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  1. Here are some examples of what I would like to see Major Discs be. Things that change the way you play your character. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crit Chance +3% Health: -5% Active: 60 second CD. For 10 seconds all of your abilities that hit a target below 50% apply a healing barrier and are considered Execute abilities. (They can benefit from execute modifiers) Passive: Non-AoE Damage you deal vs. targets above 50% HP is reduced by 90%. Non-AoE Damage you deal vs. targ
  2. Its weeks away from test and even longer from live. And it might not even happen. What do you consider a pre-warning?
  3. I 100% agree with this but... I, and many others I think, felt like we did that with Kickstarter. This game was kicked off on a lot of money and hype from the SB crowd. We really do not have anything like SB in any areas of CF. At best we have SB easter eggs. That is where a lot of my salt comes from.
  4. This is an amazing first step, making all the promotions desirable. IMO, the next step towards SB level customization, with the current setup, is that all the majors need to be amazing. They need to be build and role defining. I need to want to build my character around a major disc as much as I want to pick a major disc to compliment my base kit (base kit being class+promotion). Character building needs to be more circular. If you can put me in a position where I want to take a major disc so bad that I do not choose the class promotion I want because it does not have the m
  5. I think they meant 1 power 1 passive and 2 stats. That power and passive have to really matter for me to care about them.
  6. I am not designer but if I was to try to come up with something in 5 minutes off the top of my head... Crit Chance +3% Health: -500 Passive: Non-AoE Damage you deal vs. targets above 50% HP is reduced by 90%. Non-AoE Damage you deal vs. targets below 50% HP is increased by 40%. Active: For 10 seconds all of your abilities that hit a target below 50% apply a healing barrier and are considered Execute abilities. (They can benefit from execute modifiers) 60 second CD? This would change the playstyle for anyone that took it I think. Advantages and disadvantag
  7. I think it is starting to get pretty huge, with things starting to add up and crafting coming on line. I am hitting some sick stats on my Stormcaller now between all the gear I have access to.
  8. I don't think giving up 10 assembly and experimentation and can be right. I would like to see what you are crafting. I'm curious now.
  9. hard to say with out seeing what they will be like. But if we assume they will be like the new banshee, I just don't think it matters. Haunt is just an ability. Even if it was a good ability, it wouldn't change how your class plays. The other 3 lines are just stats. They change literally nothing about how you play or build. Even on the current discs, the best active abilities just give stats. When choosing discs right now, you just choose the 2 with the best stats available to you. It looks like it will be the same in 6.2. You will just choose the best stats from t
  10. Yeah I'm holding out for discs but did you see the new banshee disc? I don't see a meaningful difference between saying " I'm a warden an extra snare ability and X and Y generic stat" vs what ever else a similar disc does. If the discs now are just watered down versions of current discs with the same stats abilities and passives, it won't matter. Now if they can make disc passives build defining or change the way you play, that would be huge.
  11. That is how it usually works? Exactly. But that is not what we were told we were getting. If there goal was to emulate the choices/diversity you had in character building akin to Shadowbane, they have not done that. Not even close. What they might have done, is made all 33 promotions viable. If they did manage to, that is amazing. It needed to be done. But this does not make character building any more interesting or deep. It just made it so that more promotions are viable. This was a balance pass. My best guess is there was a disconnect between what we (the SB community, t
  12. If you consume dominance, the ult does use your crit modifier, as it should. If you DO NOT use dominance, the power gets a base 50% damage increase. You will do the most dmg if you crit while not consuming dominance.
  13. 2 of these are forced. You have to take the first node and you have to take the last node before promotion.
  14. So I was excited until I dove deeper into this. I am worried that we still wont have any "hard choices" or if we do, it will be very few. In the image above, red circles represent forced choices. Assuming you are going for a capstone, (and if they will be as good as you say I don't think it is a choice not to) 4 of our 15 points are forced. Down to 11 points. We only get 2 options once we choose a promotion. Spend 1 point or spend 2 points. If these talents are meant to be your promotion's bread and butter, you really do not have a choice and take both. Down to 9 points. Nodes linked by green
  15. MWH RPs Dwarves and HoA RPs Elves
  16. Exploration nodes are free and do not cost a talent point. You can see on the bottom right that you have only spent 6 points
  17. Most of these points boil down to a lack of scarcity of resources. There is nothing to fight over because everyone has everything they need. Maybe it's a population issue but there are too many keeps, too many forts, too many resources. I have no reason to leave my zone to try and take your stuff. We have nothing to fight over because we don't need to. I farmed 1300 colored ore today in ten minutes with a group doing 1 pig run. I'm not exaggerating, that was that actual amount. Siege windows are boring because they all go live at the same time and there isn't anyone that
  18. Wont this become obsolete information come 6.2?
  19. Caravan Pigs need some more work. They on one of the few things to do during non siege windows and the pig pathing/AI is painful. First off it just feel bad to keep repeating run-stop-wait repeat. Ive starting just using walk mode. Pathing is painful. They get stuck on lots of terrain, some of the canyon pigs cant get past the ore nodes because the space is too tight. they move about about 1/2 speed when going up hill. The leash distance is too short.
  20. Does this mean 6.2 is soon or fixes are far out? 😀
  21. Well it actually is a bonus. If you consume dominance, you auto crit and do the correct intended damage. If you do not have dominance to spend, you do 50% extra damage. Its an issue with the talent. I posted about it in the bug forum
  22. This talent is bugged. It does what is listed, but it also increases the damage of neckbreaker by exactly 50% if you DO NOT consume dominance when you cast neckbreaker. For Example, If your neckbreaker hits for 100 damage and you have 125% crit damage. If you consume a point of dominance, you will auto crit and deal 100*1.25 = 125 damage If you do not consume a point of dominance, and do not crit you will deal 100*1.5 = 150 damage If you do not consume a point of dominance and you do crit, you will deal 100*1.5*1.25 = 187.5 damage
  23. Did some more testing. The issue does not seem to be with dominance but with neckbreaker itself. Neckbreaker does the correct damage when it consumes dominance and crits. It does the expected 339+339% weapon damage listed in the tooltip. When neckbreaker does not consume dominance, it actually deals 50% more damage than expected, crit or no crit.
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