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  1. This is the size of my Crowfall client (happens for both Live and Test). Dunno how it happens, sometimes it goes away. This time it's not, I've tried restarting, repairing, uninstalling + reinstalling. It won't go away. Are there files hidden somewhere on my computer giving it stupid values to open in? Also I can actually hear the menu music that plays when it finishes opening, so it has finished launching. EDIT: Had to delete the Settings.cfg and UserInterface.cfg to fix it.
  2. I'm just gonna keep tellin y'all that the excess exp that trickles over from a level up is lost. Nothing quite like only needing 5 exp to get to the next level and that the next thing that gives you exp better be hella weak so as to feel you aren't WASTING that juicy exp.
  3. Just wanted to say this has been a really interesting read, and I've learned a lot from this. As an inexperienced player, I have to agree with @Deioth's points on the new player experience. It's been great reading the responses from the more veteran players, to know that passive training and high quality gear isn't as crucial as it may seem at first. The real problem here, that should be reiterated, is that to the new player it DOES seem crucial. Thinking about this in the long term, one could argue that these problems could be ironed out with knowledge stemming from a more soli
  4. A part of me is thinking it would be cool to have racial cosmetic skins which would make a race appear different (Like a Guinecean as a Mouse, or a Elken as a Moose), maybe to some extent that would be cool. What I'm REALLY hoping for is unlockable races. Ever since they hinted at the fact that War Tribe races could be "recruited" or "allied", my immediate thought was: "omg, we could harvest their body parts, and craft them into playable vessels" (a dark thought, yes I know). I pray to the true gods ery day that this or something like this can happen.
  5. UI bug. Only happens once each time you restart client. Only on Test Client. Steps to repro: https://imgur.com/a/r0bYR7K
  6. Minor so far, but it still bothers me that excess xp from sacrificing items is lost, after a level. ex. I need 500xp to level, I sacrifice a couple items that give me around 600xp getting me to the next level with 0xp left over. Instead of getting me to the next level with 100xp from excess/remaining xp. The remaining xp should be put towards the following level not lost completely.
  7. Sorry if this is a repeat question. I've been trying to figure out when the Race and Class; Primary and secondary skill tracks will appear. Currently I don't see them. would be cool if they were there and just grayed out to show they are unavailable. I can't tell if it's bugged for me or if I need to unlock them somehow.
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