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    Thyre reacted to Duffy in Item Rewards - Official discussion thread   
    If you chase every aspect that causes a player to quit you’ll make a game that doesn’t have an audience, players quit and move on, not every game is for every player. Game audiences are not singlular homogenous entities, they are made up of many different audiences with overlapping interests. The key to a game finding its particular audience is to hit the sweet spot that maximizes enough of those overlapping interests, but also provides a unique experience that keeps its conglomerate audience attached to the game. 
    We’re at all time low turnout right now, we can’t get people to login and every patch adds something that knocks a few more people out. We can’t keep momentum, now I get that hey it’s pre-alpha and stuff changes, that’s fine, but a lot these changes are still pretty fundamental and add more layers of difficulty to compete and try different things, so people quit. That’s the sort of people you should probably chase, the ones that want to be here and were part of guilds with logistics chains but are just tired of jumping through hoops to try and finish a build or play. They shouldn’t have to make the choice between spending their limited playtime trying to finish a build/level a character or PvPing. That’s whats killing you, not people bailing cause they can’t get some gear and don’t want to talk to anyone or engage in trade.
    On the topic at hand, we have piles of common materials we practically throw away (well sacrifice on commons or make siege equipment anyways) that could easily help fill these niches, but we have three major problems: buying/selling asynchronously is a pain in the ass (vendors are cool and all but a tedious and time consuming user experience to shop - not to mention limited placement) crafting en mass is time consuming, and gold is worthless to us (if we could charge dust I’d be crafting and selling common gear around the clock).
    Solve those problems and you not only fix the  reason some people quit, but also prop up an in game economy without random drop loot putting a floor on crafted gear and undermining your own mechanics.
    And something to keep in mind: nothing is a “bonus”, if it’s of any value or use it gets added to the calculations of min/maxing and efficienctly achieving goals, it’s not extra by any means, it’s just a new variable in the equation. For example this system just told me that on a wipe or clean slate scenario we should ignore crafted gear until the crafters are capable of surpassing the drop loot (weeks now or maybe months with “real training speed” ?) and we should focus on grinding gear and resources (while harassing others who should be doing the same). We just removed crafting from being a major aspect of a fresh start, and that’s how a “bonus” alters our game play loop and strategy.
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    Thyre got a reaction from Corpran in Issues logging into forum   
    I'm having this problem on the edge browser,  but chrome, firefox and ie11 all seem to work fine.
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    Thyre got a reaction from Devonic in Issues logging into forum   
    I'm having this problem on the edge browser,  but chrome, firefox and ie11 all seem to work fine.
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    Thyre got a reaction from Calliope in Issues logging into forum   
    I'm having this problem on the edge browser,  but chrome, firefox and ie11 all seem to work fine.
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    Thyre got a reaction from Valgrim in The longer campaign ... why?   
    Point systems tend to lead to the merry go round capture style of play people are chasing pts rather than fighting, in the same way gear stats lead to people grinding gear rather than fighting.
    what would you think of a system of actual territory control ?
    As an example each parcel of land can be captured by a faction.  Once all parcels are controlled by the three factions you have a border between those factions defined by the boundaries of those parcels.  
    Your faction can only attack parcels they share a border with, which focuses PvP players into specific areas.
    To win a campaign a faction needs to take and hold a certain percentage of parcels for a period of time.
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