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  1. There is hungerdome which is a team based Battle Royale, however you can use your existing characters (No gear though, you start naked).
  2. Called it. What a shower of poorly made dergs.
  3. IF you get CC'ed and fail your berserker crash then you take all the damage that you mitigated during that berserk - often meaning you die. Minotaurs have Stun immunity from the front.
  4. As another known mmoer I agree. /signed
  5. What are you talking about? What isn't true and what are excuses?
  6. What are you talking about "Questionable interactions" ? They already nerfed wreckoning so that it doesn't do bleed damage.
  7. A quick demonstration of the carnage massed wreckutors can cause to an unsuspecting enemy.
  8. Wilbur


  9. I saw you rebutting with a buttload of conjecture and a complete lack of experience of playing the class. Give it a try if its so OP, you'll win ez. Or maybe you are just full of crap?
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