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  1. it says: "User already has an active request for this guild" and for the guild leader it says: "Kim-Lee is pending" tried to relog already.
  2. you don't understand the reason why I'm discussing this issue. I don't want to bother anyone, I want to improve this game and make it successful.
  3. well kind of, I like mage non fps game, RvR also is nice. But crafting, leveling, skill-points are terrible, they will destroy this game although the rest might be nice.
  4. if crafting affects multiplayer performance "normal" people won't play multiplayer, so the game will die because it kills itself by hardcore players protecting their "cafting" privilege.
  5. this isn't even an alpha issue. It's an overall issue. Games like this won't work anymore, yeah sure everyone in community cries for crafting and stuff, but 30 active players atm on Eu-Server tells the real story. People don't want to craft, they want to play, regardless of alpha, beta or release and regardless of what some people in the public community say.
  6. sure but this actually the point actually the point so why even increase their disadvantage by such a skill system? Maybe one should try reduce it. Because only a large base of players will keep a game alive. And even Hardcore-players will stop playing if they are all alone, consider it. Buying experience tomes sounds quite interesting though, how does it work?
  7. No I'm 100% serious! What is the point of grinding if there are no players, just look at the game right now: 50 players Online, while in Fortnite are up to 1 million players online at the same time. And this is not only because of Alpha state. As I said, grinding should be limited to the personal kingdom. A multiplayer game that requires grinding won't be successful nowadays. Grinding is a single player thing.
  8. the time of grinding-games is over.The era of PvP games has begun: Overwatch, Fortnite, Pubg ... I know you dislike this fact but if you don't adapt even the grinders are disappointed because they will be all alone. Maybe you should even consider limit grinding to a 24 hour process instead of a lifetime process.
  9. if you want this game to become a commercial success with many new players and a broad basis of players you have to get rid of the real-time skill-system and limit progression to a point where new players are 100% as strong as other players after 4-10 days or this game will die a few months after release. There is no way any new player will start playing if he always trails behind because of the skill system and has to grind extensively. Just concentrate on the RvR-aspect and limit grinding to the personal kingdom-part so players who want to grind hard can create big kingdoms.
  10. is there a difference between Patron and Pioneer in regard to content access? Can I play live with Patron? Or only Test?
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