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  1. It'll have to stay there because no one can afford to import one to the campaign 😂
  2. I think people are upset because they have to farm for things they already have. It's not that they farmed for them and they got to use them until they broke. They just can't use them now for "reasons". Add this to the fact that it takes away from what they actually want to do (fight) and it's easy to see why people may get burned out having to do it every 3 weeks. Unless you only want to play a single character which doesn't seem realistic at this point I'm the testing cycle. It just seems too soon to restrict things this much. You could argue that the farming gets players out in to the world, but with the current state of GR, the Temple, and instant banking from anywhere we have seen that just isn't the case. I don't think the restrictions are a bad idea eventually, but they seem to be an unnecessary pain point at the moment that inordinately effects some players more than others.
  3. I don't think anyone is confused as to what the optimal path to regearing is. The point is it is boring as custard. There are no meaningful choices, just obvious paths to doing the same poorly made socks you just did a day ago in order to get to the actual fun part of the game. No one said they can't do it, but a fair amount of people have said they have no interest in doing it.
  4. I don't think you understand. I'm saying what we have right now are smaller guilds, at least on chaos. I'm saying right now the limit is a pain in the ass. I'm not prescribing a fundamental change in how the game will work or making any indication on how it should be played later on. It's just a matter of where the population is now. I don't think I'm blaming anyone for anything? Just saying how it feels for us at the moment.
  5. It depends on the length of the campaigns... In the case of what we have now I would argue somewhere near 20 seems reasonable. A PvP/harvester and a crafter. You would have to refarm any additional pvp or crafting alts you would want to run. The population doesn't seem high enough to support such a narrow focus as they ultimately intend. I'm worried that the vocal crowd on the forums does not accurately reflect the feelings of the player base as a whole.
  6. I think it's fine if the campaigns are longer. The last campaign wasn't long enough to enjoy the fruits of our labor. I'm not advocating for changes to imports in the future and I know there won't be any for this one. I'm just not interested in grinding gear up every two weeks, which is what the current turnaround ended up being. It's definitely just a comment on what I enjoy in the game @mandalore
  7. I think lowering GR to r5 and including 6-8 in the campaign and then upping imports seems to be a more obvious solution, although it is technically not there yet...
  8. What a surprise, all the multi account balance players support the p2w campaign rules
  9. That is pretty much accurate to have a chance. Someone will always be willing to grind to the max. That becomes the new baseline for competitive play. I'm just sad we farmed up the crafters after a wipe purely as a means to PvP characters. I have a few of them ready to rock but I get to play only one (a healer) until we gear up the crafters again. The gear is already there I just can't use it. I could pay another $50 and bring it in, and that probably isn't great design.
  10. I thought the purpose was to PvP, that's what it was described as. Unfortunately we seem to be stuck in the crafting shack.
  11. To play more than a cleric? To use any of the crafting gear we've had for less than a few weeks? To not remake gear we already have? Mindless farming doesn't have any appeal to many people. How is it hard to understand people want to fight and not whack rocks? This was a terrible decision after a wipe and short campaign, it negates almost all progress made for small to medium guilds. Not only that, it does the exact opposite of leveling the playing field. Larger guilds with more dedicated crafters and accounts are far less impacted. This locks players in to a single character unless they want to recraft everything literally just made. The vault is going to end up just being copies of stuff you can never use...
  12. Like I said, I don't really have a problem with the theory. It's just poor timing to do it after a wipe and short campaign. Most of us just got up and running and now to remain realistically competitive we have to redo a large part of the work. In addition this limit can be completely negated by additional accounts ($$$).
  13. Rough for the non DPS classes who may want to solo play occasionally. I guess we'll import a single pvp character and then work on farming the crafters up (again) so I can eventually play something besides a cleric, despite having a geared confessor. Meanwhile larger guilds or guilds with a dedicated crafter account are free to import their pvpers as well as crafters and not lose anything. Just seems to poorly made socks on the little guys, once again.
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