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  1. The chaos forces came back out to take vengeance for the previous defeat. Surrender was not an option. Bravely they attacked to break the siege of the two enemy factions and were able to come out victoriously. But not without paying a huge toll of blood. It was a hard fought battle, to secure the keep once more. This is meant to be a tribute to our russian friends, who won this campaign very well deserved! We had lots of fun playing against you guys. It was a good challenge. Let´s have an even better campaign coming up!
  2. Auch in der Unterzahl kann man einiges ausrichten. Schaut Euch an, wie die Nordic Marauders durch die Massen der Chaos Horde pflügen
  3. Greetings, I like the little pvp-simulation called infected. And that it is possible for newcomers to try out more aspects of crowfall before hitting the campaign. On the other side, keeps are giving a significant boost to crafting, which makes the keeps on infected quiet important. So far no one was interested in capturing them, which seemed to be have changed. Sadly, it is only vulnerable, during NA-siege timers, which results in a complete dependency of the EU people (who are sleeping at night) on the NA player base to have an available keep for crafting. Without the keep bonus, the item quality is significantly lower. In the end, the EU player base is in a disabled position compared to the NA one. I don´t know, if this is intended, but I hope not. So to make things fair: Either make the keep vulnerable at EU times too, so EU player get an even Chance to fight back the "crafting war". Or resett the keep at a daylie basis so people can still train sieges, but the crafting bonus is equaly available for everyone. Kind regards, Rhuddlan
  4. there should be some "negative emojis" besides the like, haha etc...on the forums. Now i guess i have to add some fuel to the fire, which i was trying to avoid. First off: I was having a long conversation with Rekks myself, and we were discussion about the topic. And i have to say, that we are not exactly on the same page regarding the randomizer he is complaining about. In my opinion CF is not 100% randomized and as that bad as he is extrapolating here. Clearly it needs more balancing though. So just letting you know, that I am myself not convinced and not agreeing here with Rekks arguments. But we were still having a good discussion! Here on the other hand: @Phylor.the.Jester at least you are having somewhat of arguments and are starting with a correct "discussion" here by contributing usefull input. I´m going to quote you here: "For some dumb reason" you are starting to judge, based on a 16s video the skill lvl and thought process of a person. Kinda sad.. So i don´t know if "you seem to understand" that a 16s video is as much information to judge about someone, as the given information on the initial post to judge about a complex pvp system? So next time, please try to refrain of false accusions, since: if you would have done some research you´d see, that Rekks is actually an exceptional player who is simply a little new to the game. His learning curve is incredible and a lot of other players could copy him to improve (sidenote: copying someone is very rarely a good decision to get better...)...which takes me to Staff @Staff telling someone to copy someone else, to improve is as i said not a good idea. No matter who they are (btw. who is WHoA?). Be sure, that we have some very decent crafter and pvp player within our ranks (ask around the eu guilds if you want some objective feedback). So no worries about the gear and L2P part, but thanks for your thoughts there. regarding the actual topic: Yes of course there is a difference between confessor and archer. And yes it is intentional. Also yes: it is not balanced perfectly yet. The given information/date is by far not enough for a decent comparison. Luckily there are more factors to consider, when it comes to: how useful/strong a class is compared to another (just pinting out utility as an example). Also luckily probability of crits, hits, dmg calculations etc. is getting better and stabilized as you reach bigger numbers/examples. So even if you´re having "bad luck" once because of randomizers, it won´t be a constant problem. So in my opinion each class is able to fulfill a certain role to a certain level. Which means, every class shines in a different situation. So please try to explain or take out certain situations, when comparing classes. Otherwise you will always find a way to say: thats randomized and totally unfair! In my opinion the randomizer Rekks is talking about, is taking quite a big impact right now, but not enough to be extremely frustrating. Also there is some hope for further balancing incoming to the game. Regarding the last video, I hope ACE sees it and takes it into consideration.
  5. Dann schadet es ja nicht, dass es wiederholt wird, um die Dringlichkeit zu betonen. Denn aktuell wurde das Spiel unverhältnismäßig aus der Balance gepatcht. Etablierte Gilden/Spieler haben die Möglichkeit sich gerade mit Unsummen an Gold und epischen material einzudecken, dass für hunderte Rüstungssets reicht. Das macht es für neue Spieler sehr schwer ohne direkte Hilfe auf einen wettbewerbsfähigen Stand zu kommen. Die berühmte Schere zwischen arm und reich klafft hierdurch extrem! (welcome to the real world...) Glücklicherweise handelt es sich um eine fiktive Welt und meiner Meinung nach hilft bei sowas nur noch ein weiterer Wipe. Zukünftig sollte man einfach vorsichtiger an den Stellschrauben drehen und evtl. mal selbst 2-3 Bosse legen bevor man solche Loot-Tables implementiert. Ich bezweifle, dass ACE so groß ist, dass sich zwei Leute die beide für Loot zuständig sind nicht unterhalten können. Es ist einfach schwach und unprofessionell eine Veränderung solchen Ausmaßes nicht mit dem Team abzusprechen (was wie ich denke nicht einmal der Fall war) und vorher eigenständig einen kurzen Test durchzuführen (was wahrscheinlicher ist) Was die Kommunikation mit der Community betrifft, denke ich ist Diese schon sehr gut. Bei solchen in alpha befindlichen Spielen gibt es aber auch eine hohe Fluktuation an Spielern, was ebenso zu einer hohen Fluktuation an Spielerlebnissen/-erfahrungen führt. Ich habe manchmal das Gefühl, dass alteingesessene Tester gern ihr kleines bisschen Königreich/Macht beschützen, indem sie solche Probleme wie sie hier angesprochen sind eben nicht deutlich genug kritisieren. Im Endeffekt hilft das nur leider Keinem. Wir testen hier, um das Spiel zu verbessern. Ergo muss man sich mit Kritik auseinander setzen. Ich hoffe daher, dass die Entwickler auch aus dem gesperrten Bereich des Forums und somit über den Tellerrand hinaus blicken. Sich also z.B. diesen Thread hier anschauen und darüber nachdenken. Ich habe beispielsweise einen anderen Thread über CC mitverfolgt und bisher nicht den Eindruck, dass irgendetwas von der wirklich konstruktiven Kritik darin bei Leuten mit Entscheidungsgewalt angekommen ist. Da wäre mindestens ein kurzes Feedback von wegen:"unsere aktuelle Lösung gefällt uns besser, wir werden nichts verändern" schön. Fazit: Aktuell wurde das Spiel aus den Angeln gehoben. Meiner Meinung nach kann sich ACE gern noch 1-2 Wochen gönnen oder wie lange sie brauchen, um die gröbsten Fehler zu beheben und auf Test zu testen. Aber bitte bitte gebt so etwas wie ein Announcement dazu. Ein Wipe wäre optional, aber für mich persönlich sogar wünschenswert. ps. Mir fällt grad auf: Der Loadingscreen-Bug wurde noch nicht erwähnt. Ein häufiges Neustarten des Spiels schmälert den Spielspaß ebenfalls ungemein! Ich wäre sehr dankbar, wenn dieses Problem ein wenig Liebe bekommt.
  6. It already got mentioned, that a lot of the CC-Promotions are less valuable because of the retaliation spam. I would like to add, that the sheer amount of CC abilities spread over the other Promotions of all classes (a lot of dps promotions got stun, blind etc...) reduces the value of going for a cc-promotion as well. I think it should be more of a standalone feature for cc-promotions to be able to CC someone. e.g.: DPS-promotion bullies down the target, which gets restrained by some cc-buddy. Personally I´d say reduce the value of retaliation (CD, stamina costs etc...) and take some (not all!) CC from other Promotions to give cc-promotions a purpose. (And maybe add diminishing return (i don´t know/feel like if it is already implemented?) to counter endless cc-chains.) personal conclusion: the CC you gain by going arbiter does by far! not compensate the loss of heal compared to a crusader and your damage is neglible... I played arbiter quite a lot and it was fun, but as soon as it gets serious your like a fun feature to have for the group, but another promotion would have been more useful.
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