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  1. Those random skills sprinkled into other majors as well as the ones you mentioned above, when combined with some of the classes that made it quite high on the Vanguard tier list have fulfilled the debuffing/buffing roles very effectively. Knockdown CC effects are also very strong in the current meta.
  2. So you can see what resources you've mined/skinned/etc Otherwise you'd have to check your inventory window everytime.
  3. I mean, thats your opinion dude, we've been running exactly this type of mixed groups for at least the last two campaigns to great success. Yes, its a testing phase, not a polished game, the meta changes frequently enough with fixes/changes so that you can always be testing and figuring out what works/stacks/is crap.
  4. Check the sheet, you can clearly see that Pit Fighter is the master race. Specifically Centuar.
  5. That was such a fun intense hour. Good Fights my dudes.
  6. There appear to be issues with necromancy additives drops rates from the R10 Bosses (Kings and Chiefs). This data was gathered by 4g_BlackCanario who has diligently been farming them for the last few days and compiled by me. The Mob types killed were: Embarri Cleric Kings/Chiefs Fae Assassin Kings/Chiefs Embarri Champion Kings/Chiefs Satyr Knight Kings/Chiefs Can you please verify that this is intended as previously the chiefs would also drop legendary additives. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQuJomrxP9BnuIXRCwxPNKthPocCVvnbTGH9JEbq8myjMY9MED7G4JSjPxl9GSv-SEP5rPK1rmNzgqN/pubhtml# It is also worth noting that during this murder spree, no hammers dropped and only 3 Necromancy goggles. BlackCanario has informed me that despite us only having statistics for 17 Kings, he killed an additional 20 that didn't drop any legendary additives, unfortunately he didn't screenshot the loot for these 20 prior to us starting collection. So the actual number of Kings is 37 and 2 legendary additives dropped. If needed we can provide images of the loot drops that were compiled. Thank you.
  7. Haha, you should have heard our Comms. "So, errr, did anyone make trebs?" "Trebs?" "Errr..." "..." "Ok, has anyone got any catapults?" "..." "...I have a ballista." Eventually someone turned up with a treb or two.
  8. Champion can also double leap which is great for going coast to coast on sieges. Can also use it to enter the keep when walls are built up, etc.
  9. I just spat beer over my keyboard. Well played sir.
  10. Some Node, Python, the usual suspects. +1 for a dockerfile.
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