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  1. Unless different weapons do different things it doesn't matter. Right now weapons are just cosmetic other than damage type.
  2. Yeah I could get behind this. If for no other reason then now your choices matter.
  3. I don't want to see anything you need to or tired to vip purchase. It might be nice revenue but could cause more harm than good, and I agree it needs to be available to everyone. I think just having diminishing returns on skills can work or some sort of training skill speed increase based on how much you have trained globally. Maybe a combination of both.
  4. But we know that isn't going to happen. I'm not asking about how to scrap the system or change it (I'm sure we could do that for days) but how to address the issue of new players being behind old players.
  5. I don't care much for the current skill system either but let's assume it's what we get. With as important as the skills are is the game healthy for new players 6 months, 1 year, years down the line? I don't think so. With the current skill system I think there needs to be a catch up. Maybe diminishing returns will make it manageable but that still requires some change to what we have now.
  6. I'm not saying I disagree it shouldn't be in the store but how does it give an advantage? That late coming whales have an advantage over late coming fish? What about the advantage day 1 accounts have over all latecomers? Should that exist or would you like to see a catch up mechanic, just not in store?
  7. I understand this part and actually think its fine. But do you think new players to the game will understand this? Lets say its 3 years down the line and not 6 months. Is the diminishing returns a good enough catch-up mechanic? What if people just spend a year or two training tier 1, 2, 3, 4 skills. This is viable with all the combat, armor, vessel, exploration skills.
  8. I know AC has mentioned that there will be some sort of catch up mechanic for new players joining down the line. I would like to see a catch up mechanic. Might make it less daunting for a new player to join down the line. Some sort of accelerated training tied to micro transactions or VIP might work and make VIP worth something to late comers. Say the game goes live today, 6 months down the line a new players starts up and is able to get 6 months worth double speed training. Maybe you can pay more for a month worth of triple or quad time. Maybe a 1 time fee to just get caught up? Would this be good, bad? Would a new player look at this and think it sucks, now you have to buy the game and shell out money just to catch up? Maybe some sort of active skill advancement from playing the game. Tied to VIP again maybe. Maybe just enabled when you are behind a certain amount. These systems should never allow you to surpass the amount that you would have if you were a day 1 account, only allow you to catch up. What are your thoughts on ways to "catch up" for the passive training? Should there even be one? If so what would you like to see? Keep in mind that if you are reading this these hypothetical systems most likely will not directly affect you at all.
  9. Win or lose, the harvester now gets his guild mates and rolls the warrior's guild harvesters until they feel satisfied. That's what the warrior is risking. Thats how these games work.
  10. its just week 1 guys, pull back the fangs. jeeze.
  11. I'd say just devote some training to the defensive combat skills or stealth or tracking
  12. something like this? Hit the sweet spots get better results, don't get worse. There could be skills that make the sweet spot bigger or make the slider slower. skills that make hitting it give better rewards. I guess there are lots of things you could do. I do like the idea of some sort of "player skill" making a difference.
  13. So what exactly do you want? Do you just mean something interactive? I'm imagining golfing games with the sliding bar that you need to stop in the sweet spot for the best swing. You mean something like that?
  14. I recall something from a long long time ago where Blair (I think) said something to the effect of 3 brand new untrained ungeared players would be toe to toe with a decked out veteran. I'm not giving an opinion either way, just stating something I remember reading.
  15. Then scale back their base dmg. Make the class dynamic. They shouldn't do good damage as a default.
  16. What about something like... 20 cd duration 60 sec cd Heal the damage you take like it is now. Prevent crash like you do now. Increased damage based on the damage your GROUP takes for the duration. The dmg increase needs to be meaningful. Enough that if you see a bezerking cow you make sure you are focusing him with CC or swapping to him to not buff him up. This might actually make him a tank. Soaking up CC or damage. You can't ignore a zerked cow. You have to choose how to deal with him. Ignore him and attack his team, he gets disgruntled and wrecks you. Attack his team and CC him, then less CC on his team. Attack him then his group recovers. Lots of choices to be made.
  17. He needs something that makes him a tank. Knights can block dmg to teammates and hassle opponents. Templar has area denial. Myrm has net but its really more offensive. I'd like to see them have some sort of defensive playstyle.
  18. 60 second cd 20 second duration. Increased fury regen Increase dmg by 40% that fades to 20% over 20 seconds. Exclude bonus dmg from C Or no dmg bonus but CC immune.
  19. Me neither but there is no excuse to not be able to set any keybinds we want
  20. I dunno, can we pick up hampsters and drop them to their deaths? I think that would be ok.
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