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  1. Since the game is going further and further away from my personal expectations, here are some personal (but hopefully constructive) feedback and suggestions. So at least I can say I tried, before leaving the game. At the moment the economy becomes more and more meaningful, but the impact of PvP decreases further. Many people are grinding for hours, if not days and weeks, in infected (which needs to be disabled too, just get all the good stuff in campaign only!) to get ready for combat. Just to find out bigger guilds got presents like the current rewards, which enable them to craft on a hi
  2. Last time i looked at the campaign rewards I saw that its now more divided by the final score, which is pretty nice. Now that i took another look, some of the rewards were revealed in detail... and it is ridiculous! To get crafting disciplines by crafting is painful and no fun. Now some guilds will be rewarded with legendary crafting disciplines (even necromancer!) in the end (after combining the rewards of all guild members + alt accounts). So the guilds who are strong (by numbers) will have an faster approach on getting these disciplines by harvesting and crafting and are more likely to get
  3. even with the sun character i can´t go through...well lets just give some players an even bigger heads up. Why not remove the gates until it works?
  4. Bear with me, when I´m taking a slight detour comparing some other games with cf here. But it’s necessary for my argumentation. First off I played EVE for quite some time. I loved it! It’s extremely deep and a player has countless options. CCP Games had some very intelligent solutions regarding long term progress, while still giving every single player (new ones and veterans) opportunities to play their style and make an impact (building up a reputation, being useful for your corporation etc..). Everyone has a perspective, something they can reach for and play for while having fun. The on
  5. can´t interact with the caravanserey inside the keep, when trying to give in packpigs
  6. the backstab cooldown on cutthroat is currently at 42s (with weapon finesse), which is far too much. Before it was at 9s (without weapon finesse), if i remember correctly. On a vandal it is at ~7s. Looks like a weird difference inbetween these promotions.
  7. girvin the guard really guards (or rather blocks) the way, maybe he could step aside a bit? and the pigs could really need a helping hand here: don´t know if they´re hurt or just need some work out 😕
  8. can´t craft major disciplins, since the new metal bars do not fit into the recipe foreman armor reduce isn´t working on motherloads
  9. talking about time gates and grind: First off, the players were complaining about the time gate: passive training, and that it takes too long for crafters to become viable. ACE reworked the Majors, which helps reducing the time gate somewhat. That helped, but now we have other time gates generated within the last couple patches. Exploration discs: the drop rate has been reduced, it takes more effort/time/grind to get these now. But it feels okay. They do drop from time to time. Still the grind increased. Next step on useful crafting is getting crafting gear/vessel/minors. Minor
  10. duelist: - rapid fire keeps on going after canceling it, hits automatically and the user is able to cast other spells...so its practically a dot!? https://ibb.co/jrfhHp3 - inconceivable - capo ferro: gives a "chance" to hit twice with certain moves, this "chance" is too close to 100% (might be no bug, but should be looked at regarding balancing)
  11. Crafting: my leatherworker can only slot specialty seals in gloves and boots, but not in head and chest-pieces anymore. Is that intended? edit: it works fine on the armor smith -.-
  12. regarding the archer: the ranged bar just cleared itself midfight. the symbols disappeared and i was not able to use any skill besides autoattack anymore.
  13. the vault of the the last dreg doesnt show up after clicking it, and therefore no exports are possible
  14. its not possible to equip runic knifes, even when skilled 5 pips into "skinning basics" the trait does not appear in the character info either...
  15. Dirge Ultimate (vanish) does not remove root debuff
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