night, enjoying myself quiet a bit. No one should ever be faced with that sort of situation though. There are other things you can do instead of the item going 'poof'. Hell, make failures like crafting critical failures. You fail a craft cut the durability in half and remove all previous successful experiments. So fail a final combine and you get a basic slag weapon with no stats. P.S. - I then lost said mace to the spirit bank :-P
  21. I wouldn't believe Vampire Belgosh Scouts. So that must be it.
  22. When you say compete what exactly do you mean? Do you mean a 20 man guild should be able to beat a 50 or 100 man guild? Or just be able to be competitive with them?
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