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  1. I noticed a lot of people having that same problem too. It is difficult but I did appreciate the challenge as I have been slogging away arrows at mobs in the live build for awhile. I'm hoping that before it is finalized ArtCraft will put cds on their abilities so it is not so bad. I was shooting from the range cap and was still watching the Urgu fly at me like the monkeys from the Wizard of Oz. The main issue I faced was with R8's through 10. They seem to do enough damage to counter most strategies by a solo player in normal quality advanced gear. So it is especially difficult to pick the
  2. Do yourself a favor and download the TEST build as well. The new creature AI is pretty awesome and it actually provides a good challenge for ranged characters. I favor using Rapid Shot when something is low life as a fully charged shot would take more time then just spamming that for a few seconds. A lot of other players are saying that is is one of the better Ranger abilities. But Ranger is in a very weak spot right now. I play with the Archer skill tree which is apparently in an even weaker spot. I would expect updates to the class. Some updates have already been added in the TEST buil
  3. Ohhh looks fun, I am actually going to join Order next campaign from Balance. I do not care too much about getting campaign rewards. So I would rather just help out people who want to play Order as a main faction so they see it as a viable play option.
  4. I would really like the idea of play-based skills as well. This could work within the current system too. If you harvest ore you would gain points in mining, if you use the blacksmith discipline you get points for it, etc. Though the current system does have a lot of benefits as well. Even people who do not have a lot of time can advance even when they are not able to play. The main issue is not being able to catch up with people that have been playing longer. I think there was post about this though. Something about them putting a system to do just that in later. Ultimately, I think
  5. Hello I'm Dawnstrider, a new NA player. I'm looking for a guild of nice players to enjoy the game with. Faction Preference:Not especially tied down to any one faction. My first choice in the current campaign was Balance. Playstyle: Between hardcore and casual In-Game Interests: Crafting, Making Friends, Building Kingdoms, PVE, PVP Incompatibilities: Griefers, Elitists, People that can't have fun or are otherwise mean to other players. Favorite Race: Guinecean Favorite Class: Currently Duelist, though I do want to try everything before I land on one. I am rea
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