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  1. On an AoE (and pretty spammable skill) any form of CC with the level of damage they'll be doing would still be pretty busted in small scale and would just take away any sort of viability Vanguard Scout might now have which seems to be the low damage high CC Slayer. One of their aims in 6.2 so far seems to be to separate out the CC from DPS roles and give it to the Tanks/CC (such as fanatic losing knockdown on tornadoes in exchange for elemental break) to encourage more play of those roles in small scale as apart from one or two outliers like Pitfighter there weren't any decent setups for those
  2. So when you hit Crit Cap you pump those points from Dex into Int and get more Crit Damage, AP is fairly easy to cap through gear and you'll probably cap that before you cap Crit so unless you want Resist All those points saved from Dex can go straight into Int. 30m range puts them on par for casters so they don't need more range and adding more wouldn't fit duelists theme as they're using a flintlock not a pistol. 55% Retribution on any DPS class shouldn't be a thing and should be left to Tank roles in my opinion at least. As for the Ranger stuff you'll just have to pick your fights better, ev
  3. Probably a bit exaggerated there saying it's nerfed to the ground, we're talking about a class that had a stun every 3 seconds and could reflect damage back onto an enemy on top of it's already pretty high damage. For Slayer at least, the Pepperbox Shot stun removal was definitely needed and the Dynamite increase was likely because of the mobility it gave rather than the dynamite itself. Seeing the new redirect pain give them Crit Strike and their last stat bundle potentially giving them Armour Pen looking at its icon its more ACE defining their role as a DPS by giving them more damage than ju
  4. Yeah this is a good change for all 3 specs imo though I hope they realize VS isn't a melee damage class unless the last stat bundle gives them something to do with melee xD Hopefully their stealth kit is still there for VS since it seems they've removed Go For Broke! and put Cheap Shots! as a mainline skill for all duelists taking a skill away from VS's already lacking in-stealth options. Then again most stealth skills came from discs so maybe it'll be the same again in 6.2.
  5. the top one is likely rapid fire and snipe with the bottom being cheap shots from the 6.1 VS tree
  6. Not sure where people are coming from when they say there's too much of a barrier to entry with new players in Crowfall tbh and this post sums it up perfectly for me. The only barrier to entry this game has is finding a guild really to get you on the way to getting up there with vets.
  7. @mystafyi I'm not sure if you're a new player personally but as one myself that has thrown myself into the deep end and seen the content this game offers in 1v1's, small scale and large scale, there has never once been a scenario where my opponent had a significant advantage over me because they had a badge and I didn't. 2% damage bonus isn't huge in and fight scenario apart from being completely even geared and having the same skill level 2% damage bonus isn't going to decide a fight. That fight wouldn't happen for new players anyways, we're at a disadvantage for being new which is more of a
  8. It's almost like he just ignored my opinion as an actual new player myself since it doesn't fit his point.
  9. As a new-ish player (1 month) with no badges or any item you can't get anymore that boosts my stats I can confirm that badges aren't an issue and you hardly notice them.
  10. There's definitely other ways it could be taken and I'll have to go dig up some discussions elsewhere on what others have posted about. These ideas were just stepping up the only playstyle I had while playing with VS myself where I had any chance of success at all (A pistol VS that tried to never leave stealth). It could definitely do the melee damage role though it would likely end up just being a slightly different assassin or dirge and would need some kind of revamp itself since VS's talent tree is that messed up and focusses on ranged damage and health for some reason not even having attac
  11. Hmm the last time VS got mentioned on a post from what I can see was back in march with the only suggestion being to give it a quicker re-stealth and that being the only other mention this year. My idea definitely isn't perfect it's just there to try and open up discussion rather than being what VS has to be to be any good.
  12. One thing that has always bugged me as when looking at Duelist is Vanguard Scout. It's such a poorly designed class with no identity at all that I don't think any amount of balancing would make this class good without completely busting it since its a class that wants to be perma-stealthed. So what needs to be done to it? Firstly, it shouldn't be a Melee Damage class. Duelist in its entirety doesn't have a skill that is both a melee attack and keeps you in stealth so why is it classed as melee? Dirge already does Melee Damage well enough despite not being tagged as melee damage. VS
  13. NPE introduces players to Exploration, Crafting and Disciplines. You gotta remember that Infected is also there to ween people into the PvP and Throne War side of the game it's just that no one cares about Infected for it's Throne War aspect as no one gains any real benefit from it. There's also the fact that the NPE isn't even finished yet so they could be focusing more on the PvP aspect of the game in chapter 3 of the NPE when people are more ready to go into Infected.
  14. I don't think they're gonna think it's a 'Solo player PvE questing game' when they see this greeting them when they look up our little, fun mess of a game...
  15. Makes sense though I feel most people are fine with it as is with some classes just getting better as gear progresses. No offence to any of the ACE devs either but I don't think they could even balance like that looking back and given how well the game is balanced atm. Would be nice to see the game a little more balanced though I think a more balanced version of what they have now would be preferable. The issue with balancing the stat cap instantly becomes whichever race gives the best passives and skills then that will be what's used. There'll just never be a scenario where something isn't ob
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