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  1. I think the hurlbat as an inventory item reagent is a great idea. It gives something crafters could produce a lot of to help stabilize their cash flows. Think SWG with all the various reagents needed for slicing, spices, etc. that weren't hard to get in high quantities, but it definitely was a great item to start out on. I rarely run into Rage issues. I leap everywhere constantly building up my rage and I mix a good number of generators itno my attacks. I'd rather miss with a genreate than miss with my abilities so sometimes You get 2-3 hits in with your generator and you're just like "Da
  2. You can fire meteor at long distances. I was watching a few confessors, two on the keep & one out by the trebuchets, hurl meteors at each other over a 100-150m distance. Fireballs do seems to have 50M range. The hardest part about the long range is the prediction & aiming. I spent a good portion of yesterday focusing down confessors. One recommendation I will provide to those playing them is that running and still being hit isn't worth it. You are better off standing your ground until you can try to escape without taking regular damage such as using your stun/RMB escape. At least s
  3. If I had to guess I would say 85% of the time when I want to trigger second wind I am not retreating, but just being smart and proactive about keeping the regen up. As soon as it is triggered I hope right back into the battle. Maybe I have to think of the need to leave combat as the cost of the strong regen, but I just as I said I don't like the way it plays right now. I think it could be reworked. I am a big retreater too. It's my main tactic even if it's not always wise. Too much Arma where retreating and fighting on your own terms is superior 95% of the time.
  4. I disagree with you assessment of Champion's DPS. While the wombocombo does do a poorly made socks load more damage that's more of an example of confessor's ridiculous strength at the moment vs melee. However, most of the Champion's abilities have the possibility of 1K+ crits. Hell, I've been using whirlwind a lot this past weekend as it will wreck face as well (and allows movement). Most of the champion's "support" moves while really good for group game play are mostly just to keep him alive. He doesn't have the survivability of a Knight at all and has to be cheesy to win. I think Champio
  5. Basilisk has a decent sized community for sure, but as I always tell people the population is very inflated. Every account can have 2 characters online, and since it's population is mostly old veterans a lot of people take advantage of that. You can have 10 total characters so a lot of people have most roles fulfilled "in-house". Getting a second account is very easy to do, and all accounts after that are pretty easy as well if you just do as they ask (3 people 3 copies of game together photographed and submitted). Or, just know mask your IP address. I know of the 6 guys I played with regularl
  6. At capped assembly you always rolled amazing assemblies and in experimentation you could use player crafted enhancers to hit amazings with pretty high rates if you were ultra patient. Even then if you kept risk at 0% you were gauranteed Greats which were maybe 1-3% less overall. As a result the difference between amazing and great wasn't enough to throw anything custom or enhanced out. Doing a production run of standard armor I would run through multiple builds to hit amazing across the board, but that was to produce 25 suits of armor with time a dozen resources. You have to make up that som
  7. Even if you add RNG into the equation people are still going to do that Bairloch. Instead of a definite outcome you'll just compute a range of outcomes and use that to determine your decisions. Spreadsheet analysis are life. SWG's resources and crafting are still my favorite systems and I have never seen their equal. It upsets me to know that had SWG never broke itself and crafters were required to balance encumbrance and effectiveness for armor or damage and SAC costs for weapons it would have been that much more awesome. Even still different play-styles and customers requests gave you a
  8. Wildstar's telegraphs were quite skillful, but there was so many AOE attacks that the PvP quickly became stupid. I remember plenty of spellsurge, rapid shots (or whatever it the spammable ability was called) into a 4+ player group and watching them drop from 100-80% to 40-50% and then just assassinating 3 of them as my teammates got them low enough for double damage. I loved aiming CC and missing because they juked you or you sucked. It made your successes that much sweeter. I also loved the fact I could mess up my healer by being a baddie. Tera/Wildstar/GW2 hybrid of some sort will wo
  9. No one is removing support roles. The trinity is still intact. However, they are straying away from heal spam prevalent in many MMOs. Playing whack a mole in PvE and never ending jukefest in PvP (so you can play whack of mole) aren't particularly fun. I have done both at pretty high levels at various points in my gaming career and was always trying to get out of being the healer. They are necessary and important due to those game designs, but never struck me as fun. GW2 has no trinity, the support spells/builds are very very weak and poorly implemented, and you are right it kind of fell on
  10. I've spread the word among old friends and I hope they'll contribute as I have for this games funding process. I've been burned by these crowd funding/early access games, and I've also walked away with games like Minecraft or Arma 3 that I have countless hundreds of hours of fun. I have faith that this game will join the later of those. Raph Koster is the man.
  11. SWG's graphics aren't bad when you consider how old it is and the styling it went for is a good reason for that. Sure, it's pretty devoid of anything major going on, but you weren't gonna find anything of that size and scope doing it better. SWGEmu is pretty fun alternative if you enjoy SWG's meta more than it's actual gameplay. The combat was always bad because the game broke itself combat wise 2-3 months after launch. EMU suffers from a lot of issues, but most importantly is the shear number of characters you can get and how easily you can get them. Having 30 characters over 3 accounts m
  12. Reading your description has me very excited, and reminds me of my own observation in games like Arma 3 on missions such as Wasteland. In early Alpha days there was no base saving after server resets, and Arma 3 servers typically need to reset every 4-8 hours. As a result, this created a very interestint cycle of action. I played on a very team player centric server and even if it wasn't full prior to the reset almost every reset the server would fill up within minutes as people rushed for helicopter spawns, building supplies, tried setting up bases (both new untested or goofy bases and old te
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