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  1. Sanctifier Tornadoes are hitting people out to 20 meters.
  2. Fire tornadoes are visible to the caster but not to anyone else. They also seem to go over walls.
  3. Good fight yesterday. You guys splitting our force as we ran into the throne room decided it almost before it began. Looking forward to some more gudfites this campaign 😁
  4. Yeah, an emulator. Emulators typically aren't companies trying to generate revenue and operate as successful businesses. Project 1999 crew aren't the best examples to use here either, given their history and sketchy policies/spyware usage.
  5. Hi. Interested to test this out but I'm somewhat hesitant without viewing the source. Is there any chance you could publish it on github or open-source it?
  6. Great stuff. Love me a big fight. How did melee players find targeting and applying DPS in this fight?
  7. Have to agree with Hithar here. In anything where there are more than 6 people in the melee scrum, the combination of 3m range, body blocking and desyncs makes playing a melee extremely difficult, especially when you are trying to focus-fire a single target. It seems more luck than anything else if you actually hit the right person, or anyone at all.
  8. I was testing UW 2 earlier. If I just do basic attack 1, wait, then basic attack 1 again, it hits multiple opponents everytime.
  9. 1-20 takes like an hour in a white vessel.
  10. Was a great fight happening when the server went down 😞
  11. Any chance you could post the source to github?
  12. Hi @Pann We may have one tonight/tomorrow at 20:45 CEST (European Summertime) if you are interested.
  13. Always! Join our discord or PM me on here to set something up 😁
  14. Hi, We'll be happy to join you next Friday night, should I PM you a list of names for access to the EK?
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