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  1. I dont think there should be floating nameplates but I would like to see some type of "tooltip" info integrated into the gui somehow that will tell you what node your reticle is on.
  2. Agreed, This will be especially critical in an MMO focused on PvP. If they can't find a way to properly compensate for lag then the action combat(and the game) is sunk from the beginning.
  3. That is a tech demo from voxelfarm not in game footage from crowfall. The physics capabilities of each can't be compared without more info.
  4. Obviously this is a more complicated discussion than just saying lag affects all games. You have to consider other things too such as: In WoW, did you lose all of your equipment when lag spike hit and you died? CoD or counterstrike tournaments are held locally on a LAN when the stakes are high(professional events).. Why is that? In a game where the stakes are high and you advertise a high level of skill is needed you will start to lose subs if people feel like their hard work is being negated by insufficient server or network code. I am contributing to this discussion in the hopes that it will cause us all(me included) to really think hard about these aspects of the games we love or for crowfall hope to love. To date there have been many attempts to get this style of mmo right but no one has been able to bring all the pieces together. Hopefully discussions like this can help the devs create that game.
  5. Because this is a game and not real life? I have been to combat and have also played may full loot mmo's, action combat and not. Please lets not start comparing the rl combat experience vs mmo.
  6. Oops messed up that reply on my phone. Darkfall is one of the games that I personally use as evidence that twitch based + MMO has not been done correctly yet. DF worked sometimes but honestly if your attack is EVER missed due to latency then the whole "skill based" concept is nullified.
  7. Myself and several of my friends are concerned about the "action combat" announcement as well. Our experience with recent action combat based MMO's has us worried. There just always feels like something is missing in large group encounters. Even when victorious it doesn't feel like "the group" really accomplished anything. Group combat felt as though it had been distilled down into multiple individual battles occurring simultaneously. Also not a single action mmo has been able to handle latency well enough to accommodate melee properly. There are always those moments where you swing and "should' have hit but sword just passes through your target. That negates much of the skill required immediately. Also the "no trinity" aspect severely reduces the amount of people willing to be melee(or needed to be melee) in group combat.
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