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  1. bump, had quite a few new members join us but we are still looking for more
  2. I found a bug with the import tokens where you can bring in equipped things for free (not using any import tokens) if you enter the campaign with things equipped as a crow (dead) when you revive in the temple you have everything still equipped but didn't use any import tokens.
  3. We're returning for this update and thought I would update our video intro. let me know what you think
  4. Grave Dominon - NA - Close Knit - Helpful - Returning Grave Dominion is looking for more members for our return to Crowfall. New players and Veterans are welcome here. We're a close knit crew that wants to expand a little. Very much looking forward to Dregs What we can offer: A friendly and very helpful environment Discord server A competent but chill group of players who like to improve and do well playtime in all aspects of the game (PvP, Siege, Crafting, Gathering, etc.) Teaching about the game, Mechanics and PvP.
  5. It's easy, but way more painful than mining. also lack of motherloads. maybe make ancients like a motherload for harvesting, need 2 people and it gives a high chance for rare leather/more leather? also gotta think of the danger it puts you in gathering leather, way easier to gank someone fighting than someone mining.
  6. Its just i know already of around 5 people that don't want to run druids or assassins because of the leather cost on armour. i feel something really needs to change with it. I personally like my carcass idea because its a simple way of not having to sit there and skin each mob and you can at any time you want go and turn it into leather
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