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  1. Region: NA Time Zone: UTC-3 Atmosphere : Looking for a Guild that wants mastery of the game and doesn't mind my wonky schedule. When I am on to play I want to do things. Casual/Hardcore: Hardcore. Just have a packed schedule so my uptime is limited. I compensate with efficiency (but not at the expense of everything else). Focus: I want to git gud and obtain mastery of the game. Meaning I want to understand things and combine information with experience to obtain game knowledge. Play-Style: I enjoy all melee classes. Ranged isn't really my thing, but I am always willing to expand. Faction: No preference. Game Experience: WoW, Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online, SWTOR, EVE, Runescape, Wild Star and Skyforge as far as MMOs go. Many other games from other genres on that list. Voice-Chat services: Would prefer to use anything not Discord. But I am flexible and willing to adapt to what the guild works with. Languages: English, Portuguese, German. Misc: I work in healthcare so my schedule is wonky. I have three semi-reliable days I can play per week (semi-reliably as in about 80% of the time I can guarantee my presence but emergencies do come up with a certain frequency, e.g.: 20%) Still, I don't mind dedicating all the time I have to do guild stuff and when I do have a vacation I spend most of my time playing.
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