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  1. I'll admit I haven't updated my client in about two months, but seeing CF in the news lately I wanted to check back in, do some testing of new stuff. However I get Error #1 Failed Validation No error Failed to access remote metafile Read operation I did a little googling but sadly no workarounds appear to work, here is what I found & tried: - Logged into site to make sure I accepted any new Terms of Service / EULA since that's the main message on the launcher (still doesnt work) - Started the launcher exe with Admin privaleges (still doesnt work, and changing the Compatibility shouldnt matter since it worked fine with Windows 10 previously) - Tried to re-download / update my launcher file then point it at my CF install directory (still doesnt work) A lot of us have data caps and/or live in areas where our ISP isnt exactly super fast even by todays standards and while I know almost 7 gigs wouldn't break the bank I really cant afford to just reinstall the entire client over again, when I installed GTA 5 (years ago) and Fallout 76 (recently) it was a PITA since their file sizes were so huge it took the better part of a day if not more to download (which also eats up my entire down stream speed I couldnt really even watch say, Youtube or Twitch while downloading, even at 480p quality). Is there any fix or plans to fix this?As I said a complete reinstall is out of the question. Yes my internet can get that bad sometimes, i.e. I'm a huge Rocket League fan but I rarely play it because my ping in matches can go well over 100 ms, and much like a FPS game such as Counter Strike, in that game ping does in fact matter. Higher ping = unplayable on my ISP's connection. And no before someone suggests, no I can't just up and change ISPs nor can I physically move my home / life to another city for the sole purpose of getting faster / more stable / uncapped internet speeds. I'm eager to see the recent updates but if the launcher / install is gonna bug out like this I think I may just hold off until we officially get to Beta status and leave the client downloading for what could be potentially days. I know it may seem like I'm coming off as an ass but this type of thing is why I stop playing AAA games, I mean GTA 5 was like 70 gigs on launch and had a Day 1 patch of another 10 gigs, and I don't even wanna know how far beyond 100 gigs Star Citizen will be once it gets to Beta / live status (right now it teeters at about 100...)
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