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  1. Gonna be real difficult to do with the hard no water stance
  2. FW Ice Formation Chance has some sort of ICD which really negates the benefit you get from stacking ice formation chance. I did a test casting 1000 LMB. Here are the results. Duration - 16:16:49 to 16:43:52 (27 minutes 3 seconds or 1623 seconds) # of LMB = 1000 # of Volatile Focus procs = 154 Actual % of Volatile Focus Procs = 15.4% Shortest amount of time in between procs = ~6.5 seconds Here is a link to the combat log https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bRYfdSs29hqMHc6mk1wwd7kIzRkAg_zWTKUCqVNwGwU/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Volatile ice is 30m range and explodes in a 5m radius
  4. I'm just going to come clean and get out ahead of this. -W- is clearly not practicing social distancing.
  5. Number 1. Find a guild.
  6. It makes all other attacks hit harder as well. If you can find a way to over cap BAD you'd eat some of the penalty. It's always been kind of useless though. Maybe they can take away the extra weapon weight and make heavy weapons a 2h melee only thing. Slap it on a trait? Make them useful and buff melee at the same time
  7. shadows is post launch, no? Id just say have blue+ on anything with a pvp and inventory loot rule set
  8. Hey, your knight was useful when FW bombs could actually kill someone. Buff FW
  9. GR - Drops White majors/minor/exploration runes - Can not upgrade quality Infected - Drops Green majors/minor/exploration runes - Can not upgrade quality Dergs - Drops Blue majors/minor/exploration runes - Can upgrade quality And while were at it GR - Green and above quality items/resources removed from all loot/harvesting tables. Quality capped at White Infected - Blue and above quality items/resources removed from majors/minor/exploration runes. Quality capped at Green Boom, fixed.
  10. It does have that bug as well, it all shows as shatterstorm damage, but the damage values are also incorrect. Shatterstorm hits 6 times on a single target, for about 200 damage. If I drop a stable ice on a target and cast Shatterstorm, the Shatter storm will hit 6 times, the stable ice will be converted to volatile ice and explode for about 200 damage as well, and the combat log will show 7 shatter storm hits for about 200 damage.
  11. The leap from no vessel to any vessel is huge. The jump from green to blue to purple or orange is very small
  12. I kinda thought the whole point was you kill the guys bringing the pigs home, and then YOU take the pigs to your home.
  13. My shatter storm hits for roughly 200 a tick. My volatile ice explodes for roughly 800. If i convert any ice on the ground with shatter storm to volatile ice, it explodes for 200, not 800 numbers might be off i don't remember but volatile hits for a lot more than shatter storm ticks. If working properly, it would be more damage.
  14. Any ice that is converted by Shatter Storm into Volatile Ice does not hit for the right amount of damage. The ice is still converted and you see the volatile ice animation but the damage it deals is the same as the Shatter Storm AoE damage. This is true for all 3 specs. Volatile Ice created by focus gem and Archmage passive seem to be working correctly
  15. They will likely adjust the base sac values of the items. Hopefully they are just as good as before but we just dont need to run out to the table now.
  16. You guys over here talking about how good 500 point heal block every 3 seconds is while I'm just over here spamming aoe volatile ice for 1-1.5k per GCD from range. Melee is bad and assassin is very near the bottom of all the melee. Melee needs buffs across the board and assassin needs some love on top of that.
  17. seems pretty silly that it is just max range every time. You should get to choose where you want to land anywhere between yourself and 15m away
  18. Power Efficiency will either directly, or indirectly through Power Cost Modifier, affect ability cost ( for non pip users, but it used to make things that cost pips cost less pips, not sure if it still does ) cool downs ( for pip users ) and your basic attack damage for all users.
  19. White and green vessels used to grant 90 points just from leveling 1-30. Blue gave something like 102, purple a few more and orange a few more on top of that. Now, all vessels give you 60 points granted from leveling 1-30, regardless of quality.
  20. The game is not available in my monitor's native resolution of 2560 x 1080. Would be pretty cool if it was.
  21. Starting at lvl 1 in dregs would be hard when every mob has a 50m 10k pulsing AOE just for you. I do agree with #2 and #3 though. #1 I guess I'm just all for any part of the passive tree dieing.
  22. Naiad Orbs do not despawn if they time out. If you pick them up while they are active, no problem, they are gone. If they expire, the image stays behind.
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