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  1. It is potentially an issue. It's been brought up and the the Devs are aware of it. I think we need to see the system in action first but they have stated that if it appears to be a problem they will address it.
  2. There will also be non combat profession skills that will more directly affect in game combat than harvesting or crafting. Think about a group of VIP players with combat/sieging, combat/tracking, combat/survival trained vs a group with just combat trained.
  3. That is still an issue. I guess you could up the number of trains or 'alt crows'. Give me access to many more combinations of training. Personally, I don't care for the profession trees. I will likely just go combat. I just want the option to play and experiment with many many combinations of race/class/disc. Non VIP you access to train 1 combination at a time, not sure what the number would need to be for VIP to make it worth not having alt accounts. I want to pay a monthly fee and have access to all the content. I don't need more power with VIP, just access to the game.
  4. TL:DR - I don't care If I can harvest and combat and craft all at once or not, but I want to be able to experiment with 5 different stupid builds of Lego and I'd pay for that option. These are my thoughts and opinions on VIP and P2W. I'm sorry if this shouldn't be it's own thread. When determining what P2W is you need to establish a base cost of entry. Anything over that which gives you an in game advantage can and should be considered P2W. I think we can all agree on that. In Crowfall the base cost of entry is buying an account. I do not feel that two accounts of equal age, one VIP and one with out should differ in in game power. The VIP account can have more options in what they play when they are in game, but not more power when they are actually in game. Using this definition of P2W or in game power, the current changes to VIP give VIP accounts additional in game power and options. Lets look at each of the three trees you can divide trains into. Race, Class, and Profession. I am going to list them upside down to try and better illustrate my point. Race Tree Human Halfblood Elf Faerie Hybrid Underfoot Man Sylvan Monster Racial Basics Class Tree Chivalry Barbarian Arcane Divine Mercenary Scoundrel Fighter Mage Rogue Class Basics As it stands right now with VIP you can train any 2 of these boxes in each tree at once with VIP. The issue with this is training any 2 in the same column let you double dip on power. If I train Human and Man or Racial basics and Man, I am gaining power twice as fast as non VIP when I play a human. The same is true for the class tree. In order to give options and not power, this needs to be limited to only 1 skill training at a time in each column. Training Racial basics or Class Basics needs to lock you out of everything above. Training Man needs to lock you out of everything above or below, etc etc etc. Now on the subject of the profession tree. In my opinion this tree is the most important. This is what you are in game. The training available needs to be the same for VIP and non-VIP. You can not argue that someone training combat/harvesting, combat/profession, or profession/harvesting does not have an in game advantage over someone who can only train 1 of the three, and at some point things like sieging, tracking, exploration will be in the profession tree. My ideas for this tree are the following. 1. Keep it only 1 general train for VIP and non-VIP like it used to be. 2. Make it 2 general trains for VIP and non-VIP. 3. Give VIP access to a second 'Crow'. Make profession training on the 'Crow' level and not the account level. 'Crows' get the same number of profession trains on VIP and non-VIP. This option gives VIP more options, but no more in game power over non VIP. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now on to what would make me subscribe to at least $30 a month worth of VIP. Using the above, giving VIP more choices, not power, I would pay VIP for a butt load of trains. I believe right now there are 40 combinations of class/race that you can be. Then multiply 40 by how ever many trees there are for combat, crafting, harvesting, sieging, tracking, exploration, and add in discipline combos. I am not sure what the number is but it has to be in the 1000s. Using just what is in game right now there are 14 professions you can train if you count combat as 1. That is 560 combinations. This is with out the professions not yet in game of which there are quite a few and ignoring discipline combinations. This is counting combat as 1 ignoring 1h vs 2h vs ranged vs arcane vs weapon type vs armor training. With 1000s of combinations I see no harm in allowing 2 general trains on a single 'Crow' for both VIP and non-VIP but profession trains need to be equal for VIP and non-VIP. This is what I propose. VIP - 1. 3 race trains and 3 class trains. Trains can not "double dip" in power. Additional trains must be lateral in power. This would mean you can't utilize additional trains until you moved past racial and class basics. I think that is ok but a few ideas would be to just remove the basics branch, make it very fast to train through, or allow unspent training time to funnel into a generic time vault. 2. 1 or 2 profession trains but must be equal to non-VIP. As long as profession trains are equal you can allow "double dipping" if you want. Hey, more choice, right? 3. A second "crow" on my account with profession trains moved to the 'crow' level, not the account level. This way if we have 1 profession train I can train combat on one 'crow' and harvesting on a 2nd 'crow' but never have both active at the same time on the same character so I am still equal power to non-VIP on what ever 'crow' I am in game on. Plus, add what ever else it is you would be adding to VIP. Time bank/vault stuff, cosmetics, what ever. The above is all I would need to VIP 2 accounts full time. Non-VIP They get the standard 1/1/1. They have less options of what to play but what ever they are in game on is equal footing to what ever the VIP account is in game on.
  5. Glad the double dipping in combat for VIP was acknowledged. Can you comment on if tomes will allow you to have more total training on a single account than is possible with just VIP. Will tomes allow you to surpass "catching up"?
  6. To be fair, you didn't play endgame WoW until you leveled to max and were at least within 1 tier of current gear. Everything before that was just mandatory time sink. This was different in vanilla and possibly the first xpac. Other than that, I agree with you 100% No reason to not work this out before it is needed.
  7. I don't think this answers my question. Let's say I have a VIP account. We are 3 months into live. I have 3 months worth of training in combat and 3 months worth of training in harvesting. This is the max the account can have on its own in this amount of time. Is it possible for me to buy tomes and use them on a crafting profession, thus giving me more training than possible with just a vip account?
  8. I don't mind a catch up mechanic but what I wasn't clear on is if it's now possible to have more than X amount of training time on your account then time since the game launched. Basically after 3 months from launch can I have more than 3 months worth of training?
  9. Is dex useless? Do we even know what stats give? I thought dex was crit and/or crit damage, for all classes, even casters.
  10. I don't understand. You can just walk up to the node and it tells you what it is.
  11. Thought it was 10% of base.
  12. It would need to be on master of scimitars, and be the only heal they can take :-) @thomasblair @mhalashace @jtoddcoleman
  13. Wes was one of my best friends. He enjoyed playing with and against all of you. I don't really want to write up anything new here for the CF boards so I'll just copy paste my thoughts from our private boards.
  14. Join this guys guild today! https://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/989-sugoi-the-elite-academy-pvxna/
  15. It will mostly depend on how big a deal class and race training makes.
  16. Hmm. That is pretty cool. Still pretty far off from what I want to do as far as building characters goes as each one would still have the same runes and still suffer from the class training. I like to try out all sorts of crazy, bad, stupid poorly made socks. That is what I liked in SB. I want to be able to try out a centaur bard cleric archer or a defensive tanky duelist or a support based myrmidon. I don't mind farming up the gear/runes for silly candy builds but I want to option to do so. Only being able to train 1 class per account or 3 with VIP still leaves me feeling like I want 10ish accounts just to scratch the surface of possible character builds. Should I be able to do this in this game? I don't know. I'm just saying what I want to do.
  17. I just want the ability to build lots of classes. I could care less if they all have the same universal trains. Something like this would be ideal.
  18. We have no idea yet how mana starved they will be.
  19. I know there will be more added to VIP but this isn't enticing me to buy VIP. It's annoying me into buying VIP.
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