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  1. I know what you mean. There are certain classes that are just basically unkillable. The fessor, druid, and to some extent the lego can just choose not to die in open field PvP if they chose to just run away. But this really only matters for small scale, non poi combat, so it really might not matter. But center the PvP around a stationary poi and it should be different, I think. Also, give time for builds to readjust with all these new disc.
  2. Why should the hit boxes be the same?
  3. Do we know what happens to equipped runes if you swap vessels?
  4. I spent a good bit of time last night farming slag to make a 2h mace to test out a rune that required it. Then went through the crafting process. All in about an hour. I got to the last 2 combines. I think 60% chance on each. I said to myself, "well, lets see if I log off for the night or play for a few more hours." I managed to not fail, and did indeed play all night, enjoying myself quiet a bit. No one should ever be faced with that sort of situation though. There are other things you can do instead of the item going 'poof'. Hell, make failures like crafting critical failures. You fail a craft cut the durability in half and remove all previous successful experiments. So fail a final combine and you get a basic slag weapon with no stats. P.S. - I then lost said mace to the spirit bank :-P
  5. I wouldn't believe Vampire Belgosh Scouts. So that must be it.
  6. When you say compete what exactly do you mean? Do you mean a 20 man guild should be able to beat a 50 or 100 man guild? Or just be able to be competitive with them?
  7. I was wondering how they were going to address these since there is no 'character creation' anymore. I think it would be cool if it was a system like any other of the runes. A harvester gets the mats. A runecrafter makes them. We buy them from the runecrafter and then we can slot them ourselves. I really really want all runes to be hot swappable and easy to aquire. We only get 1 character per account so If I'm playing a knight and im trying out a tanky build. Put in a tanky rune. Now I want to try archery when I play solo. I can replace my tanky runes with the archery runes. This also works nice with the idea of different qualities of runes. I want to play a bow shooting Legionnaire. I cant do this with out the archer rune. Can't do it at all. well I can get the crappy quality one until i get a better one. Then later on I can farm up a good one if i want to stick with my build. Archery rune (grey quality) - grants the ability to use bow and grants bow powers. All bow powers cost 10% more and deal 10% less damage. Archery rune (white quality) - grants the ability to use bow and grants bow powers. Archery rune (blue quality) - grants the ability to use bow and grants bow powers. All bow powers cost 10% less and deal 10% more damage. etc. I think a system like this will really be good for the people wanting to try out all the possible builds. It will also be another boost to the economy if every time you swapped a rune you lost the old one.
  8. Ok so this got me thinking about what I really hope to see and is a bit of a ramble. How it currently works- Race and class are locked. Champions, Rangers, Druid, Confessor, Knight, Templar can only be human. The other 7 AT all have their own exclusive race. How it could work- It can all be unlocked through the vessel system. For right now forget promotion classes exist and let us just focus on the ATs for now. Imaging you are crafting a vessel. Step 1 is gather the right body parts. In this example we will use Hamster. The base Hamster vessel gives some Hamster-ish stats like Dex and gives the ability ‘burrow’. No matter what your vessel ends up as, you have this ability available to you. Step 2 in crafting this vessel is to choose the AT. We are going to choose Knight. Any Knight vessel gives a small bonus to STR and a handful of Knight abilities and mechanics. Ability to use 1h mace/sword and shield, blocking, etc. Step 3 would be the normal additives that give stats to the vessel. Were gonna add +Health to it. You now have a vessel that makes our crow a Hamster Knight that can burrow. As far as promotion classes Make it built into the vessel or have a promotion class rune slot on every vessel that you can swap in or out. And while I’m here let me tell you what I’d like to see vessels have in addition to what they currently are. I want vessels to….. Like above, they determine the race and AT of your crow. When you choose your race certain stats and skills are applied. When you choose your AT certain bonuses, skills, stats are applied. I want to see the slots for discipline runes on the vessel. I think this is how it already is? I also want there to be slots for advantage/disadvantage runes. Think starter runes in Shadowbane. Mostly the same but now they are an item you acquire in game. Lets say all vessels get a default 5 slots for this. There are hundreds of options for these. Some can only be available to certain vessels that are of a particular race or AT or a combination of race/AT. Hell, you can even have runes here that have to do with your god affiliation. Read the starting runes section here for an example. http://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php?title=Angelmar's_Comprehensive_Newb_Guide_V2#Starting_runes The race or AT you choose can affect this number, which i believe was already said to be in place for discipline runes. Humans could get an extra slot or two since they don’t get any racial abilities like the Centaur or Hamster. TLDR: I want Shadowbane character building.
  9. I think what people keep looking over is that the skills are not necessarily tied to the AT. remember, we have skills and passives now that were just there to test, not necessarly in the 'default' kit. Burrow doesn't have to be a duelist ability, it can be a racial guinecan ability. So no burrowing centaurs but maybe burrowing guinecan champions or knights. Just like if you had a human legionnaire it does not necessarily get the run speed. But a centaur templar could.
  10. Maybe there will be race only, promotion only, AT only, disc only, god alignment only, weapons/gear. Just like that other awesome game.
  11. I figured it out. Todd and Gordon got an offer from Nexon they couldn't say no to and are off to live in the Caribbean! The teaser art was just a decoy.
  12. If I only had one account. But even if limited to one campaign per account unless vip, it is still better to just have multiple accounts. $15 x 12mo = $180 for a year of vip. Or I could just have 4 additional accounts with no monthly sub AND I get to train 5 universal skills and 5 AT, not 1 and 3. I have the option to bring 5 accounts into a campaign if I choose. 5 UT and AT in one campaign. Lets not make vip p2w. We can agree on that. But as I type this it really seems like having alt accounts is a much worse form of p2w. All because of passive training. And it gets even better down the line. In one year time I have 5 accounts with a year training into 5 universal skills and 5 AT vs just 1 year in 1 universal skill and 3 ATs. Lets say I quit the game, I now have 5 trained since day 1 accounts to sell vs 1.
  13. I also wouldnt play if vip gave in game power, I dont want that. Im just saying i want to pay a vip/sub fee. I want to see the game supported. I just need it to offer something to ME. and im not sure what that is short of a mandatory sub
  14. Isnt 'effectiveness' relatitive anyway? If I train combat and can only mine 2 ore per node and you train harvesting and can mine 5 per node that is a huge difference. Wont a scarcity of mats also be a good thing for harvesters? You know, that whole supply and demand thing.
  15. It was very disappointing. I think some of us might benefit from stepping back, lowering expectations, and letting the new blood take up the testing torch. Smart money is on AC knows the issues and is working on fixing them, even if they don't publicly acknowledge it or update us. Come back for the next milestone with fresh eyes. That's what I'm doing at least.
  16. hunger dome combat felt like we were meant to use this.
  17. The whole issue might go away if there was a cap on how much you could passively train.
  18. Unless different weapons do different things it doesn't matter. Right now weapons are just cosmetic other than damage type.
  19. Yeah I could get behind this. If for no other reason then now your choices matter.
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