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  1. I'd be interested to know their plans for sizing bourbon barrels assuming they go the route of alcohol in the game. A part of me subscribes to the thought that your whiskey barrel need simply adhere to the ASB™ (American Standard Barrel). But then we're talking about a fantasy setting so how will they justify the dimensions based upon a real life country's standard? Sure you could go Butt, Quarter Cask or Standard Hogshead (nice fantasy ring to it I might add!) but then that begs the question are you settling for smaller in game aesthetics. Jeebs I need a drink to process this.
  2. Now the Everquest theme is stuck in my head as I stare at Firiona Vie and watch my dial up struggle.
  3. What did Valkyn the Ancient say to the 1st man on the moon? /Kneel Armstrong! Is that the exi - right I'll see myself out.
  4. Two questions: Will one Advanced player be able to kill 10 Beginners at once? Will there ever be a scenario where a player can one-shot kill another?
  5. And my Final Fantasy Tactics obsession was just triggered/enabled. Shame on you.
  6. Oh...there's two hearts. Of course! *squints* *Puffs pipe* *Gandalf stare*
  7. Mostly any Guineceans I come across.
  8. Trying to come up with something witty here to type so I can stare at my badge. - Oh Great, I post right after a Rubyian Overlord.
  9. Age of Conan brought us the Bear Shaman. Melee. AoE heals on hit. Crowd buffs. Masters of the two handed-mace. I'd tap dance for something similar, even asked if melee support functionality was planned in their reddit AMA and they said it was. No details yet though.
  10. Makes this all the more interesting now that the Todd has confirmed you can flip flop. Who's going to be our first famous Kingslayer?
  11. As soon as they enter the valley blow the war horns and get out of there. Seal off the exits. These Tremors are hungry.
  12. The tournament. Ahh. I can hear the cogs of all the machinery in the e-peen stretching factories beginning to turn.
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