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  1. 3/10 Troll post. Should have asked for directional knockbacks and AOE armour debuffs. @CrusaderW see me after class.
  2. Agree with points 1-3. Not sure how I feel about 4. Maybe instead disable recall whilst you have items in your inventory.
  3. Remove mobile banking. Whilst you're at it, each bank should be independent, you shouldn't be able to put something in bank A and then pull it out of bank B. Make logistics difficult, make people have to RISK things when transporting them.
  4. We are sorry to announce that the planned tournament has been cancelled. It was not a decision we came to lightly, however the lack of interest from the general playerbase means that we could not run the tournament at the level that we wanted. Some of the feedback we received in the leadup was mixed and it left us in two minds about how best to proceed. The bans system was popular with some and a turnoff for others, the allowances we made with regards to gear and vessels had a similar mixed affect. We want to deliver the best possible tournament for the community, so we will defini
  5. We wanted to showcase the new possibilities with classes, I agree it would be better if they were a bit more balanced but we're getting patches daily at the moment. We can't really police anything but "All vessels/gear/buffs" are allowed due to it being in an EK and oldschool spirit banking being a thing. We'll see how the ban system plays out. I have high hopes but we're happy to change it in future tournaments if people don't like it.
  6. We are going to see how this pans out with this tournament. We did also think about promotion bans but at this early stage didn't think it would be hugely impactful unless we gave teams multiple ban slots per fight. This will be a variation we'd like to run in future tournaments. Whilst I do agree on sentiment, the practicality of ensuring everyone is on a level playing field for gear/buffs, etc is too difficult to do (EKs allow hot-banking) So without any tooling to prevent this, there isn't much we can do. Similarly we would not want the tournament to be marred by accusations of c
  7. We are happy to waive this rule for the 3v3 tournament. It was included with the 5v5 format inmind.
  8. 200 IQ Move is to ally with an NA guild and get them to take a keep.
  9. in 5.100 the reason you didn't see many slayers was because archers could outrange them and kill them with their higher single target damage. You are basing your knowledge on having never played end-game and quite simply you are wrong.
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