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  1. Vanboozled

    Druid Thorns

    Why does barbed thorns in the druid talents, increase the damage of thorns, but there is no thorns in the druid tree? Are druids supposed to always use the thorns minors?
  2. So I finally got to the point in passive training to choose between melee or ranges weapon specialist and noticed Staves are modified by the melee tree but under ranged great weapons. Therefore, to maximize benefit to staves you must first max melee, then ranged, then greater ranged weapons. Now the questions: 1) am I the first to notice the mistake? 2) is this a mistake or an incredibly dumb idea? and 3) when should we expect this is fixed? (thereby insuring the skills wipe).
  3. So, I have had some confusion on the news post of May 3rd. Am I correct in believing this game will be nothing more than slitting my wrists in gods reach to farm dust and embers for at least another week? AKA no campaign or goals until 5.9 is excreted from the "test" server?
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