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  1. Wow. Have you ever played this game?
  2. u already posted this in https://community.crowfall.com/topic/26658-kdss-video-story/?do=findComment&comment=448361 this comment.
  3. ...Like William Wallace, will you be demanding that Braveheart is hung, drawn and quartered for this cringy effort?
  4. Can you please stop this cancerous side-scrolling posting please, its so annoying.
  5. Anti-Zerg mechanics have been discussed for Guild vs Guild, such as limiting the rewards and therefore resulting in a reason to limit your numbers, however in faction vs faction its simply to easy to stack an opposing faction with sockpuppets and gamify the ruleset. We need to wait and see what ACE decide to do.
  6. I can see what he's getting at, however the problem is there is no good way to balance by numbers, its way to easy for a smart opponent to gamify. If you don't accept that things will be unfair then you simple do not really understand the nature of sandbox MMOs.
  7. So, I can speak from personal experience here that your assertion is simply incorrect. A few campaigns ago on the EU server, Vanguard were consistently outnumbered, this forced us to do a few things in order to become competitive and win campaigns: Make Allies - we made friends with guilds who could fight with us, this reduced the oppositions numerical advantage. Employ a strategy that would nullify our opponents numerical advantage - Take fights we knew we could win(despite being outnumbered), harass and win points when we knew they could not contest, last-capping forts, circle-standing outposts, etc. Work on our tactics and synergy - Make yourself more militarily effective. Reduce our oppositions number - We recruited some of their members. We had a lot of fun, it made us *more* competitive and in the end, we are a much more solid guild for doing it. Being outnumbered or outgunned can be frustrating for some and seen as a challenge for others, what is important is having the mentality and the foresight to improve and work the situation to your advantage. Relying on game-devs to do that for you cheapens the experience in my opinion.
  8. Yeah, this happened to me last night.
  9. @KDSProm any chance you'll be open-sourcing the GMS?
  10. This is pretty dumb, Crowfall isn't a MOBA so why try and treat it as such? Ways to win a sandbox MMO: Get more friends. Camp your opposition. Economically starve your opposition. Infiltrate your opposition. Bore your opponent to death/quitting (See the Fabian strategy as is currently being employed on the EU server). These have been firmly established tactics for the last 15 or so years in sandboxes, so why try and redefine what that is?
  11. The Idea is that can't slot all of the abilities, it forces you to make certain choices and concessions with your builds. In the next patch all passives will automatically be applied.
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