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  1. I swear I'm not out for you or your class the bombs just seem a bit wonky at the moment and I'm traumatized
  2. Nothing I've seen so far points to this game being able to properly handle projectiles well enough to make ranged attacks work any differently than they do now. If anything the 3m change needs to be reverted, the lag and desync has been exposed.
  3. While I see what you are saying I still think the bombs are what hit Jecht, perhaps pointing to even bigger issues with the debuff and damage timing / desync. Nothing else in the game can hit him that hard, he's near 20k hp in plate. He didn't get chipped like Nikao it was all at once. I think he looked at the combat log as well, I can double check with him for verification.
  4. Druid bombs are killing people before exploding. Watch Jecht's health compared to when the explosion actually happens.
  5. Small scale PvP has been destroyed in the current iteration. There is almost no one in the world outside of the siege times and the last 10 minutes of fort timers (both of which are 15+ groups). If there are people farming it is nearly impossible to find them with high rank nodes everywhere. Additionally the sieges zones being so close together makes it nearly impossible to fight with a smaller force. There is also a huge snowball effect. We roamed around for nearly 4 hours taking towers and forts last night and ran into 3 enemy players. There is no incentive to defend forts at night when the points are inconsequential compared to the established lead. The futility has now lead to even smaller numbers on the losing sides. Chaos had 15 players during the primetime siege last night. Combine that with the seasons progressing (and that there is no point to farming more than a single set of gear with the current embargo system) and there is literally no reason to log in (which, admittedly, was the point of the siege schedule in the first place). The game is just boring now.
  6. Doesn't retaliate have a bit of animation lock? Even if it works it's approaching the minimum human reaction time. What happens when you get someone to play an archdruid besides Xarrayne? One you can retaliate, one you can ult. Now you can't push until your CDs are up? Seems like it would be just as useful a tool if enemies could see them. You are forced to break down more walls, take different paths through the forts and keeps, and choose how to engage a small fort circle filled with bombs. Right now it's push a button in 1.5s in the middle of a fight or die.
  7. A single player causing 5-10+ other players to lose their ultimate before the fight even starts seems rough, even if it takes 30 seconds to set up the trap
  8. Looking at the video it's about 1 to 1.5 seconds to react. That's a pretty tight window for getting one shot considering FPS and lag issues. Add in that you are going to need to retaliate as well and it seems like something may need to be retuned there edit: went frame by frame, he had less than one second from it showing up to dying. Honestly without the ability to remove enemy balls it feels like they would be just as strong if visible to enemies with much less hogwash factor
  9. So it's intentional to not see the bombs until triggered? I was under the impression you could see the stacks of balls and they turned angry when triggered.
  10. A few things I've noticed this campaign: Opening the map while auto running removes the ability to use your mouse on the map I have ambient sound volume set to 0. Every time I restart the game the ambient sound comes back. I have to go into the sound menu (where it still shows as set to 0) in order to disable the sounds again. I don't actually have to adjust the slider, simply going to the menu sets it back to 0. Druid bombs often appear invisible until exploded (https://youtu.be/sWvBrAYKPag?t=541) Mousing over certain things such as inventory items clears anything you may have typed into chat (makes it hard to hover over stats and type into chat) General chat tab often disappears completely 98% Success on crafting produces a failure rate much higher than shown Occasionally running over loot doesn't pick up the loot but makes it invisible/unable to be picked up. It still shows for other players in your group and they are able to pick it up. I notice this most often when motherloading, but that's probably just when I'm looting in a group the most. Vault noises are amplified when adding and removing many items without restarting the client. Confessor Meteor Purge often visually hits the ground 20 meters in front of the targets but still does damage to the targets you were aiming at. Certain spells seem to damage keep walls (druid bombs, confessor spells) Rapid fire (ranger and duelist) will always hit the target once channeling regardless of LOS. Assassin toxins now work without being reequiped on zone entry but the graphic on the pip doodad remains white Mouse turning seems to glitch and 180 whenever frames dip (Fix your delta time calcs!)
  11. Thanks for actually getting a clip of invisible druid bombs one shotting. Where is the counter play here? I swear that's 90% of my deaths... @ https://youtu.be/sWvBrAYKPag?t=541
  12. Hard to have a global economy based around EKs when you can't actually take anything into the campaign...
  13. It feels like the double siege day is a bit of a bust. There were 8-12 people on last time for Chaos. I wouldn't mind seeing one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The forts that are open for multiple hours seem to be pretty dead. The current trend is to mount an attack with ten minutes or less. You are almost at a disadvantage if you cap a fort early.
  14. It'll have to stay there because no one can afford to import one to the campaign 😂
  15. I think people are upset because they have to farm for things they already have. It's not that they farmed for them and they got to use them until they broke. They just can't use them now for "reasons". Add this to the fact that it takes away from what they actually want to do (fight) and it's easy to see why people may get burned out having to do it every 3 weeks. Unless you only want to play a single character which doesn't seem realistic at this point I'm the testing cycle. It just seems too soon to restrict things this much. You could argue that the farming gets players out in to the world, but with the current state of GR, the Temple, and instant banking from anywhere we have seen that just isn't the case. I don't think the restrictions are a bad idea eventually, but they seem to be an unnecessary pain point at the moment that inordinately effects some players more than others.
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