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  1. LoL yeah. It just about naked. I use it for picking flowers and turning in caravans
  2. Making them all passive is an interesting idea. It would take it from being mostly awful in practice to being mandatory in every group. I think you can start with this idea and tweak it down to be more reasonable.
  3. 2:55 You got hit so hard the music stopped. Was cool to see that fight from the otherside.
  4. Forts and Keeps don't feel like home. They are just annoyingly out of the way POIs that generate points and buffs. I feel no sense of attachment to them. I am never there unless I am rallying for a siege. Would like to be able to bind to the tree or something. Siege zones are way too large with too much wasted space. There is little reason to be in them outside of siege time.
  5. it cost 5 points to unlock major disc slot
  6. I would suggest you change this card to something like, +8, +6, +3 to the top 3 guilds that have generated the most conquest points from outposts during the season. This would make Outposts and the card matter all season. Currently, this card only matters in the last hour or so of the season. When the seasons last for days or weeks at a time this card will be mostly dead.
  7. This is the most fun I've had in CF in years. The victory cards mostly put everyone into competition with each other over and over, fighting over a somewhat limited resource. Fights all day. A big part of this is just that their are more people playing. Looking forward to much larger pops. One thing is change with the caravans is make us stay at the spawn longer. If we had to spend 5 or ten minutes loading them up before we escort them we would get a lot more fights as it would keep us in the same location longer.
  8. Other than the fraction of a second where I am hit with the CC and need to hit retaliate I am CC Immune pretty damn close to 100% of the time. Watch the CC Immunity Buff Timer.
  9. When we move to live, there will be a wipe as we are technically starting fresh on a new client. This will be the start of "beta" There will be another wipe after beta when they move to what they are calling "soft launch", which basically means the game will not be wiped anymore but they are not calling it their official launch. There may be wipes in-between beta and soft launch if it is needed. You can expect a minimum of 2 more wipes from right now.
  10. Have some updates on this. Added in Jewelcrafting stats, the ability to toggle buffs on/off and just a whole lot up updates and corrections since I first posted this. Get the current version below https://winterblades.net/crowfall-calculator I am updating this all the time, you can find the most current build by clicking on the link on the first sheet of any version of this document.
  11. Well, you are not kicked out at 30. To my knowledge they have never said that this would ever happen. The reason we don't want colored mats/items to drop in GR or Infected is because we want to push the people farming for the best stuff into the PvP areas
  12. I was not referring to anything from 5.100, only 5.110
  13. The difference in damage for Volatile Ice on my Archmage, using the starter 10-13 damage weapon, and an 80-100 damage weapon, is about 20% damage. The difference in stats on my Archmage between the starter white vessel and my crafted blue vessel is 176 HP, 3% crit chance, 4% crit damage, 80 attack power, 1.5% damage The curve is super super shallow people just don't realize it.
  14. I really liked that part where you threw your hammer at him.
  15. Can you outline the text on the compass so that it can be seen regardless of what is behind it?
  16. God's reach just needs to be made useless outside of lvling up. Nothing better than white drops
  17. Welcome. I suggest you shop around for a guild and make sure you have the test client installed.
  18. Gonna be real difficult to do with the hard no water stance
  19. FW Ice Formation Chance has some sort of ICD which really negates the benefit you get from stacking ice formation chance. I did a test casting 1000 LMB. Here are the results. Duration - 16:16:49 to 16:43:52 (27 minutes 3 seconds or 1623 seconds) # of LMB = 1000 # of Volatile Focus procs = 154 Actual % of Volatile Focus Procs = 15.4% Shortest amount of time in between procs = ~6.5 seconds Here is a link to the combat log https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bRYfdSs29hqMHc6mk1wwd7kIzRkAg_zWTKUCqVNwGwU/edit?usp=sharing
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