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  1. I hope this is a success! Thanks for setting up!
  2. Unsolicited feedback from an average Joe gamer here.... It's not the wipes or the changes to passive ... The majority of players have a decent PC and casual time to play. The optimization of game( which is happening) will bring back players quicker than a promise of no wipes( I know , your guildies are doing their sit in and protesting...) Again, average gamer on average rig is who you are missing ... No one that wants to play game cares about wipes except the hardcore min maxers who spend too much time grinding for elite gear
  3. Looks like EK's got some burst healing with orbs ! Archdruid seems the same except maybe new Gaea's hits hard and scales big with SP? SC turned into Zeus
  4. I think the suggestion is pretty good. Don't understand why you think the recommendation replaces a healing druid? Looks like it would add a healing bomb but not the extra support power and extra heals EK gets ...? Orbs on a Archdruid are not a great source of heals ... It would give them a burst, that's all.
  5. I think some animation cancels into an extra auto attack here and there for some skills / classes would be fine . Would take skill and time to get the rhythm but not be the end all of using the skills/ class. Not sure what many of them were except Templar and I think 1 on another class .... So I am not sure how much DPS a class like slayer lost... my experience in other games , animation cancel has only been a small bump to DPS or casting sequences...never dramatic.
  6. Just stay away from Minotaurs when selecting your targets ! Lol.
  7. https://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php?title=Loreplay
  8. Hey ! I'm sure some of you remember Shadowbane and the awesome loreplay feature they had in game . No? https://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php?title=LLorepla Are there RP guilds out there ? Is loreplay something already ? Could be a good alt guild not vying competitive keep warfare ? Just wanted to drop a line and see if interest was there or already begun ? Thanks!
  9. I read all of your lengthy posts ! Lol
  10. Field Surgeon is almost standard currently ...Pixie , Runecaster and Friar ( I like friar ) are also good choices. Naiad heal costs too many pips , although passive is good. Minors I think should be defensive types , overwhelming odds , sturdy etc.
  11. Telsun

    Cleric builds

    Spirit is base heal stat. Others are modifiers of that heal .
  12. The ones from Dryad, I'm not sure . Meant to try it out . Seemed redundant with staff and Dryad.
  13. Awesome . I was part of Mourning clan . Wasn't super active but was the most fun I've had playing an MMO since DAoC RP clan .
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