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  1. FW Ice targeting is frustrating. Having any ranged ability go where you are intending it to go is already difficult with the way objects and hit boxes interact with spells and/or the way spells have a soft lock. I like the idea of a single press to fire the ice vs 1 press to bring up a reticle and 1 press to drop it, like druid orbs or any other ground targeted ability but the underlying issues make it frustrating and often times outright impossible to get the ice where you intend it. Things are fine on flat terrain with nothing around you, your intended target or in-between. Add in other players, objects, or a change in elevation between you and the target, its a guessing game. Pay attention to when I am near someone or when I am aiming at something lower than myself.
  2. Happens on lots of random things in the bank. Gives no indication of what is failing. If you select 20 items and 1 is no good it will not export the other 19. Deleted bank instead of trying 1 by 1
  3. Dead horse man. Been fighting this fight for 5 years.
  4. Lets also add 2x AP from main stat, 2.5x HP from con, and 1.5x base weapon damage scaling.
  5. I like to see a system where you hunt wartribes for gear with the particular stat you are looking for. Have some profession break it down or extract it and have it then be used in an additive slot in armor/weapons. There should be 5 additional additive slots on all gear when crafting. 1 for attributes 2 for prefix 2 for suffix. It would really open up the ability to fine tune, theory craft , do something different just based on your gear.
  6. How many people are in your guild and how many do you typically have logged in during your prime time? I agree that things can easily be overwhelming for the smaller guilds. It needs to be easier to get people in your guild, communicate with them and to be able to work with other small guilds. ATM I would say that if a guild had 10 players for a siege widow, they could compete just fine. With the current population they could easily get some forts and good fights. There are even been times where a 10 person force could have taken a keep. I think the larger issue isn't a lack of players but a lack of leadership or knowledge. On day of 1 the current test campaign, -W- Knocked down an enemies keep. We didn't claim it and announced it multiple times in general chat that it was up for grabs, all anyone had to do was walk in and plant the seed. It sat there unclaimed for hours. I've also never seen a full group of enemies outside of -V- or HoA. Part of this needs to be on the smaller guys too. If you can't field even a full group most of the times you need to work on that.
  7. I think Conqueror's blade did something similar. Say you needed 1000 wood, white counted as 1, green 2, blue 3, etc.
  8. These guys are popping off this campaign.
  9. I say drop it completely or make it only for landless guilds. It's a win more thing.
  10. World Bank Outpost and Refinery Outpost show as capturable.
  11. Really liking the first pass of changes to the cards. This scoreboard looks way better with everyone able to score on campaign cards. I'd like to see were the points I got came from though instead of having to guess if i got 4 from campaign and 5 from season or the other way around.
  12. This sounds like there is something to it. Some tweaking of the numbers or points and I could see something like this really being a good solution.
  13. That sounds cool. Honestly, I'm down for about anything that doesn't push me towards not wanting my guildmates on. I have doubts that smaller guilds want to do something like this and would rather just be their own entity.
  14. Disclaimer - I understand I don't know what is coming down the pipeline. What is good in the current system- #’s do not equal winning. Smaller groups/guilds can compete with the large guilds. It “balances” the playing field. Variety of ‘paths to victory’. Multiple things I can go and do to feel like I'm contributing to my team. What is bad in the current system- Promotes/encourages having less people in your guild. Promotes/encourages cutting people from your guild that are not your most active. The above points should NEVER happen in an MMO. PvP is no longer the focus of the game. We are now playing what feels like a survival game that has PvP enabled. Participating in PvP actually hinders you as you are not playing the PvE objectives that count towards victory. Proposal- (these numbers are arbitrary) Have 3 different tiers of guilds that are competing vs each other for the same “rewards” with a 1st 2nd 3rd in each tier. All guilds would still be in the same campaign. Tier 1 - 1-20 guild members Tier 2 - 21-49 guild members Tier 3 - 50+ guild members Tier 0 - Solo (look at that, I just added a home for people that want to play solo within the dregs rule set. You have a 1st 2nd and 3rd place winner at each tier. Even give them the same exact rewards. The guild that wins 1st in the Tier 1 bracket gets the same rewards as the guild that wins 1st in the Tier 3 bracket. Keep the cards as is but remove the ‘divide by members’ from the cards. It is no longer needed as the smaller guilds are competing in their own bracket and the playing field has been balanced by placing all guilds into the appropriate bracket. It removes the gross temptation to bench your friends. The 10 man guilds are no longer directly competing with the 50 man guilds for campaign victory but we are all still in the open vs each other competing for resources, drops, locations, etc. Even if the larger guilds can still pick on the smaller guilds, they can still win. They can still be the best of their bracket. People have a choice of how they want to play; solo, small, medium, or large guild. Guild Leaders do not need to feel like they need more to compete. They can choose their preferred guild size they want to compete in and just make sure they don't go over it. Smaller guilds will still have the issue of, if a large guild wants their stuff, they are going to lose it. Currently only the large guilds are going to see the inside of a Keep or built up fort. These issue still currently exists but there are potential fixes for this. There can be some forts, keeps, outposts, etc that are only capturable by a specific tier of guild. This would keep each tier fighting each other. This way everyone gets a slice of the pie. This can even change as the seasons progress. As you get later in the season these Tier 1 / 2 only locations could become vulnerable to everyone. Have enough keeps/forts so that it is not feasible for the large guilds to go after everything. These are really balance issues and not directly tied to the scoring issue I'm trying to address but I am getting sidetracked. It would be interesting to have all of this going on at once and would have some interesting political interactions between guilds in the different tiers. You can’t expect 5 guilds of 10 players to come together to fight a single guild of 50. They don’t want to play together, otherwise, they already would be. They will just not play the game before they do that. Let them fight each other.
  15. I think that divine favor is meant to be the factor in who wins but the the old victory screen from 5.100 was never changed, which used conquest points to determine the winner. (This was before divine favor existed)
  16. Just limit imports to your equipped gear. Everything is able to be farmed in mass quantities day 1 even without training. No reason to be able to bring in victory conditions to a fresh game. Thats like starting monopoly with free hotels if you won the last game.
  17. I get what you are saying, that you could miss a card that is good for you, but it could happen the other way too since the whole card system is a bit luck based on what they are. Having a larger spread of cards would even it out I think. Would you want to be stuck with a card that is bad for you for an entire week? That is just as likely
  18. I have both. How does this matter? Once campaigns get to be months long and a a single season will be 1 or more weeks long, even those of us with limited play time might get sick of crushing our enemies by picking flowers to fuel the engines of war
  19. It's not that. It was a joke because their lead guy is a huge crafting systems guy.
  20. Cards flipping daily or every few hours would be cool
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