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  1. That sounds more like a guild issue than game play issue.
  2. With so many systems not implemented I would prefer to have all hands on deck getting a complete working game. There will be plenty of time later to pine over cosmetics. not a practical use of the Dev's time.
  3. I would not be opposed to this. Maybe something like experimentation difficulty reduction could be applied through crafting experience. I think in small increment amounts per craft and would cap out as some point say +10 experimentation diff reduction. Every successful crafted item is +.005 and if you have amazing success it's +.0075 . that means you would have to make at least 2000 items in said profession. eg. 1 ring would be 6 crafts in Jewelcrafting so you would have to make 330 rings to hit the cap which is not a lot but it's also not insignificant.
  4. my guess is that when they hit F nothing is actually interactable or the pop up windows don't pop
  5. I am not sitting here with a stop watch ... don't even own a pitchfork. just trying to point out to OP that they did post info. Personally I would rather play a buggy non sanctioned campaign or even GR than wait. so I am happy to see progress.
  6. But that's what makes it interesting ... it gives us a reason to fight over map locations.
  7. Powers , I have a Naga Mouse so I have a 1-12 button grid on the thumb.
  8. I was getting purples of R5's last night , super rare but it was happening.
  9. New this update they are crafted. The recipes are in Runecrafting profession that can be found on a Runecrafting table in a cottage in a Keep or Fort.
  10. Like Pann Said they gave us 24 hr notice a new patch was coming and then said 24hr after the new patch expect a campaign. we have been given a heads up.
  11. I just gotta say I love the procedurally generated maps and the constantly upgrading parcel work the team has been doing. These new wartribe camp parcels are excellent, I really enjoyed the diverse layouts of the camps and the change in terrain. Exploring the new islands is always great it kinda gives you that new game feeling of excitement and anticipation everytime you step through a new reunegate. The Environments team is really doing great work in my opinion and I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeves. Thanks
  12. Happend to us too. I was in group solo harvesting, my group mate was in the keep. 15 min later after i went to the keep and crafted some tools we came back out and all the doobers I had collected were still on groupmates screen well after they should have despawned. He ran around collected the doobers had the audio que's and doobers disappeared like they were gathered he then checked inventory and nothing was in his inventory.
  13. hrrmmmm ... post from yesterday you say ... seems more like yesteryear, but I can not dispute the evidence provided. 4 years is a long time for decisions to maybe have changed. Currently there is nothing stopping it so ...we'll see I guess.
  14. As that scrub ... white vessel and white gear normally can't put up much of a defense on my own due to being average at best and in crap gear. ps. Thanks for the heals Mandalore and the support from parfax.
  15. They have not been given out yet. Artcraft has not specified when they will be handed out.
  16. Dude I think most people agree , but they also said last month that a whole rework of spirit bank, inventory, embargo, guild bank is in the works. Do you want them to spend time applying bandages or build the mechanism that will replace a not fully fleshed out system. Everytime to interrupt a harvester and send them to crow or make them tow truck their body and take a durability hit disrupts their flow. anything you think you are missing through the loot will get wiped one day in the future until the systems are in place.
  17. When it's offline you can change the server location ... click the gear ... at work going off memory
  18. There Will never be too much Iron ... man!
  19. I do what I can . haha
  20. It was a thanks we have all been a bunch of tools lately and I just wanted to share a some thoughts of when how much I am enjoying things that we take for granted. We also discussed being able to craft a "fog effect" ( would be a massive alchemy group recipe) that could be used to fill the battlefield before a sneak'o'tack but just because I had an idea that I think would be cool doesn't make it a good idea that I feel like demanding being put in the game. so I kept it to myself. 😮
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