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  1. Just wanted to update this thread they are or in the process of finishing stage 1 (Housing) and are about to soon start stage 2 (The City) of their development process.
  2. Yea I wouldn't touch that thing with a 10 foot pole. Too many red flags.
  3. ​Hey courant just popped over here to see if a thread about CoE was here and what do you know. ​To answer your question about how long an avatar's life is you should check out this design journal: http://chroniclesofelyria.com/blog/1772-DJ-16-The-Weight-and-Measure-of-a-Lifetime ​ ​It will give you a good idea, on how a person can calculate how long their like could possibly be, Caspain gives several examples. Hope that helps.
  4. I haven't been here in a while nice to see when i check my mail there is an invite into the pre-alpha waiting for me. Thx devs!
  5. 9 times out of 10 if I quit a game its because the developers did something game breaking that I know they can't recover from, or a company shows utter disregard for its community as if they are trying to commit financial suicide with the decisions they make and its clear to every player except for the company themselves.
  6. Same as you I don't have a preference as well, but the gold selling services will be real. If they want to control the supply that's fine but I haven't heard a statement about the max amount of currency that will ever be created so that it doesn't get devalued with time. I've tweeted this to them before because this game seems prime for it, but since they seem interested in using an in-game coin to pay for things in the game as a well as for an online cash shop, they really should look into using Bitshares as their backend. It has an internal exchange where everyone can keep track of the total amount of currency issued, and at the same time they can create their own currency using the mechanic for user-issued assets which could be used in the game and on their website, the code is open source. Either way it would allow AC to be in control while allowing players to run the economy in real-time.
  7. PSO>Monster Hunter>Matrix Online>SWG>Xiah>Cabal Online>TSW>PSO2
  8. Sorry just got back on the forums and saw this. If you already have the game for console stick to that since the PC version does cross-platform with the consoles. If your look for for crazy high fidelity when you play the game, then yes you should get the PC version. That would be the only reason, hope that helps.
  9. Nice to see these finally implemented. Thanks!
  10. Have to say it was definitely worth the purchase, love how there is so much to do. Any one else bought the game? What's your impressions so far? For me its definitely filling a gaming void right now, till Crowfall comes out.
  11. Yes there definitely needs to be an RSS feed I was planning to integrate that within my forums so it will be easier to keep my guild apprised of any announcements the devs make, and I wouldn't have to copy paste everything myself. Devs can you get your website guy to put this in?
  12. Oh so I wasn't supposed to download the client?
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