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  1. talking about time gates and grind: First off, the players were complaining about the time gate: passive training, and that it takes too long for crafters to become viable. ACE reworked the Majors, which helps reducing the time gate somewhat. That helped, but now we have other time gates generated within the last couple patches. Exploration discs: the drop rate has been reduced, it takes more effort/time/grind to get these now. But it feels okay. They do drop from time to time. Still the grind increased. Next step on useful crafting is getting crafting gear/vessel/minors. Minors became the new bottleneck. First off we got a dreg without any wartribe bosses at all. Now we get a dreg with mainly enbarri bosses, who can be farmed within infected. Besides that we got a very small map with only a few different wartribe bosses. The droprate is discusting. I´ve been killing a lot of chiefs now and got ~5-8 green minors and only 3 are useful. This has become a huge grind. And i killed these without any competition! As soon as we get more player and more serious guilds, they will just put a lock down on the 2-4 wartribe camps with bosses and no one else will be able to touch these. The terrible droprate plus only few possibilities to get them plus upcoming competition combined will make it impossible for casual or even hardcore small guilds to craft useful high quality vessel! The difference between guilds, who are strong enoguh (i mean numbers) to control wartribe bosses and therefore get useful vessel and the rest will be enormous. No one will be able to challenge a fight from there on against these, doesn´t matter what kind of gamer god you are. You told us, that Crowfall will not become another grindy game. It should have been possible to get into competitive gear/equipment etc.. within a reasonable time. Its a different story for the top notch gear, I totally understand that it should take a lot of effort to get these last %. At the moment there are a couple steps within the progress of the game, which can only be obtained by grinding and being part of a dominant party. Even then...100 people farming for 2-5 being equipped? Suggestions: Maybe bring back the uprgade from white disciplin on foreward. There are a couple gold sinks within the game now, so decisions have to be made anyways. Maybe only for crafting disciplins at least? Or remove white discipline drops from the loottable in dregs and make it green and better (I have literally killed 3 chiefs in a row now and have become 0 green minors...). Elite should drop them too, so smaller guilds have a chance to obtain quality minors. At the moment the better crafting majors become obsolete, because we cant use them to their full potentiall without minors. So we would have had the time for proper passive training anyways, if we take on the grind for coloured minors -.- Sometimes it feels, the view of ACE is kinda narrowed/focussed down on some goals, which needs to be tested (understandable), but the complexity of the game (harvesting + crafting + pvp + winning conditions) doesn´t allow this. As a player i am experiencing the game in many ways, not only during siege time. And if only ~20% of my game time is getting attention the rest might become a pain in the ass and i loose the motivation/fun. Maybe take your time between dregs, and put in some things for everyone (at least each wartribe a camp e.g.) even though you only want to test sieges. kind regards one of your game loving testers. (and yes the game is awesome and has become better and better, so I am confident you guys will make good decisions)
  2. duelist: - rapid fire keeps on going after canceling it, hits automatically and the user is able to cast other spells...so its practically a dot!? https://ibb.co/jrfhHp3 - inconceivable - capo ferro: gives a "chance" to hit twice with certain moves, this "chance" is too close to 100% (might be no bug, but should be looked at regarding balancing)
  3. Crafting: my leatherworker can only slot specialty seals in gloves and boots, but not in head and chest-pieces anymore. Is that intended? edit: it works fine on the armor smith -.-
  4. regarding the archer: the ranged bar just cleared itself midfight. the symbols disappeared and i was not able to use any skill besides autoattack anymore.
  5. the vault of the the last dreg doesnt show up after clicking it, and therefore no exports are possible
  6. its not possible to equip runic knifes, even when skilled 5 pips into "skinning basics" the trait does not appear in the character info either...
  7. Dirge Ultimate (vanish) does not remove root debuff
  8. freezing blast hits twice (sometimes) as well seems like a couple skills have this problem...
  9. Impale still buggy... no bleed has been applied
  10. shield bash always hits twice! https://www.bilder-upload.eu/bild-eab3d5-1585939208.jpg.html
  11. Some Feedback regarding the confessor (and some not too serious hidden asking for buffing this class^^): First up: Is it intended, that you guys switched the names of the damage and the cc spec at the end? For new players it probably doesn´t matter, but for older ones it was a little confusing. skills: - the tornados seemed a bit bigger and it was no longer possible to spread them out by moving while casting. During the last campaigns it was quiet useful to increase the area hit by the tornados to maximize the effect. So is it intended, that the spell goes straight only? - also the chain now feels off, since the tornados (3rd chain) were forced to a different key binding. (its just something to get used to, but has been noticed) regarding the talents: - I´ve noticed that the first defensive talent (heart of flame) now increases health points instead of mitigations. Just my opinion; but I´d favour 3% mitigations over 450 hp anytime. So this is considered a nerf - the slow on absolution if hit by 5 pips is too much and should be only available for the cc spec (cause thats the purpose of different specs-> each got their own streingth and weakness) - right after the promotion the cc-confessor is forced to put at least 2 points into "Atone" (Attack crowd control). It might be useful to swap it with one of the other two crowd control types later on, since I´d rather be forced to increase something I am actually actively using (slow, stun, knockdown...) than something I am (only) getting as a bonus (admittable blind is a very useful bonus) from the Ultimate. Let´s be honest; the confessor Ultimate is somewhat of a "get out of jail free-card" and you´ll only use the Blind on purpose if you feel safe enough to give up the survivability for some time... - meteor purge and condemnation are still both crap and not viable and it´s a pain to be forced to sacrifice a point to advance -.- - where does all the love for Fervor come from? There are several other ways for mana-management, especially with the upcoming frostweaver! Maybe increase the damage or survivability for the confessor instead. Or give him another burning dot, which has been missing a bit anyways. Or maybe give the confessor the flame wall skill, which has been on elementalist previously. It´s simply fitting. At least give back the improved mitigations while casting it^^ - has ever anyone skilled the increased ooc health regeneration? This needs to be improved (for everyone) or comepletly looked over, at the moment it is obsolete. kind regards. P.S. the archer, and no other class!, should be able to deal several k damage by simply left click on a regular basis... (some feedback from past campaigns)
  12. The chaos forces came back out to take vengeance for the previous defeat. Surrender was not an option. Bravely they attacked to break the siege of the two enemy factions and were able to come out victoriously. But not without paying a huge toll of blood. It was a hard fought battle, to secure the keep once more. This is meant to be a tribute to our russian friends, who won this campaign very well deserved! We had lots of fun playing against you guys. It was a good challenge. Let´s have an even better campaign coming up!
  13. PvP on the EU-Server is finally getting interesting. Here is some insight of a nice 3-Way Fight during siege.
  14. Auch in der Unterzahl kann man einiges ausrichten. Schaut Euch an, wie die Nordic Marauders durch die Massen der Chaos Horde pflügen
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