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  1. Maybe they are getting some sun 🌞 Not sure what that even means ? Active players in alpha = success or interest ?
  2. Yep, the concept of game is still great enough to keep interest but the classes and specs do seem vanilla. Hopefully , some skill tree rework and release of many many runes will help make niche classes and variety. Still trying to figure out what to do with my Druid and the knowledge of shields .
  3. I'll do my best once I get there. Hopefully someone at ACE can see this and react ! It may exist buried in forums from 2016 ???
  4. Since I've followed game, I've always thought it would be interesting to see a tournament of the gods for guilds to participate in . Entry fee , rewards for a guild to enter their best champion for a one on one challenge . Kinda like Mount and Blade but no NPCs ... Would give some good streamer content and great social interaction between guilds . Some of the most fun filled nights in Shadowbane was watching my clan have boxing matches and paying out rewards . Some of the other rival guilds joined in !! Was fun . Just a thought for content.
  5. https://crowfall.com/en-US/account/download-client Don't make the same mistakes I did ... Be sure to download the Test Client as well !!
  6. Pretty sure this happened in Shadowbane too. I remember some large guilds had found the bug during testing and didn't reveal to have an advantage... Hope they aren't testing this game too 😂
  7. How ? I was one of those who jumped in and didn't read . Would love to be part of test server.
  8. Awesome. Great info 👍 Thanks for feedback .
  9. Hey , Glanced through feedback for patch on test, didn't see anything. How does new CC rules feel in combat? Just see debates on heavy "nerf" to Frost everything... Was hoping the CC specs might have a better go , melee the same this patch. Thanks .
  10. Casual player( work too damn much for hardcore) ; playing CF due to being Shadowbane Reboot. Have played this genre since DAoC. Play them for the PvP and lore . Play style is primarily support( working on Druid class/ Earthkeeper) Roll off tanks as secondary (working on Ranger/Templar to find niche) . Team player and composed under pressure. EST timezone. Prefer small to medium guilds . RP is ok , just not the olde English style with hours of mandatory storytelling. Thanks for reading and hope to find a spot.
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