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  1. Ltab


    Plz lemme smash
  2. So how many cyber tears must I collect to be on this tribunal?
  3. I'm interested to see who is on this board of trolls. I assume most of balance? Maybe a few of the other old vets? I also believe it is more less a cave than some "Board".
  4. Yikes throm. Going for the biggest troll award?
  5. Ahhh we already have a mass grave dug for the lot of you. No need to bring your shovels
  6. Oh mandy. We are but a young guild. Give us time to grow. You shall someday tremble in those shiny boots to the fearsome might that is... THE GRAVE DOMINION!!!
  7. That's precisely why we left but we didnt just up a leave without saying anything to those who felt the same as us. We brought with those who also wanted to make a difference and do some damage. I guess you're the type who doesnt truly care about his reputation? I honestly dont care and still hold you in good regards throm. Trash talking is healthy between combatants. I just feel your execution in leaving Midnight shown a bad light on you, but I dont condemn you for it! In fact I dont condemn anyone for what they're doing now! Tis the spirit of war and I think this game is going how it should! All is fair in love and war.
  8. So are you using the care bear stare on us? I dont understand your usage... baz is merely showing his appreciation for your glorious neckbeards
  9. Must be a bad lucian player if you cant kite the gator.
  10. So besides being a joke how has your career been on balance as one of their grunts?
  11. Lmao. That's a nice touch throm. Glad to see you still have jokes.
  12. I'm a faction leader so I gladly accept your request Ble. For I am a man of dignity and respect. Should we fall, we will fall with grace. Should we be victorious we shall be humble. It saddens me to know this sort of respect is one-sided from us, but alas! I know not all of balance is vile and for those few it warms my heart for battle! On a non-rp note. Idk when I'll be able to set up this little battle as I will be rather busy these next few days. But I'll be in touch
  13. I'd join that 1v1 and make it a 2v2 if anyone is interested
  14. Why play a game that you dont enjoy? Or do you treat this rather as an occupation Mandalore? It is not for you to tell me how to enjoy the things I do. Chill on that mighty than thou sheet.
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