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  1. I think the suggestion is pretty good. Don't understand why you think the recommendation replaces a healing druid? Looks like it would add a healing bomb but not the extra support power and extra heals EK gets ...? Orbs on a Archdruid are not a great source of heals ... It would give them a burst, that's all.
  2. Not sure if it's intended . I can't use Seekers Blessing from Friar and Bard Speed Song at the same time . My character was a Centaur Cleric .
  3. I think some animation cancels into an extra auto attack here and there for some skills / classes would be fine . Would take skill and time to get the rhythm but not be the end all of using the skills/ class. Not sure what many of them were except Templar and I think 1 on another class .... So I am not sure how much DPS a class like slayer lost... my experience in other games , animation cancel has only been a small bump to DPS or casting sequences...never dramatic.
  4. Just stay away from Minotaurs when selecting your targets ! Lol.
  5. https://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php?title=Loreplay
  6. Hey ! I'm sure some of you remember Shadowbane and the awesome loreplay feature they had in game . No? https://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php?title=LLorepla Are there RP guilds out there ? Is loreplay something already ? Could be a good alt guild not vying competitive keep warfare ? Just wanted to drop a line and see if interest was there or already begun ? Thanks!
  7. I read all of your lengthy posts ! Lol
  8. Field Surgeon is almost standard currently ...Pixie , Runecaster and Friar ( I like friar ) are also good choices. Naiad heal costs too many pips , although passive is good. Minors I think should be defensive types , overwhelming odds , sturdy etc.
  9. Telsun

    Cleric builds

    Spirit is base heal stat. Others are modifiers of that heal .
  10. The ones from Dryad, I'm not sure . Meant to try it out . Seemed redundant with staff and Dryad.
  11. Awesome . I was part of Mourning clan . Wasn't super active but was the most fun I've had playing an MMO since DAoC RP clan .
  12. Thanks ! Is Standard Bearer still a nerf to damage for group using electricity? I tried it out , I haven't had issues with essence management yet , but haven't been in large scale long fights yet . Will definitely go with if I problems! Thanks for feedback both of you !
  13. Shadowclan? I don't remember much of it . I do remember having stacks of printouts , learning their language and translating , damn verbs were hard sometimes LOL
  14. Hey , Hitting the campaign soon and just wanted some advice from other Druid EK's on combat healing . I'm trying Naiad/Pixie discs , any feedback on others that would be best , Is Bard a big enough impact ? thanks in advance!!!!
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