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  1. This makes sense. Using the system we have on live ATM, even if you just granted 8 rune slots (2x major 3x minor 2x exploration) for free and gave us 8 less talent points to spend in the tree it would be better.
  2. Centaur and Elken both get the trailmaster passive due to those sturdy legs! I know that you are on a much different version of the game than we are but Trail master has not been anything I have considered that useful and from your quoted response above does not seem like it has changed in the new build. Trail master/blazer was never anything that I would take into account when making a character and weighing the pros vs cons of one race vs another. IN our version of the game you just use a mount for the same effect and there is no opportunity cost to using a mount. In a lot of situations a mount was better than trail master/blazer anyway. Also, I want to see Centaur's run faster while in combat. Something like 10-15% faster in combat would really open the race up to being considered for classes other than Champion and the occasional Knight.
  3. I hope you gave Centaurs a passive that makes them run faster (in or out of combat) than 2 legged losers.
  4. Where is this weeks Dev Diary?
  5. Yoink

    DPS Templar build?

    What happens if you report @Pann for Necroing a thread?
  6. Maybe just do 100x or full passive training on Test and keep 1x on Live. Test end game and early game.
  7. No Idea. I have not been participating very much.
  8. LoL but this post is literally about participation trophies.
  9. It's a gear slot. Badges with the same exact stats need to be obtainable in the game. They do not need to be the same skin or have any art at all, but badges with the same stats need to be obtainable in some way. I wouldn't bother with a competitive PvP game I knew nothing about if I knew that the early testers got an additional gear slot or access to gear that was now unobtainable. Don't take them away, just provide an equal alternative. It doesn't need to be done now, but it needs to be done before soft launch at least I think.
  10. Make them all craftable but give no cosmetic change.
  11. Id be happy with a map that faces North
  12. I see a lot of newer people in game asking about farming or how to get this or that. Usually trying to make trades for Vessels, Ambrosia or Chaos Embers to use as a currency. Chaos embers are the top resource for end game are about the only resource advanced players will want, that under trained, under geared players can actually farm. I find it mind numbing to farm for Chaos Embers though and to do it effectively still requires advanced training and gear. If you are looking to get into the market, or just a way to help your guild I am going to suggest that you harvest Blood and Bone. Blood and Bone are the most sought after end game material after Chaos Embers and requires almost no training to get into. The great thing about Blood and Bone is that white quality is just as valuable as legendary. The blood and bone from R2s is the same as from R10s. This means you don't need any advanced gear or training to farm it. You can even do it with basic harvesting knife. There are 3 training nodes in Exploration Basics and 2 nodes in Reaping for Blood and Bone harvest chance. These nodes can be trained relatively quickly. The only other ways to increase your chance for Blood and Bone would be to: Use the Connoisseur Harvesting Disc and keep the buff active while skinning. Use and advanced knife rune tool made with copper and silver. Chaos Embers are still better, but this would be the next best alternative if you are trying to decide how to train.
  13. I have experienced this as well. I also cant go through more than 2 loading screen with out having to ALT+F4
  14. While we're rebalancing races can we make centaurs 15-20% faster than base. Double the Sprint run speed for Minos, at double the stam cost maybe. Reduce Sprint Stam cost by 50% for elken. Make leadership passive auto apply like cap stones for human and high elf. Toss a few extra train/ability points at human/half elf Make con base 25 per, up from 8. Give some classes a bonus to that like dwarf or centaur or mino or hg Take AP off of main stat, move an extra 150-200 AP to the base trees for all classes. Increase fdm and fhm gains from str/int for dwarves by 50-100% ? Do something for these poor bastards. See posts above for half elves Make hg immune to root and knock down and pull If a race gets one or more racial ability, give them one more bar slot, that can only have a racial ability slotted.
  15. What is your crit chance and crit amount NM, saw it in the video.
  16. Regarding God's Reach and new players. Chat from this morning. P1: what items am I allowed to bring to campaign mode, it says i have too many items. P2: you can only bring 12 total for this one so you have to go back into gods reach and put stuff into your bank P1: ohh wheres the bank i havnt seen it P2: hit "B" you can right click stuff in/out of it P1: the vault?? i didnt know you can put stuff in it what da hek
  17. What if, for faction rule set only, imports for the next CW are based off performance in the previous faction CW? 1st place gets 0-5 imports for the next CW. (might actually need to be 6 so that a fresh GR new player can always bring in the basics.) 2nd place gets 10-15 imports for the next CW. 3rd place gets 25-50 imports for the next CW. Might even get people to go to the losing side next CW for more imports.
  18. I want to make a second character. It will be a blue or purple vessel. I don't want to do God's Reach to level 20 where nothing I do outside of leveling matters. My guild mates are playing but they are not on Gods's Reach. I am choosing to not play Crowfall vs playing the way I would be forced to. Take it for what it is. But I'm not playing the game at this very moment when I want to.
  19. They way Necromancy and Grave Digging currently work, any guild over 10 people will not have use for you anyway. They will have their own guild Necro/Grave digger in the guild that is concerned about winning and helping and not what % of in game personal wealth they get to keep for themselves. I'm not sure why there are not basic and intermediate shovels but, you can make your own rune shovels at the rune-crafting station. You don't even have to have the rune equipped. just need 3 non-basic stone, 4 non-basic ore, and 1 wood. They will not be good tools, about as good as intermediate, but you can make them.
  20. @thomasblair How about that AP formula now? 😀
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