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  1. Well, since my original introduction thread is still on the first page......I'm back in it to win it. Looking forward to Dregs...just got to find that special guild, or a guild that will take "special" people.
  2. I just wanted to say last night's after siege Chaos Keep activities made for a fun evening. Clams kicked off the fun, then HOA and a few Winterblades came by to join in the mini siege. When the crowds died down, we had some fun organized group duels. Staff and crew even came by to get in on it. Good game all. Some of the best times come after siege, so if you can manage, don't be so quick to log off, no matter how they go.
  3. I'm in the majority 35-39....for another 7 months at least, then my vessel gets upgraded......or downgraded. Time will tell.
  4. Because that's what the topic is about, my slanderous, baseless, smear campaign against Balance. You Sea Lion like a pro.
  5. The witch hunt was referring to who said what. I'm not going to say who said what. The evolving story was between people who were actually at the Order keep, from BOTH factions, so they did know what they were talking about. It's all out there if you are that curious about it. Start digging through the Twitch VODs. Nobody is accusing anyone, what I stated was fact. Call it lying, misrepresenting the truth, not giving the full story, or whatever you want to term it as. Go ahead and get insulted where there is no insult. Yes, I will say with utmost specificity, that IF you, Jah, are knowingly withholding bugs and exploits for the express purpose of taking advantage of those bugs and exploits without submitting them to the Crowfall Developers, you are being toxic and selfish. Replace your name with anyone on the planet and it still holds true IN MY OPINION.
  6. It was a combination of conversations going on in various communications channels, to include Discord and Twitch. There was one explanation of what happened that was the complete opposite of what was observed by a spy. The story evolved from there were no walls, to there was a hole, to the hole was filled by "someone" in Order. If that someone just HAPPENED to be some random order guy that just HAPPENED to see a hole in the wall a few minutes before siege and had the foresight to fix it, then all apologies. I have no screenshots of those conversations, and honestly, if I did, I wouldn't post them, because it's not worth calling out individuals by name in a public space. I'm not trying to start a witch hunt here, I'm just trying to say there is no point in trying to hide these types of issues. If you disagree with the need for transparency, I'd like to hear what you think there is to gain by keeping glaring holes in the game design to yourselves. That really is the most important part of all of this. Discover and test bugs, exploits, or even things that you think should be improved on. Whether they break the rules, bend the rules, or would just make an imbalance. Just be transparent about it to the devs. If things are being reported to the devs without being put on blast on the forums, that's understandable too. In the end, leave it in the devs hands. If they call it a "feature" or say there isn't anything they want to do about it, then that's that.
  7. Getting into Order's keep through a hole in the wall prior to siege, then logging in an alt account on order to fix the hole in the wall so Balance can down the keep the second the siege start is not playing brutally with the intent of smashing opponents. It's one of the grey area items. If that calls out a flaw in the game design that's great, but what I don't understand is that when you guys get called out for doing something like that, you straight up lie about it and say you didn't, or that it didn't happen like that. Nobody cares that something gets taken advantage of for the sake of getting it fixed, but lying about it stinks of trying to cover it up or keep it secret to be taken advantage of at a later time. If that were the case, its 100% toxic, selfish behavior.
  8. The main point is not a problem at all. Just the cold hard fact that balance has the most powerful, experienced, organized guilds working together. There isn't anything wrong with that, but it's also somewhat insurmountable right now. Before you say, "try harder", there isn't a simplistic counterbalance to that. We've obviously been trying a variety of things to even compete. Maybe the answer shows itself this campaign, maybe it doesn't, but despite what it may look like, we are trying. Now, if trying hard is standing in circles at 4AM, then that is just effort I (and likely others regardless of faction) don't have the luxury of doing thanks to IRL obligations to jobs and families (if only I were in my early 20's again :P) A tertiary "problem" is something that needs to be discussed in a way that isn't accusatory, finger-pointing, etc. Some of the tactics on display in recent campaigns skirt the gray areas of the way the game should be played. I won't stand here and tell people how the game should be played as one little potato sees it, but I think we can all agree to the general concept of what we guess the developers intentions are for the systems within the game. Yes, there are bugs, and yes, its a good thing to expose those bugs or get the developers to see something they didn't anticipate, but the "anything goes" mindset of a pre-alpha game gets a little frustrating.
  9. Another campaign with the same 'ol stuff. Getting less and less fun by the day. Game is frustrating.
  10. I like Elken for the charge (need as much help in the gap closing department as we can get) and Shadow Sight.
  11. I was pleasantly surprised by Runecaster last night during siege (the after siege battles). The ability that gives you and your allies a 20% increase to all of your armor bonuses felt pretty significant in the middle of the mass of bodies.
  12. A little dull on the Order side, but the afterparty was great!
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