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  1. Another video where you are macro'ing your button spam and now I see a timed retal/pulverize macro. You really are custard shameless aren't you?
  2. https://winterblades.net/crafting-combinations/
  3. The Hunger is not visible on the top floor of the castle, you can neither see the line on the floor or the shader on the very top floor "attic" room.
  4. Why does EU still have its own campaign when we've repeatedly asked for a combined campaign with multiple windows?
  5. As I discussed this with you yesterday, skilled gameplay and coordinated groups meant people could punch up far more effectively in the single target era of the game than is currently possible. Uncapped AoE would require all AoE skills to have massive cooldowns and very few AoE DOTs for it not to be horrendous. I personally think this game took a turn for the worst when they gave every single class access to a load of AoE skills. This would only serve to lower the skill floor even further. As was evidenced with the recent wreckoning bomb experiment, coordinated gameplay can smash lar
  6. Massive plus one on this. Bandaging in combat currently gives people 4K health (max bandage, obv) There should be some form of trade off for this.
  7. It doesn't scale with bleed bonus. Bug. Edit: The skull and the badge don't stack bleed damage bonus 😞
  8. Don't think anyone really opposed a gear drop system, what they opposed was a gear drop system based purely on unmitigatable RNG when the time investment for crafted gear is so huge.
  9. I'm sure it will be re-added once the crafting system isn't as stupidly complicated or a time-sink.
  10. I've played Eve for many years, does that count?
  11. When you say we, are you referring to the voices in your head?
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