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  1. Champion can also double leap which is great for going coast to coast on sieges. Can also use it to enter the keep when walls are built up, etc.
  2. I just spat beer over my keyboard. Well played sir.
  3. Some Node, Python, the usual suspects. +1 for a dockerfile.
  4. Hit me up if you need a hand. I r programmer.
  5. Was a nice fight, on reflection I made several mistakes both in the setup and during the fight itself. Should have looked at our groups comp a bit harder, we had too many squishy targets. I should have pushed straight through into the fort main room and capped. By the time we moved in we had already lost around 5 or 6 of our DPS and druids, and thus our numbers advantage to take the fort itself. Cheers for the fight, I've learnt from it, catch you guys next time.
  6. For our next trick, this entire keep will disappear, right before your eyes.
  7. Sanctifier Tornadoes are hitting people out to 20 meters.
  8. Fire tornadoes are visible to the caster but not to anyone else. They also seem to go over walls.
  9. Good fight yesterday. You guys splitting our force as we ran into the throne room decided it almost before it began. Looking forward to some more gudfites this campaign 😁
  10. Yeah, an emulator. Emulators typically aren't companies trying to generate revenue and operate as successful businesses. Project 1999 crew aren't the best examples to use here either, given their history and sketchy policies/spyware usage.
  11. Hi. Interested to test this out but I'm somewhat hesitant without viewing the source. Is there any chance you could publish it on github or open-source it?
  12. Great stuff. Love me a big fight. How did melee players find targeting and applying DPS in this fight?
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