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    MrMugglez got a reaction from Kraahk in Meaningful Development   
    This is the size of my Crowfall client (happens for both Live and Test). Dunno how it happens, sometimes it goes away. This time it's not, I've tried restarting, repairing, uninstalling + reinstalling. It won't go away. Are there files hidden somewhere on my computer giving it stupid values to open in?
    Also I can actually hear the menu music that plays when it finishes opening, so it has finished launching.

    EDIT: Had to delete the Settings.cfg and UserInterface.cfg to fix it.
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    MrMugglez got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Meaningful Development   
    This is the size of my Crowfall client (happens for both Live and Test). Dunno how it happens, sometimes it goes away. This time it's not, I've tried restarting, repairing, uninstalling + reinstalling. It won't go away. Are there files hidden somewhere on my computer giving it stupid values to open in?
    Also I can actually hear the menu music that plays when it finishes opening, so it has finished launching.

    EDIT: Had to delete the Settings.cfg and UserInterface.cfg to fix it.
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    MrMugglez reacted to APE in Meaningful Development   
    AFAIK they don't offer refunds unlike Camelot Unchained. No clue where they pulled Dec 2016 from or what exactly they planned to have finished by then. Might have been discussed at some point but I can't remember anything. I never believed they'd have a completed game that quickly, but I am somewhat surprised we are so far from launch several years in. You can try to get a refund by contacting support or if you have a package of value, try selling it to the Trusted Traders. Lesson learned, Kickstarted projects and crowdfunding in general do not guarantee a whole lot, if you cant' wait it out or afford it, don't bother as it will only frustrate you. 
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    MrMugglez got a reaction from ACE_FancyHats in 5.100 LIVE Bug Reports for 9/4/2019   
    I'm just gonna keep tellin y'all that the excess exp that trickles over from a level up is lost. Nothing quite like only needing 5 exp to get to the next level and that the next thing that gives you exp better be hella weak so as to feel you aren't WASTING that juicy exp.
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    MrMugglez reacted to KatzeWeiss in The New Guild Experience - The Passive and Crafting Problem   
    I agree with this 100%, when the crafting system was recently tweaked so that common quality was more difficult to experiment on and legendary easier it skewed the lower tier materials into worthlessness. Add onto that change that a new crafter or harvester is going to have little to no training and the end product of your labor is going to feel like a lot of wasted time. I reported this in the feedback thread before it even hit the live server but since most of the people involved in the conversation had their training maxed already it barely even got a second glance.
    There are three main issues working together to make this situation bad:
    1. While I do appreciate the addition of item drops such as armor and weapons for lessening the stress of crafting, it also completely negates the value of anything crafted at lesser quality levels or training. Common quality crafted gear should be at least as good as the vast majority of item drops.
    2. The experimentation difficulty on the lower tiers ends up giving less than competitive results. The quoted "30% difference between lowest and highest tier crafted gear" was made using a fully trained and probably geared crafter. Anyone less than fully kitted out for their chosen crafting specialization is going to have depressing results trying to work with low tier mats. And if new crafters can't use the piles of common and uncommon materials then who is that mass of resources intended for?
    3. The passive training system is a huge turn off for anyone that wants to primarily be craft or harvest focused. For a guild like Eldritch that doesn't even have any members max passive trained the two problems above contribute to crafting results that are enough to make people give up the game. This isn't posturing from someone threatening to take their ball and leave this is something that actually happened, and it isn't the first time.
    I think the best solution is to either rework or remove the passive training requirements from craft focused play, there is already a huge grind getting the crafting vessels and gear online without the need to time gate a new guilds ability to even participate.
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    MrMugglez reacted to Deioth in The New Guild Experience - The Passive and Crafting Problem   
    Eldritch has come into 5.100 in a very unique position. All of us are effectively brand new players (despite some having dabbled in previous versions, our passive trees still had very little in them). This gives us a perspective the veteran players and guilds simply don't have and that, we believe, ACE lacks serious data on. As fun as it has been, despite all the trouble and issues (and pushing Order because come at us bro get rekt), we've been privvy to an experience that absolutely MUST be addressed and quickly (i.e., before Beta at latest).
    It's certainly one thing that we're new. We have a lot to learn. We don't know the best way to build specs or the best disciplines, but we're learning. We don't have the best comps, but that's just how it goes being this new and small. We don't know every in and out of crafting and harvesting, but we're learning. There are a lot of balance issues in general and since we lack any possibility of useful crafted gear any time soon it's also quite telling how all of this together can reveal just how lopsided fights are against well geared guilds and well built players. All of this is something we expected and something we are content to tolerate. What we did not expect and cannot tolerate is what the passive training tree and crafting system generally has resulted in. Granted, in pre-alpha we can't expect an economy (especially on a faction where we've become half the population of as a guild of, what, not even 12 active players?), and maybe on release it won't be quite so bad. However, that does not change the fact that our experience as a new guild has revealed some serious flaws with Crowfall's current design.
    There are some real problems with how the crafting system currently works in general. There's a pointlessness to crafting anything but blue and better gear. There's also a pointlessness to crafting anything without being near or at max crafting skill and experimentation points. This means we can't feasibly create any kind of intermediate gear to help us compare to those already kitted out in blues and better. But, that isn't the worst of it. The worst of it is the passive training tree itself. This tree alone has already pushed away three or four recruits from even bothering playing the game. One in particular dove in expecting to be able to become a great crafter, right up until she discovered the passive tree and how it works. She hasn't logged in since, neither Crowfall or our guild Discord. Another, realizing just how long it would take to catch up in any meaningful way with gear, has likewise stopped playing after about three days.  All of this, if the systems remain in place as they stand today upon release, will guaranteed push away many players and risk killing this game before it even begins.
    A catch-up mechanic will not fix this. The problem is inherent in the current design of the crafting system in general requiring the crafting equippables, all the additives, and thousands of Dust to kit out a single person (therefor you screw yourself by crafting without crafting maxed and at least blue mats/additives), as well as the time gating of the passive training itself. I'm sure we all know and understand the purpose and intent of the passive training system, but in its current iteration it simply does not work whatsoever. There is also the issue of veteran players simply being able to fill out everything given enough time, thus killing any real hope of specialization in roles (combat/harvest/craft).
    After some discussion, we've come up with a few ideas for changes that we feel need to happen.
    Simply Add Active Training.
    This will help, but only to a point. This game's very nature doesn't lend itself well to the “craft 1,000 daggers” approach like WoW or Skyrim et al. Still, an active training aspect is absolutely crucial to ensure players don't feel entirely locked behind a time gate, allowing those that play consistently to build up their crow skills. The basic idea is, so long as you're engaged in an activity related to the tree you're training in, you'll gain points faster.
    Add Skill Levels and Limit How Many Can Be “Mastered”
    This will help with the specialization, but one issue will be that if new players think they want to go one way and decide they do not like it we'll need some kind of respec mechanic. This would certainly give gold a good sink. You would have so many levels you can train, maybe you can train everything up to “Journeyman” which might be, say, level 3 of 10, which means you'd only be so far into each main tree. Meanwhile, the 10th level of “Master” maybe you can only pick two, and only pick 4 for the maybe 6th level. And yet, a lot of players may like having lots of characters for lots of builds and situations, or like harvesting and crafting a lot and what to engage with all of it. If someone wants to give it the time, they certainly shouldn't feel like they're being pigeonholed. That brings us to idea #3.
    Give Vessels Their Own Passive Skill Tree
    Nobody should feel pigeonholed. Plenty of players like having alts. Certainly, no one should be able to master everything, but mixing in the vessel itself into the equation will allow people to stretch out in a few ways, such that only those that truly focus on specializing will completely fill out certain trees. So, you might hold out on Journeyman level--to use the above example--on your Crow, but each Vessel might still be able to choose one Master of their own so long as your Crow hits a certain level of that skill. But, to truly specialize, you would need to Crow and Vessel Master on the same skill tree, or some equivalent.
    With these ideas together, we think we have a solid recommendation to try testing with:
    First, determine a maximum pool of Skill Training Points. Players will still have their passive training, but now every single action generates a usable active point. PVP, point capture, harvesting, crafting, war tribes, all of these activities provide a certain amount of actively generated points. Players then allocate as they see fit on the Crow tree or the Vessel tree. Eventually, a player will hit the maximum points on their Crow, at which point a certain amount can still be actively trained on a per vessel basis. So, lets say (for sake of example) you can gain a total of 6 million points on your crow, while a vessel can train up an additional 2 million. This will do a few things: Players can actively play and get better/stronger at whatever they want to simply by playing, players can specialize without being able to get everything, and players will have some wiggle room to split off and enjoy alts without severely pigeonholing themselves (so even a crafter heavy crow, for example, can still have a good combat character, they just won't Master any Combat skills). This could work where you can only Vessel train from however far the Crow has, and adding points to the Crow for the same nodes would free up those points from the Vessel. Players won't be able to pace through a single tree any faster than anyone else, either, with this because you would pull from a single point pool; you'd merely be choosing Crow or Vessel to allocate to. With this introduced, and having an extra however many points that can be Vessel-specific, we could see the re-introduction of the Race tree allowing players to fill out minor buffs for each race like increased stat caps and minor general craft and harvest buffs (or, at least each race group, so Human, Elf, Monster, Stoneborn, Guinecean)
    Second, greatly expand and refine the skill trees as they exist now. Harvesting as it exists currently feels pretty good with respect to specialization so it doesn't feel like there's much to do to enhance this. The parts that could use some expanding is Combat with a near total overhaul applied to Crafting. Combat should be split up a bit and restructured a bit, having the Weaponry and Armor branches as they stand now, but making some changes as specified further below. Crafting needs to be restructured almost entirely and have new branches added in as detailed below.
    For Combat, simply tweaking and fleshing out more options will be sufficient, but overall it's adequate as is. Consider introducing three new trees that require Armor and Weapons maxed to reach. These would be named along the lines something like Warrior, Specialist, and Medic. These would provide passives dedicated to benefiting DPS specs, tank/CC utility specs, and healing specs respectfully. For Weapons, consider swapping things around, you choose One Handed Combat, Two Handed Combat, Melee Mastery, or Ranged Mastery along with an additional three Mastery trees: Organic Mastery, Physical Mastery, and Elemental Mastery. I feel like this might split things a bit better but that's just a whatever. This isn't anywhere necessary we don't think, but it would be nice to see this expanded, especially if the point cap and vessel points are introduced so players can better specialize.
    Now, the part that needs the absolute most work of all: Crafting. The overhaul here isn't just going to be the passive tree, either. This also will need to include some real tweaks on material requirements and other costs based on the rarity tier being worked, if additives are being used or not, and to also ensure that every level of commonality (except maybe white?) is valuable to craft with for gear. First, you should need to unlock access to make items of a certain grade, requiring a certain amount of the tree unlocked to reach each level (e.g. you can't craft with Blue materials/components until you unlock that node). This will give players good milestones to reach and make sure newer crafters know their limits. Second, crafter gear (like necromancer goggles) should also require hitting a certain crafting level in that crafting tree. This will help make master crafters stand out, but with things balanced out so non-masters can still contribute useful stuff. Third, dust and ember costs need to be offloaded more towards utilizing those items so that players can make good use of lesser quality ingredients without using up nearly as much dust/ember resource so they can still make decent gear. As it is now, even if you didn't need to be a master to make great gear, you're only hurting yourself crafting greens/whites because of the amount of dust needed, or without additives because the benefits are too good. Green grade non-additive gear should still have value to make and not be too expensive for mat/dust requirements since as things stand now there is no “stepping stone” intermediate gear anywhere comparable to even master crafted blue and that makes gear disparity problems even worse. Fourth, experimentation points should be frontloaded on the tree so you get more experimentation early to help with crafting decent lower grade gear, while further mastering crafts improve your risky experimentation to max out high grade gear. Fifth, requiring hitting the final Mastery node of any appropriate craft should unlock additional specialist crafting trees: Component Mastery, Weapon Mastery, Armor Mastery, Tinkerer (experimentation and crafter gear focus), and Taskmaster (Thrall focus for when Thralls are ready to go).
    Hopefully, this assessment will be taken to heart, and a serious overhaul of these systems will be worked on. No one should feel pigeonholed, no one should require master crafting or days of dust/ember grinding to get reasonably competitive gear, and no one should be time gated from feeling useful or doing what they want to do.
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    MrMugglez reacted to Deioth in The New Guild Experience - The Passive and Crafting Problem   
    Irrelevant.  The point is, she couldn't actively work to become one.  It's entirely time gated.  And the game's current iteration effectively punishes you for crafting without significant passive investment given resource costs.  Had she been able to work within a reasonable amount of time to become an effective crafter, she'd still be playing, but with that having been her biggest interest the game's very design pushed her away.  Imagine how much worse it will be for players like that when passive training is set to the much slower pace they intend for release?
    No, that is not active whatsoever.  There also is effectively no economy to speak of because the population is too small for that, and new players are flat out NOT going to be able to amass thousands of dust or dozens of embers to trade to established crafters for the good stuff (and no crafter is going to waste good mats on lesser gear to trade for gold, either).  We're fortunate we were able to find some Foreman discs for sale or we'd only just now three campaigns later maybe be gathering minerals from motherloads, and we're fortunate Spectre Legion has been sitting on Order with near maxed Necromancy to make GOOD vessels or we'd have spent a ton of mats on barely better than white vessels because three campaigns in and I'm not even 50% Necromancy.  Those facts aren't proof of the system working, those facts are proof the system is failing, because without those things we'd still have nothing and be nowhere.  The current iteration of purely passive training, requiring tons of rare mats, and needing to be maxed out in crafting to actually make proper use of said mats is simply not good design.  There are no stepping stone intermediate levels that can be feasibly or adequately reached as a new guild and as new players that would prove a clear upgrade over mob drops and allow us some potential to compete against more established players and even if there was the game lacks a means of actually getting there other than sitting on our hands for weeks on end waiting for the game decide we can.  That needs to change and quickly.
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    MrMugglez reacted to Deioth in The New Guild Experience - The Passive and Crafting Problem   
    All true, but this does not compensate for not being near maxed crafting.  These also do nothing for the other inherent problems I detailed.  The passive tree has actively pushed new players away from the game.  An active system, even a mild one (that would be balanced to be only somewhat faster than passive training alone), would go a long way there.  If on retail it would take, say, 6 months to 100% Crafting Basics and one entire crafting tree, the active training would reduce it to maybe 5 months with dedicated play (a few hours per day average), meaning all active generated points are going into that craft's skill tree. 
    Your list also does nothing with regards to the issue of material costs themselves.  Perhaps part of that is a result of the pre alpha training speeds because to make anything now is a bad idea given material costs (we'd only effectively double and more on dust costs and the few blue vessels we have now were well over 700 dust each and weapons/armor are similarly expensive; that is a lot of mat grinding).  But, keeping in mind the pre alpha training speed is also the sole reason we're able to harvest at any adequate rate in the first place!
    I should be max Necromancy sans thralls by the beginning of October so that's about two months total.  That isn't terrible given the game's current state, but the passive training time gate itself is still a turn off.  No brand new player could ever hope to catch up to veterans on EVE, and if they are a craft minded player then they effectively have no reason to play the game for months at a time (it's a real problem for EVE with new player retention).  Crowfall is at great risk of experiencing this exact same problem and catch up mechanics simply won't be enough.  Eldritch, as a new guild, is a prime example of this problem happening right now.
    Again, there is no economy right now of any meaningful sort.  This certainly causes an issue and much of that is the prealpha state and the low player pop which makes it hard to accurately critique the whole experience.  However, you seem to be taking this entire post as one guy ranting about having a bad time soloing.  This has been a guild experience.  This post reflects our concerns, problems, frustrations, and feedback as a guild.  You also seem to be misrepresenting the suggestions given flat out.  We're not asking for no-life grinding.  We're asking that the time gated passive tree be supplemented so players, especially those only really interested in crafting, have something to actively work towards.  As things stand currently, there really isn't.  You already have to grind your head off for mats and for chief/king craft books and craft equipment drops.  An active training to supplement the passive tree would be a huge boon to player retention.  And then, beyond that, we strongly believe there needs to be tweaking done to mat costs and how the crafting trees line up so that green and intermediate levels of gear can be crafted that is better than camp drops without needing additives, craft equipment, (near) maxed crafting, and mountains of dust.  The lack of any meaningful, feasible, and accessible way to kit out our guild in some stop-gap gear (especially when considering import/export restrictions and durability loss) to help us be some level of competitive against established players and guilds has further contributed to our reasoning behind this post and our feedback.
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    MrMugglez reacted to vkromas in The New Guild Experience - The Passive and Crafting Problem   
    Hello! Someone gave me a heads up about this thread and I thought it would be a good idea to pop in here and say a few things. The absolute first of which is that, even though Crowfall is currently a live product, it is in no way, shape, or form, completed. I've mentioned this before a few times, but one of the unique attributes of working on a live game is the ability to iterate after a few play cycles.  
    I'm going to use our skill trees as an actual example of this iteration cycle to hopefully paint a bigger picture of how the iteration process on a live product can work. Up until a few cycles ago our talent trees didn't exist and everything was tied to a skill tree, and those trees were really in-depth. After some observation, play testing, and brainstorming, the vessel talent trees were drafted up and added as a way to add a bit more customization without passive training. 
    We have a lot of talks internally about our current systems and how they are affected by learning curves and guild dynamics. We have a laundry list of items we'd like to adjust over time, and adjustments to the crafting system and the general economy are just some of the key items we're always discussing. While I can't say "yay" or "nay" to any suggestions mentioned here, or in other threads, what I can say is that constructive feedback is always welcome and appreciated. Threads like these are always great because it gets a dialog going between community members, and sometimes, developers.  
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    MrMugglez reacted to miraluna in Will there be more races/Classes?   
    This would be a cool idea for a progression reward in the future. Something like you have to accumulate enough Campaign points or meet certain in-game goals and then you are able to make an Aracroix character.
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    MrMugglez reacted to Kraahk in Will there be more races/Classes?   
    I am still all in for the Hamstaur:
    Since the two other suggestions I made in this old thread (bard and pigmen) already came true, I will allow myself to be quite optimistic.
    I have no doubt that we will see several new races and classes and combinations in the time after launch. I believe to remember them mentioning (in the dark ages) that one idea to make VIP more interesting may be to unlock new classes a months earlier than for the plebs. 
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    MrMugglez reacted to Ajokoira in Will there be more races/Classes?   
    Obviously because I find them redundant and I don't like them. It's my opinion and I am sure yours is different I am equally sure it won't matter to me, so we can skip it this time.
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    MrMugglez reacted to Jah in Will there be more races/Classes?   
    Why get rid of races that have already been created?
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    MrMugglez reacted to Ajokoira in Will there be more races/Classes?   
    I like this idea. Doing away with the extra human race and one of the Elf races to bring in literally any of the races OP suggests would be really cool.
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    MrMugglez reacted to Marth in Will there be more races/Classes?   
    let hamsters ride centaurs before new classes.
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    MrMugglez got a reaction from ACE_FancyHats in 5.100 LIVE Bug Reports for 9/4/2019   
    UI bug. Only happens once each time you restart client. Only on Test Client.

    Steps to repro:
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    MrMugglez reacted to Soulreaver in 5.100 LIVE Bug Reports for 8/27/19 and 8/29/19   
    Ranged Hitbox
    Melee can hit their target from 3m range.  Ok, gotcha.
    Ranged can hit their target in a 6m hitbox from 60+ m?!!?

    Once more : In a game where targeting matters, this is just out of control.


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    MrMugglez reacted to Bzra in 5.100 LIVE Bug Reports for 8/27/19 and 8/29/19   
    The random lag spikes are intense this patch. It makes soloing these outposts a little harder. For real though, I feel like my frames are good but my random SPKs are crazy!

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    MrMugglez got a reaction from JamesGoblin in 5.8.5 Snap Test Feedback and Bug reports for 3/15/19   
    This is my understanding of this (and this might be something in the works but) 

    Shouldn't Sprint Efficiency be +.75 not -.75
    Also I feel like if I am losing any stats even if there isn't a change they should appear (I'm losing 750 health, but it isn't telling me that).

    Is it intended that all exp that goes over the needed exp to level up, from sacrificing, gets lost? 
    and the sacrificing window automatically closes? (which is annoying at the moment since you would need to close and open multiple time since you need to calculate your exp correctly so you aren't losing any)
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    MrMugglez reacted to jtoddcoleman in Faction war and faction choice vs new player.   
    great thread, and btw, your overall critique/problem has been on the top of my mind for a while now.  it's an interesting wrinkle that comes from the nature of a dynamic world where the passage of time and the actions of the players dramatically change the game universe.  it raises the obvious-on-reflection question: what happens when those two things conspire to make a game is that absolutely un-friendly to new players?
    I have a solution for it, and in fact we intended to talk about it yesterday in the live stream (before I got sick)... so we'll schedule another time to talk about it as soon as possible.
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    MrMugglez reacted to VaMei in How do Sieges work?   
    1st, you've got to get through or around the walls; Siege engines to make holes in walls or Fae/Guinies/Wood Elves to go over/under/through the walls. Then you need to deal with the guards, and they hit much harder than they used to. After that, you have to kill the tree, and it has much more life than before.
    Theoretically, I suppose a well built, geared, & executed 5 man team could do it if they were completely unopposed by players. In practice, I don't think a keep has fallen since 5.8.1. Lag has been a big part of that, but it's not as easy to take a keep as it was in 5.8.
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