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  1. Who cares about nge. Why oh why was publish 9 ok'd? That actually killed swg long before cu/nge
  2. Well in any case, im looking forward to experiencing all the new and unique colossal mistakes this game will produce. Cheers!
  3. First, try to realize that casual is not a person, it's a playstyle. Anyone at any time can make the choice to play a game casually or nonstop, and can freely move between the two in varying degrees. With that established, think about game systems catering to a specific playstyle and it makes a lot more sense. You can have PvP be an activity which requires a large time investment while hanving other activities require less. You can even have multiple PvP activities which all require varying amounts of time investment which would cater to multiple play styles without dumbing down any one sy
  4. My main started on Bria (2nd master DE woot!) Then I moved her to Kettemoor. Both great servers.
  5. Having to specialize in commerce also cuts down on botting. If you had to own a house and vendor and maintain them in order to sell items, that would create an initial time sink which would be prohibitive to bots. Also not having vendor trash on every mobs. And also there really isn't any need to call them Asian bots. Associating a race with some behavior you dont like doesnt help your cause. Also the fact that the majority of botting companies are western run and exploit labor from countries in Asia..perhaps you should know your enemy a bit more. Im not mad or anything, just trying
  6. Two very different school of thought I see on these forums. People who feel nothing is worth having unless you can lose it. And people who feel something is worth having because you made it. Wonder if this game will cater more to one side or the other or if a happy medium will be found.
  7. I love both as well. But not everyone wishes to craft in order to pvp and vice versa. Getting jumped on the way to sell my wares does not make crafting more fun for me. Just like having a crafting window pop up in the middle of combat does not make combat more fun for me. I get the whole risk vs reward thing and I know why its so popular. Just look at Las Vegas, heh. BUt that doesn't mean every aspect of an activity must possess this dynamic. Collaboration, creativity, permanence, success...all these things can be rewarding in ways other than calculated risk. Maybe its time for
  8. My worry is that they make an amazing crafting system... Catered to people who would rather PvP.
  9. Who is crying about anything? It's a difference of game design preferences. Are you able to discuss your preferences coherently without telling people to go away? Nobody here has demanded anything, no ultimatums that would even matter anyway. Let's try not to take things so personally, OK?
  10. Hm? I assumed we were talking about game design. Did you think I was being literal?
  11. I've never played that game. I played swg for about 8 years though. And I'm currently playing ffxiv
  12. hm. Interesting replies. Im not really concerned whether you personally think its boring or not. Im not asking for solo play. Im not asking to be 100% self sufficient. As I've stated before risk of death is great for making combat more exciting because that is the nature of it. I just don't think that automatically translates to crafting. Putting my character in mortal danger does not making crafting magically better, it just makes it necessary to be combative. But I guess the absolute rule of combat in game design is so ingrained that nothing can be fathomed without it. There h
  13. 1. Would I only see 2% of the content this game offers? 2. Would every low level critter aggro me from across the map? 3. Would the items I can craft be garbage compared to Joe Pvp'er because they travelled to Ganksville where all the best resources are? 4. Would I be unable to walk outside my starter town without being insta gibbed by anyone who was bored enough? thanks
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