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  1. If it is not going to change can we at least add seconds to buffs equal to their animation, or not have the buff start or start ticking until the end of the animation? It is real feels bad to lose 10-15% of your buff duration to the animation.
  2. --- re-log fixed the issue --- Can not go past the first part of the LMB combo on a druid. Tested with holding down and tapping the key. Can not get past the first part of the unarmed LMB combo. Unsure if this applies to other characters
  3. Still can not see the text on the compass against a bright background, need an outline on the text.
  4. Weapon weight on crafted weapons/shields still increases with increased quality. Assuming this is tied into the increased % to base stats items get as you go up in quality. Weapon weight is a bad stat. Is it intended that as you go up in quality, the stats get worse? Also, the dmg/healing bonus on leather and mail is also increased with quality. I think this is fine, it gives a little boost to crafted armor, but is it intended? Also, Plate gets no such bonus as it has no bonus dmg/healing stats
  5. "unless something unforeseen causes us to"
  6. All classes get exactly 128 starting attributes All Starting vessels get exactly 30 starting attributes. And each race will get these bonus attributes.
  7. That's literally every power in the game. Hit detection is on start of animation. Damage is at the end. Also, there is some sort of ability queue system, at least with LMB combos, and that triggers about half way through the animation. That is why if you hold down LMB to attack or harvest and try to stop on the 3rd attack you actually do 4.
  8. There are no graphics for them on Live. They have them coming in the next patch. They actually are on the current test patch right now.
  9. Before I apply I need to know what your battle cry is going to be? I liked OOOOOOOOOOoooooooOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo.
  10. Doing some mining last night. Stopped to kill a wolf. My LMB got stuck to the pick axe. I was able to cast other abilities, just not LMB attack. Had to take my weapon off and re-equip it to fix the issue.
  11. 8-29 Defensive Siege. -W-, HoA and @Wilbur defend vs MWH LoD and CC. Warning - Music is loud.
  12. Slayers are really good at the one non impactful thing they do but could survive a small tweak. Stormcaller is very good and defines the meta atm and could eat a nerf. What do you think needs changed to rangers? They are not good right now.
  13. Some of the heavy weapons don't get as much a bonus as other heavy weapons.
  14. They should be craft-able. The alpha badges can be cosmetic only
  15. Whats all this non-dwarf nonsense?
  16. @Gwaehir @Nueby I wasn't speaking to how hard it is to get a vessel. I was saying more that the difference is not as great between starter and crafted as it was made out to be by OP. My intentions here are only to provide accurate information and not conjecture. Make your own opinions from the information below. Here is a level 1 Nethari Confessor - Starter Vessel Here is a crafted Nethari Vessel - When you subtract the the white vessel attributes and add back in the Nethari racial, you get, Blue Vessel > CON - 67 | DEX - 68 | INT - 150 | SPI - 69 | ST
  17. No need to get defensive. I'll post a screenshot of a crafted vessel vs the starter vessel. I'll calculate the difference in stats and you can make your own judgement based on accurate math. We can disagree about what we think is very impactful but you should at least have accurate information first. I'll post in the morning.
  18. Wow, good idea. Someone hire this guy.
  19. Early game crafting is getting a Huge buff in the next patch with the changes to sub components
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