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  1. Eh, confessors really don't get much love for some big reasons. Nerfed to the ground, easy to get elemental protections, they get some aoe but most of it isnt reliable (Tornado spread is wonky at times), damage isnt as intense due to it being AoE. We get decent ccs but most of those are able to be retaliated out of... Plus we're tissue thin in terms of survivability. I'm a confessor-inquisitor main, and by 30 you'll get most talents, just keep adding damage mainly, and compare the impacts of certain other boons
  2. >Be me, Confessor Main on the Inquisitor Spec >Flimsy as tissue paper >Good thing confessor is given some decent cc >Lots of CC can be retaliated out of, oof in pvp >Stacking high damage >Tornadoes seem to spread more often or not just perfectly to where they miss target >Tends to draw mob aggro abnormally higher than others in group, so might be due to damage >Very hard to do anything yourself though, especially before level 20-ish >Probably would be a lot easier on the Balance side, but that'd just be embarrassing. I'll give HoA specifically a bo
  3. Ok, let's get two things out of the way, what am I talking about and some obvious disclaimers 1. What do I mean by 'Mobbing'? Large grouping/parties/gangs packed together. (Planning on discussing the consequences, how it may affect the game/experience, should it be considered an issue, ect.) 2. Whether you see it as an issue (or not), there's always multiple factors that cause something. For this some obvious factors for the magnitude of it include: Small population-so one person difference matters more than a normal mmo population would be, demographics of the population, organizati
  4. I'd be satisfied with something non-tangible, like progressing ui skins to choose from or even just small account/profile/website markers.
  5. I agree there is a vital need in prioritizing certain aspects of development in certain steps and phases. Something I hope is remedied and communicated between the Devs and their foundational supporters (Us, the players and backers, in case someone wasn't sure who I was talking about here)
  6. You know what, I like your energy, and think you got some decent ideas. But even if I didn't I still like that you're talking about these things. Please keep talking and encouraging healthy discussion!
  7. Devs: "We want an easy in easy out system for gear, we want players crafting to matter, and let players choice have impact" Players: Awesome! Hey crafted gear is pretty awesome and our gathering and crafting team is doing really well! on the right track! Devs: "Oh no, players have been moving through our testing material too fast! Guess we better randomize things and grind everything to a slow crawl" Players: "Crafting is harder than ever, decent stuff isn't feasible to crank out as much. Its really out of our hand and doesnt feel so fun anymore. Plus why you slowing down testing? We nee
  8. I think a big improvement to the talent tree would be the ability to reset. Would prevent us from needing to spend a ton of time making new vessels solely to try another subclass or slight different spread of points, since by level 30 you can get most but not all perks. If anything would make testing easier, I can see why maybe for actual gameplay why they wouldn't want to make it easy to switch, but whats the harm during testing phases?
  9. Don't consider it a game going into it. Consider it a tech/feature demo. For a great number of reasons related to development, testing, and the general fickleness of things you might experience frustration as its not what you might expect. Fun is going to be more of a happy little accident when it comes up more than something you're going to expect 100% of the time. Every time I load up, its out of curiosity or getting a small goal done, or try something out. It has a great vision and potential, but its not like you're jumping into a developed product with only a few months left to release.
  10. My only qualms are just my view on the pre-alpha and backer/tester relationship vs how it boils down. When I got into crowfall, I legitimately wanted to do testing, not early access to content to play with. Maybe its organization and someone will send me a link to exactly what I'm about to describe. I'd hoped it was going to work out something along the lines of. Developer: "Hey guys we put in some new armor and weapons, we put vendors that have every item related to equipment next to a duel ground and some training dummies. Stat resets are there, please test and write in detail about
  11. Or at the very least a 24hr authorization window so if I need to relog that day for any reason.
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