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  1. JewelCrafting - Round ruby, Round Diamond , Round Sapphire cuts. The main stat Exploit Weakness is 0% . Seems to be across all rarity.
  2. As that scrub ... white vessel and white gear normally can't put up much of a defense on my own due to being average at best and in crap gear. ps. Thanks for the heals Mandalore and the support from parfax.
  3. They have not been given out yet. Artcraft has not specified when they will be handed out.
  4. Dude I think most people agree , but they also said last month that a whole rework of spirit bank, inventory, embargo, guild bank is in the works. Do you want them to spend time applying bandages or build the mechanism that will replace a not fully fleshed out system. Everytime to interrupt a harvester and send them to crow or make them tow truck their body and take a durability hit disrupts their flow. anything you think you are missing through the loot will get wiped one day in the future until the systems are in place.
  5. When it's offline you can change the server location ... click the gear ... at work going off memory
  6. There Will never be too much Iron ... man!
  7. I do what I can . haha
  8. It was a thanks we have all been a bunch of tools lately and I just wanted to share a some thoughts of when how much I am enjoying things that we take for granted. We also discussed being able to craft a "fog effect" ( would be a massive alchemy group recipe) that could be used to fill the battlefield before a sneak'o'tack but just because I had an idea that I think would be cool doesn't make it a good idea that I feel like demanding being put in the game. so I kept it to myself. 😮
  9. Over the last few weeks while waiting for siege to commence I have taken notice of the weather and lighting effects and damn I love the fog and the misty winter rain, well done environment team. would love to be on a keep wall and look down over the battlefield and watch a big group emerge through the fog and all whip out a run tool at the same time and realize oh Shiitake Mushrooms! ... we are surrounded ! When I commented this to the guildies in discord we reminisced about how far the environment has come and how we joked about the performance issues when the new version of unity was updated into the game and if 10 people got into a fight the server would crash or performance would be atrocious. "Someone just got ganked" would be exclaimed in voice. Good laughs We talked about how far the game test world has come, how much we have seen in streams and how much has not made it to the game (cosmetically) and wondered what the devs have up their sleeves that we haven't seen yet. While progress has been slower than many of us testers/backers would like and knowing we have a long ways to go. Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work can't wait to see what's next.
  10. Yeah I was just spitballing on the initial idea of how to apply a handicap. There should be no reason to "throw" the campaign other than being an agent of anarchy and chaos. The outcome for winning should always be more significant than not winning.
  11. I think there I some interesting ideas here . I really like a risk like game board layer to the camps, outposts, forts, and keeps game. I would really like see some strategic battle plans being required to advance on the enemy territory. It would give an under powered faction the ability to push back over time an regain a foot hold and take away power or debuff the leading or controlling faction. Maybe once a capturable element is turned over it has a window of time before it invulnerable to be flipped back and you can only capture a connecting capture point. it might promote a faction making plans to move in on multiple fronts to "cut supply lines" off and would give players something to do at all hours no matter keep siege time during a so called prime time. What if Vessels took a 10% or 15% durability hit when being removed from a campaign. then you can keep you epic vessels for a few campaigns. Maybe losing faction only takes a 5% instead of an assumed full loss of vessel.
  12. I find the reliance is more on the materials needed rather than relying on other crafters to assist in the build. Alchemy doesn't need training to grind stone, Stonemasonry only needs assembly success if that as there is no exp rolls for the wheel, grindstone or paste. It's the multi discipline gathering and the mandatory group gathering that is where i am finding jewelcrafting cumbersome.
  13. Absolutely it is hard to say what would have happened ... just saying there is opportunity and I would love to log in and see the table has been flipped.
  14. I I know a wipe will be incoming in the future , timing is everything . it just made me think about all the times people have asked for a wipe. Wipes cause more problems than they solve but until launch they are inevitable. I just had that "just imagine" moment and the all I saw was tumbleweeds blowing buy.
  15. Just imagine if they actually did a wipe right now ... it would be an absolute ghost town. the next best way to kill the progress of testing would be to not give ample notice that the Campaign is ending prematurely and people were not given enough time to get their exports done. on a side note I was in one of the Balance keeps last night during the siege window . if any significant force moved in on us we would have lost the keep. there was maybe 15 people and most were unguilded and it would have been an utter disaster if Order or Chaos showed up. ... Just sayin it ain't over until J Todd says it over!
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