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  1. Druid orbs do not show up on the ground, but you can see the glow they create. Same for burning hatred minor orbs.
  2. Every time I recall I get stuck on the loading screen. Just keeps spinning and saying "Unloading Zone" Have to restart the game to get around.
  3. Mino Bull Rush and Elken Charge ability stop when they hit the first target, as they should, but then they run in place, completing the full length of the run animation before doing the knock up.
  4. Really excited about this. How will that work? do we just tick a box for the prefix / suffix we want? What happens to sub component recipes? Currently I could make a 2h weapon that uses 10 metal bars. I could get 10 different combinations of stats on each bar and put it on each weapon. Can get 2 more combos with grips, etc. Would I see a weapon with 10+ prefix / suffix? Would sub component stats just be listed but not named? Edit - I misread the article and assumed that we could choose prefix / suffix. How will this change how we craft gear? Will it be unchanged? How will we get base stats on crafted gear?
  5. Tried to fight an ancient elk. It has a charge ability that knocks you back. It spammed it with no cooldown until it pushed me so far away from it's spawn it leashed and reset.
  6. On the theory crafting side, it takes just a few hours to level up a white vessel, slap some white runes on it and try it out. That's enough for me to satisfy most of my theory crafting needs. Same for alt-aholics. I think the next step is to just bring the base vessel closer to blue.
  7. All mobs on the Balance Temple Parcel are bugged. They attack you once or twice, then get rooted in place and do not move or attack. Also, the captains are dropping the [Old] versions of minors. NA Server only.
  8. I know storage is on the radar. I know it is coming. What I want to do here is ask that when you build out this system you do not hold anything back. I want a near endless storage system. At the character, account and guild level. At the character Level we currently have a 6x6 local bank and our 6x12 inventory. Inventory is fine. Id like to see the local bank at least 4x bigger. At account level we have the 15x11 sprit bank. This grid size is fine but I'd like it have tabs for each character. Effectively making it 6x bigger. I'm not sure what you have planned at the guild level but it needs to be massive. It needs functionality. It needs at least WoW guild vault functionally. Multiple tabs that can have permissions set to them. View only, Deposit only, Withdraw permissions, etc. Do not pull any punches here. Make it MASSIVE. We desperately need this QoL system. This might sound like too much but I'm talking storage space, not inventory. Keep with the vision of needing to transport goods and make that have risks. Make all the storage only accessible once you have transported the goods to what ever location you deem necessary. Be that the temple, Keep, Fort, Guild Hall. But once we secure those goods, give us a place to store as much as we want. Keep in mind that once we have a fully functioning game loop how ever much stuff we have accumulated will not matter because of Export Limits. If I want to gather and store 1,000,000 dubers and have 99% of that go poof at the end of the campaign, so be it.
  9. No, sorry if this seemed aimed at you or anyone in this thread. What I'm assuming is that if this gets read it will be received as crying and "wow everyone hates this, better make broad sweeping changes to this system."
  10. I think this system is fine and just in need of some tweeks. It's great for alt-aholics and theory crafters. Don't forget that vessels do not break and depending on ruleset will go from campaign to campaign. So I have no issue with a purple / legendary vessel taking for ever to level and rune up. What I see as the issues now is that the difference between white vessel and blue vessel is pretty wide. Too high a gap from new players to established. The current test environment is stacked against new players or smaller guilds. We're in full uncle bob mode ATM with materials, training, information, logistics. A full wipe needs to happen soon with the next big change. Skills too. There is only one mob on the map that drops runes. Established guilds are sitting on hundreds of discs. Minors discs are too random to aquire. Most of these things seem fixable. Nob turning. If you can bring basic vessel up or tune down blue, I think alot of the forum crying goes away. @thomasblair don't give in to the crying just yet on this. Really want to see how this works out with the intended systems/support in place before anything is changed.
  11. --For information purposes-- Here is a Blue quality Nethari vessel vs a starter white vessel.The blue vessel is full additives. All extra parts and a full 4 solution philo stone. All additives were blue or purple quality. The Necro was fully trained, geared and buffed. This is about as good of a blue quality vessel that you can get ATM. I just crafted this 20 minutes prior to this post. A blue vessel will get 12 more ability points than a white vessel at level 30. I'm going to say those 12 points go into STR. That gives us the following difference. +53 Con +43 Dex +64 Int +49 Spi + 85 Str This works out to... 424 HP | 4.3% Crit Chance | 0.43% Resist All | 4.3% Crit Heal Amount | 6.4% Crit Damage | 3.2% Heal Mod | 6.4% Crit Heal Amount | 98 Support Power | 4.25% Damage Mod | 85 AP Also, 1% Damage Mod Cap | 11.5 Str Cap | 2.5% Slashing Cap | 1.3 Stamina -- This marks the end of the facts and beginning of opinion-- This vessel in particular is going to be a Templar Vindicator so a good bit of those stats won't matter but lets say it was a class that took advantage of all stats. A paladin maybe? Those are some pretty sweet stats and as a min/maxer I 100% want to have them. Do I need them to feel competitive? No, I don't think so. I would argue that this blue vessel over the default white is not even a 5% overall increase to the character's effectiveness, and that is if I'm assuming I will be utilizing every single one of these stats. Will it be a PITA to get this set up? Yes, but so what. If I don't want to the white vessel is there and is really not all that much worse IMO. You can maybe argue that this is more than a 5% increase, maybe more closer to 10% This might all be fine if this was the top end for vessels. We have 2 more tiers though. I would be very interested to see this comparison on a legendary vessel. This might make too large of a power gap. I think there was a tricked out Legendary vessel created yesterday. I will see if I can dig that up. Here is Blue Half-Elf vs Legendary High-Elf
  12. It still feels awful when it happens on a final combine. Like want to log off awful. I'm not seeing what it adds to the game. If you still want the flawed chance for people way under the difficulty, I would change the numbers so that if your assembly is over the difficulty you do not get a flawed assembly
  13. What will that cost me? I don't need great performance. I don't plan on doing large sieges but would like to get 20+ FPS in small scale with a single client open or be able to dual box 2+ accounts out of combat.
  14. I don't remember what this thread is about, so this likely isn't relevant info, but here is why I don't play. Winning is more fun than losing. Sometimes losing can also be fun. Crowfall needs this to be true. Right now in Crowfall, winning is too often not fun, losing is rarely fun. And my biggest issue, it's often to much work to even get to a point where you are in a situation to win or lose. The large majority of PvP I've experienced in CF are sieges, and they are just not fun. I think it was hit dead on earlier that it's only fun for the Battle commander's and shot callers. Once multiple groups get involved on both sides all the classes meld together and any sort of individual interaction or play is lost. The classes are all to similar. Disciplines do not fix this in their current state because they all do roughly the same things. There are effectively only 3 classes. You can choose to swing a sword, shoot a fireball or heal. Race, class, promotion class, and discipline choice only change the cosmetics and effectiveness of these 3 roles. The thousands of possibilities of character building don't matter in anything more than 10v10.
  16. Map does not open. Stuck on loading. Had to hard kill the program.
  17. Can't wait to test this. This should be awesome when spirit banks are gone and having forts actually matters.
  18. This was fun to read. I think @Jah would agree.
  19. Lets do both. Craftable white quality Disciplines. Creates a market for runecrafters from everyone making alts or trying new builds. World drop disciplines of higher quality that you use for crafted vessels. The flat stats on the rune can scale with quality and just make the abilities scale with quality too.
  20. Stopped reading 2 pages in. Hoping that once the game is farther along all materials will be excluded from import. No reason for gold or dust to move between worlds. Ideally you would never be able to import more than a set of gear at the most generous import limit.
  21. Need to take a look at Settlers of Catan set up procedure....
  22. So you can change discs between each round?
  23. Because champions don't have stealth. Easier to see.
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