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  1. Don't worry, you cant make white vessels anymore (on test).
  2. It no longer soft locks to targets, players, objects. Just drops at crosshair location. I think I like it better now but not sure, still used to old system. Hitting targets at I higher elevation might be impossible
  3. God's Reach Sun Temple Gates are floating and sinking
  4. There should be certain types of bows that can be crafted for use with sharpshooter/arcane archer. Don't know the name off the top of my head but you should be able to get the increased range on them. Quivers/Arrows will not bring it closer to what a Ranger can achieve as they also have access to the same Quivers/arrows + all their talents/passives that buff being a ranged bow user. I think rangers get something like +50% damage just to their LMB attacks alone. Will it do acceptable damage? That depends on what you consider acceptable damage I guess. Can it be "ok"?, probably. Competitive?, no. You can take talents that improve the toxin damage but its nothing noticeable. Toxins mostly exist to modify what Diffusion does. Crafted toxins increase your toxin proc chance, not toxin damage. This is all toxins currently do. All the classes and abilities have not been touched in years. I would expect everything to get an upgrade at some point before release. Shameless plug. https://winterblades.net/crowfall-calculator Capping multiple stats was possible in the last version of the game when we had end game top end gear and training. I would think it will be possible again but not until we reach that point again. I would do Dregs for sure when they come out if you have people to play with. There is more to do there. God's Reach and Infected are really just leveling/training zones. Limited imports will not really effect your builds all that much. Good gear will be crafted gear and that has a much higher durability. It is just not currently possible to craft good gear yet on live. Getting mats/crafting is mostly gated behind passive training. If you are in a guild that does harvesting/crafting, it really should not matter.
  5. This guy is brand new and there is 5 years of complex info to catch up on. Why are you being such a hooligan?
  6. Dregs should be on Live soon. It is still currently a lot of just testing systems. I'd say wait for beta unless you want to see whats been changed so far.
  7. You found Jah and his trial badges.
  8. Are you maybe just out of Mana? Frost armor cost 1 ice store or 250 Mana. If you don't have either the animation still plays but you gain 50 Mana instead
  9. There are some odd issues with placing ice and a few bugs with some spells/abilities but all 3 specs of FW are in a very good place. When you say the class sucks what exactly is it that you don't like?
  10. Group comps are 2 healers per 5 man group. That's the 40% Multi healer just means having more than 1 healer per 5. Fire hose healing means a healer that can constantly pump out heals, like a fire hose pumps out water.
  11. These slots are also free, they don't take a talent point to unlock
  12. Yeah this is really awkward. The input for LMB or harvesting happens and is registered as soon as you press the keybind or mouse button and then the animation plays. The next input seems to trigger before the 1st animation ends and it feels like they overlap. This is why it feels like you attack or harvest 1 too many times than you wanted to. This is why you don't hit weak spots if your cursor wasn't already over it at the start of the swing. This is why you can hit the harvest keybind over a node, do a 180, have your tool hit air, and still strike the node
  13. It hasn't been optimized yet. Hopefully it will run on your system after.
  14. caravans are set to a very low re-spawn timer for testing purposes. Expect them to be much more rare in the future.
  15. Welcome. Activity is highest when they have a dregs campaign going All the classes are played but melee is in a pretty weak spot currently Find a guild ASAP to play with and learn the game.
  16. I don't hold it down when harvesting so that I can hit weak spots on the next swing
  17. Assassin's are not built around 1v1 they are built for ... uh. never mind.
  18. What is the 5th world band? Is there one or was this a typo?
  19. 30 STR is 1.5% damage and depending on your class 30 AP. Some pips give give 2% pen or 75 AP. Some single talent pips are actually pretty close to 30 attributes if you only take combat stats into account
  20. Im not seeing AP here. Are you assuming that "weapon damage" = "attack power" ?
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