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  1. 200 IQ Move is to ally with an NA guild and get them to take a keep.
  2. in 5.100 the reason you didn't see many slayers was because archers could outrange them and kill them with their higher single target damage. You are basing your knowledge on having never played end-game and quite simply you are wrong.
  3. Switch to your other tray and cast spells. You'll regen essence that way on a druid.
  4. Keeps are no longer generating victory points in the current campaign.
  5. Yes, they will do a full wipe (passives, vessels and items) before launch.
  6. Can confirm, ping is not preventing PvP from being good.
  7. There will eventually be alliances (several guilds banding together) in the Dregs (Guild vs Guild) campaigns.
  8. Wilbur

    Nerf assassin

    You won't be asking for a nerf when you try PvPing with it.
  9. Clearly you've never met Makkon. Guy is a small furry loot pinata.
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