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  1. Credit where it's due, banger of a post from a WinterBlades member, for once.
  2. Yeah, if I CBF'd fixing bugs I'd make a reaction button and just use that instead as well xD
  3. These kinds of clueless posts remind me of procrastinating studying etc. It's like "Yeah I know we need to fix the game, but I think I'd rather talk abstractly about the different varieties of apples we could have in the game. Once you understand that variety of apples is important you start to open up the possibility of different pests / bugs that might be attracted to the different apples. You might have a meal-worm native traditionally to South America typical in one type of apple, but another might attract European Hummingbirds. This is obviously extremely important and could be represented with text strings like the below: /Pink_Lady#apple_6(attract_latin_america_mealworm)%60%_fixyourcoregamefirstyoucluelessamateurs /Granny_Smith#apple_10(attract_eu_hummingbord)%26%_fixyourcoregamefirstyoucluelessamateurs At this point I view their efforts as satire and I'm not mad about it tbh.
  4. Literally just quit like I did and watch this dog**** go downhill even faster. We need to help ACE out by letting Crowfall servers shutdown, so these devs can be integrated into other game studios where they take orders instead of drive direction.
  5. I completely agree. On the one hand we have an actual post from J Todd Coleman saying they need 50,000 PAYING players per month (VIP's). On the other hand we have idiots on these forums saying the game has a healthy player base (I'd say 1,000 VIP's is a stretch, but sure let's go with that) and is a niche game. I'll agree it's a niche game, but it's still a niche game that the creative director has publicly stated a VIP goal. Sure, my guesstimate on VIP's currently may not be accurate, I'd say it's closer to 1% of the VIP's they need, not 2%. Crowfall is sort of like Fortnite before Battle Royale when it was the PvE squad vs. zombies mode (2017) and was basically Dead on Arrival Dog$h!7. Luckily before cancelling the game Fortnite had the great idea of 180'ing and just going a totally different direction. Unfortunately Crowfall devs are far too stupid and will never 180 from the failure that is their current direction.
  6. Highly recommend JimmyTam - absolute legend! Good luck Jimmy 歹
  7. Imagine the stress they're under. Literally controlled like puppets by WinterBlades and the other 1-2 big guilds. They can't do anything, anything that goes against huge Zerg warfare, the big guilds (80% of your playerbase) threatens to quit; so you just live your little Sub-Developer life to these Whale-Doms xD. Honestly the state of affairs for ACE / Crowfall is so insane. They've just pigeon-holed themselves to being slaves to the only people that allow them to exist. Which you designed.
  8. This guy is trying to compete with Blackidiot Co for the worst takes on the website.
  9. Hahahaha so glad I haven't logged in in 2-3 weeks. I thought it was literally impossible for Crowfall to go downhill 不不不不不不不不不不 This game is literally custom built and tailored to power tripping ego's with nothing but nostalgia for Shadowbane and a desperation to pay as much as it takes to be a whale in a microscopic ocean.
  10. No because then they're accountable. Evasive Company 101: Never commit, promise or specify anything
  11. Oh, in that case apologies, I must be mis-remembering. Yeah, I was sure on the campaign hopping, but must've got the faction stance wrong.
  12. Gordon LITERALLY likes this and thinks it's a "Strategic Choice" or words to identical effect. In no uncertain terms he likes faction swapping and campaign hopping.
  13. 90%? Why are you being so generous? BlackfeatherCo taken over your account for the day huh?
  14. I thought about making this post so many times. To think that Crowfall streamers would ever be at 350+ peak viewers is insane - the whole directory never gets this past the first couple of weeks or when a streamer is paid to play it for 3 (Summit) - 9 (Pace) hours. 350 Twitch viewers compared to 2.5k YouTube subs is quite at odds, especially for Crowfall - those Twitch numbers are unattainable, the YouTube numbers are unfeasible.
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