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  1. bardiel


    Only got to voice episode 6, had more on the horizon as a new character. Sadly it died.
  2. People cried we were on MB. We went back to SBEmu to kick everyone around. Now people want us back on MB. And will also complain once we might be back. There's no making your kids happy. Regardless of where we play, we'll be better than you. Deal with it.
  3. Lower pop on a functioning server or inflated CN pop on a broken server? Safe to say the answer is pretty simple.
  4. NR is not SoTD. A handful of us just happened to have been part of SoTD. Drama ensued while no game was playable and people drifted off in different directions. Chet formed WM and that's what we've been for a long time now.
  5. What ever could you mean?
  6. Soon to be treeless. Your hopes of an Asian friendly WoO are gone due to your own actions. You Zerg. You get nothing.
  7. You can copy/paste that all you want. The majority of the server felt regionalizing would better suit both sides. The Asians can farm all day, holding hands, and playing their PvE simulator version of SB on their own server and the rest of us could, you know, play Shadowbane. You got the boot so your own server could be made, that I'd assume NA would be banned from, and then the devs passed away in their sleep. You went to SBEmo, attempted to curb your desires of mass 10grp+ zerging only to fail and fall right back into the same routine. You're just salty HoD doesn't give two poorly made sockss about your cities and doesn't show to help. Sorry bro, your poorly made sockss burning regardless of whether you have your HoD overlords or not. Why isn't CN kickin WM around on emu of they are "so good?" It's because G1 is the only Asian guild worth their weight and even they can't carry the trash known as HoD and Arirang. You're too heavy son. Get good.
  8. Is that why WM has kicked everyone's teeth in for every emu iteration between MB and SBEmo? Coupled with my 10v10 title where the Asians beat everyone else out for 2nd means your worship is duly noted.
  9. I'd spend hours fishing people in SDR or trying to sell cities I didn't own. I absolutely loved it.
  10. Shield+Tspike dwarves were the poorly made socks back in the day. I was too poor to buy a throwing rune for one so I made a high def bird that was the same build and snagged throwing that way. Wasn't nearly as effective. 2200 def was still near untouchable in those days, though. Was also after they patched throwing so you couldn't queue up attacks and let them loose all at once for insane burst.
  11. Calmed down? Things are never calm when SB players are involved.
  12. WoO create activity time slots. When a WoO is active, people log in en masse to play. Outside that window player count drops as there is no "objective" to win or defend. Though this is good for the casual crowd, the diehards have large moments of boredom as everyone logs off in between WoO. It's tough to balance. You can't make WoO too meaningless otherwise people simply won't care. If you make them super pivotal then you get the above. Creating the ability for people, whenever they login, to feel like they're making a real difference in the world is the challenge.
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