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  1. So I have been thinking on how to improve the campaign a bit mostly because of how i dislike how sieges are run and it bugs me ever so slightly. so i though up a way to improve and add a bit more complexity to the campaign system through supply lines. it makes it more challenging to take over farther locations and brings more strategy to PVP then "ZERG RUSH" Add supply lines between outposts, forts, keeps, and rune gates. These supply lines mean that you can capture any outpost, fort or keep that is connected to it. if you are not connected to a supply line you can't capture any of the locations, for strategy it adds being apple to have smaller groups work against large groups of fort captures, instead of head on trying to kill them, you can cut their supply line and they wont be able to take the fort for themselves, they can still Neutral it just not capture for their faction. This adds more strategy as you have to either add guards to the outposts or have a small group to defend them instead of running around in a big ball to take the fort. For fort sieges it makes people prepare before hand with something to do instead of standing in a corner waiting for the time. It becomes a game of capture the outposts to break the supply lines around the fort. Defenders need to hold all the outposts around the fort and the fort can be taken by another group while the siege happens. while attackers will try to get a few supply routes to the fort so they cant be immediately captured. A change to the Siege would be to remove the bane trees entirely from the siege system and have attackers be able to capture the nearby forts in the siege zone. Attackers can't capture the Keep unless they own a fort in the zone which adds more layers to the siege instead of how it is currently. Trebs>wall>run>tree>break>apple. It is harder in practice, but that is the order. This change would also add something for the newer players to do which is outpost capturing to break supply lines or build them while experienced players try to break through. They are still 100% participating and can cause the opposing faction to lose their chance to plant an apple even if they kill the tree. (to be fair i don't like being without a keep and being in order i have had days without it and it sucks) Also being able to fight for the keep the entire hour would be more fun instead of ending when the keep changes faction. Being able to take it back would make defenders fight harder because the thrall bonus and the only place not in an EK that has a jewel crafting station is important. Lastly supply lines can be add a controlled territory bonus for harvesting. If you are inside your faction territory you get +5 damage to trees/rocks/ores/corpses/graves. It doesn't make it to broken to add and makes it a little more worth to harvest in faction territory. If you want to add supply and unsupplied territory bonuses it can be. +5 unsupplied and +10 supplied. these are my thoughts on the idea. Most of this comes from the kickstarter idea that they got the concept of the game from Risk. This adds more of the territory element to the game and makes it more worth to full capture areas not just for points. please add more to this idea. I would like to see it added to the game
  2. I play as a conqueror and something that is pretty obvious is that the debuff for conqueror on enemies shows up as a white square. and I was wondering if there was supposed to be a symbol there or if it hasn't been implemented or just glitched and doesn't show. if it can added or fixed that would be sweet.
  3. If i could add one thing on this for now. I would like to be able to sell parcels i have made to other players. not the ones given to me through payment. but the ones i have crafted. They cannot be sold and what is the point if they can't be sold or traded.
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