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  1. 5 years and you managed to do that, impressive
  2. I'm having this problem on the edge browser, but chrome, firefox and ie11 all seem to work fine.
  3. If a capture point is captured does that prevent all players from opposing factions harvesting resources in the surrounding area ?
  4. I was wondering if it would be possible to get people to sign up to a new campaign up to 12 hours before it launches. Let people signup as individuals, groups or guilds. That way the population of each faction could be balanced before the campaign starts. oh and no switching factions once the campaign launches.
  5. Hagall Wardruna Balance is stability empty the mind, release your thoughts and let your spirit fly free hear no longer the voice of Malakai whisperer in the darkness seeking dissembler in the darkness reeling calm your mind there is no entry, pure of thought singular of purpose hear no longer the voice of Malakai
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