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  1. Bon tippers will make your next experiment better. sumptious pot pie will give you some extra general pips. Leadership is from passive training, in the exploration tree.
  2. It is actual possible to make really decent weapons with only 1 day of training. One of the big problems is the amount of information needed to do crafting well. On top of a ton of information being needed to know how to make the items the best you can, there are multiple layers of inter-dependency to min/max. Were you a dwarf champion with max STR and a weapon with a lot of STR? Did you know which minor discs are best? Did you have crafted blacksmithing bonus armor? (requires a runemaker) Did you have crafted blacksmithing bonus jewerly? (requires a jewelcrafter)
  3. the spreadsheet should be updated now. Some combinations were removed.
  4. almost all of the crafting lines need something from the other crafting or harvesting lines. You can not do everything on a runecrafter with only wood and stone. Some things will need skinning, or blacksmithing, leatherworking, etc You can not train 2 different harvesting lines on 1 account at the same time. You could do one and then the other. That would take a very long time but eventually you would be able to have them both.
  5. Sure, but his claim was that it took 2 hours and only because of how well he already knows the NPE. I am not saying that it does not need work. It obviously does. But you are able to blow past it quickly. The claim that you can level up in 2 hours is true.
  6. not sure, that was from the weapon grips. didnt have the wood worker set up yet so i made them on a leatherworker
  7. These were made 2 days ago. This was made after 1 day.
  8. It takes about 20 minutes to do the first 2 parts ...
  9. Id like a way to link up all my alt accounts to my main account so they can all just be displayed as Yoink
  10. I do have to say that I think you got the early game crafting vs WT drops right. After 2 days of passive training ( and a whole lot of logistical work) I am able to craft items better than most blue war tribe drops. Just fix the flawed assembly issue and the vast amounts of clicking/screens you need to go through and things will be a whole lot better.
  11. No idea what is causing this but every time I close my map I get this. Looks like I also have the bandage effects on me as well.
  12. I try to keep my feedback fair and keep emotion out of it but the flawed assembly mechanic only exists to make people rage quit. Flawed assembly is still the worst thing in any game I have ever played. What ever value you think it provides, it is out weighed by how literally awful it makes playing the game. Nothing in any game i have ever played is this rage inducing. It is so bad that I felt compelled to come cry on the internet about a video game that made me sad. Every flawed assembly is a complete brick of every item that went into it. I just bricked 3 out 4 weapons with a 92% su
  13. You should not be able to loot chest in forts if they are neutral
  14. using the search function makes the bank unusable
  15. That would work too, id also make them vendor for 0 gold
  16. Dregs imports needs to be limited to what you have equipped and 0 other items. The forts are too lucrative. I could import in 10s of thousands of gold and hundreds of building materials and that is just me and just on 1 account. Keeps could be built up in the first hour if a guild wanted to. The amount of gold that can be farmed by doing this feels too much as well. I was pumped to get on and try and set up our vendor EK but lost motivation because its a waste of time from a gold making stance. Can make way more money just running pigs and looting forts in infected with 0 risk.
  17. Seeing your character swing 2 weapons is just an animation. Each class's LMB attack combos have different animation times but they are all normalized as far as damage done goes. Dual wield actually has a little bit of an advantage since you can craft your off hand weapon focusing only on stats and ignoring damage.
  18. Why are you wasting your time here and not making millions playing poker?
  19. Yeah, confirmed something is wrong with Templar LMB. Either the tooltip is wrong, something is wrong with common quality weapons (i did not test with novice or advanced weapon), or something is wrong in the damage calculation. If the tool tip is wrong then it should be 61+61% 73+73% 92+92% if you bring me an advanced weapon ill test that to rule it out.
  20. I'll test it for you tomorrow if you remind me.
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