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  1. Try using a frontline group to clear/CC for you.
  2. Learn to dive then, this is a problem we've always had and dealt with before.
  3. Its around a quarter. This level of damage from a ranger was equivalent in 5.100, maybe less so with end-game mitigation, which factors in heavily here. I tend to agree with Oneply, the issue is AOE spam for melee. Ranged DPS in general isn't overly high, its probably near enough where it should be. The issue we are seeing at the moment is a combination of low mitigation (passives) and generally low healing output (Support power from crafted vessels) and the AOE spam damage output/CC being too high. It really doesn't take a brain surgeon to see where the changes need to made.
  4. Did you not read the part where Yumx said he'd been playing for the last three and a half years? The majority of the guild has been playing for a year or more, we are dissatisfied with the progress and how we feel its going in the wrong direction. Try reading Moneda.
  5. Lol, we have 28 people. We aren't trash though, which is probably why we're dominant.
  6. @makkon In Damage modifiers I think its "Damage Bonus, Enemy Low health"
  7. http://www.sirlin.net/ptw-book/introducingthe-scrub
  8. Additionally, you will not get the "heavy server load" data you want from trying to herd people onto a single server during certain windows at this point. Until a significant performance increase is made client-side there is no way that people will be able to take part meaningfully in the type of fights you want to test. My guild would *LOVE* and I do mean *LOVE* to take part in huge fights, but the simple fact of the matter is that even 10v10 fights turn clientside performance into a powerpoint presentation where its simply not enjoyable. If you want us to help you with this testing then you need to look a lot harder at the things that are preventing or disincentivizing us from doing so.
  9. NA only campaigns will result in you getting less data. You put up an EU campaign then you get a similar amount of data split across two server instances and you can get a relatively even way of seeing when/where your code falls down/doesn't work. I honestly don't see why you persist with this "EVERYONE LOG ON TO THE NA CAMPAIGN GUYZ" argument. The time for this was when it was on the test server, and we did that and gave you that data to make improvements. Now that you've deemed it good enough for live you can at least collect data from two separate instances, If your tooling is sub-par and doesn't allow you to collect from multiple DBs/Instances then I can recommend a few dozen people who can help you with that. Please put up both EU and NA campaigns on live, you'll end up with more data.
  10. The LMB lunge is on test and looks pretty decent.
  11. I put no points into reaping. Yet this node is fully trained.
  12. Test server (free) food vendor. Tool Tips for Orange and Green peppers don't appear, also you cannot buy these items (right click or drag).
  13. @jtoddcoleman Multiple teams working on individual feature branches and merging into a release branch has always been a thing and is part of standard development practice in every industry. What concerns me is that externally it appears that a high percentage of tests you conduct are manual and there is an insufficient test harness in place to automatically check for regressions. As we move more toward beta and you guys decide what features you want in beta candidate for the game, will a higher percentage of sprint time be put towards expanding and building out a test framework for catching lower level regressions (disciplines not working as intended, the repeated issues with druid orbs, etc)?
  14. Water Spirits still has no FX and only heals for a tiny amount when fully charged.
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