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  1. OMG... i love that.... "They are more perfect than any living thing could ever be. They must be, for The Hunger consumes all that lives." Okey, i dont need surname with this explanation XDDDDDDD
  2. I see that many people around here do not know what a role-playing game is. I leave this here, for the clueless: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Role-playing_game
  3. Do you interpret your crow in any way? Or simply take resources to become stronger and be able to beat the rival in the sieges? I don't know ... but it smells a bit like Starcraft here, right? (RTS, RTS + MO = MOBA)
  4. Yeah, it's more like a MOBA. "Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), also known as action real-time strategy (ARTS), is a subgenre of strategy video game" Crowfall is defined as an MMORPGRTS, but I think that the RPG is left over, only MMORTS, that is ... a MOBA (I speak of the current state of the game)
  5. Only argument and main argument. Since Crowfall is an MMORPG. (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). In the vast majority of online role play (if not all), the name of the character is displayed. Right now, Crowfall looks more like a MOBA than a MMORPG XDD
  6. Yes, but the account name must always be shown according to the developers, so that the players know who is a toxic player. If it is implemented correctly, it does not have to be so overwhelming. I say it because, that all my characters are called equal, it takes away charisma when it comes to role-playing with my friends. All my characters are called Valandril, regardless of race and gender. It's strange.
  7. This is absurd XDDDDD because the name of the account is currently displayed as a name in the game. I do not understand your point of view then. I just say add the name of the character (Currently not shown in the game) to the name that is currently displayed (account name). Simply for the fact of favoring the interpretation of the character, because Crowfall is a role-playing game.
  8. It's only a Suggest. I know that the game has another pending important updates, but this post is for share ideas with the community, it does not mean that they are going to develop it now
  9. EDIT: First of all, clarify that this post is a mere suggestion for the future of the game, not something that I suggest to see implemented at this time. ---- Greetings everyone, I open this thread, to know your opinion and contributions to the idea of incorporating a new class to Crowfall, the Fighter (tentative name :P) It would be a class oriented to the melee and mainly focused on hits and kicks, something like martial arts. The Races that can become a fighter would be: Human, Half-Elf, Half-Giant, Guinicean and Nethari. The skills, as I said above, will be fo
  10. Currently, the EK are like the "Animal Crossing". Better said, Crowfall Crossing.
  11. Can anyone tell me the true utility of Stonemasonry beyond creating ingredients for jewelry and creating structures for the EK? I think it's a somewhat incomplete profession compared to others.
  12. That point is interesting. It would be great, for example, a new profession on the same line as Runecrafter, called "Cartographer". It would be responsible for creating "maps" using for example: papyrus and ink (created from flowers that can be picked up by the map) plus some hard-to-get ingredient. Also, making a "map" of an adventure zone would be less complicated than doing it in an siege zone. Once you get the "map", we could use it and mark a location. (Depending on the rarity of the map, the area will be more marked, making a more closed circle) Those maps, could be pu
  13. Al margen de que al inicio del parche, los guardias de los fuertes eran estatuas de porcelana, que los elfos del bosque pueden atravesar las murallas de los fuertes con el dash y que ahora de repente hay cola para entrar en las 'sieges', dejando fuera a muchos miembros de cada facción y en consecuencia desequilibrando los asaltos a fortalezas, al margen de todo esto. Me esta gustando. No me malinterpretéis, estoy viendo mejora en el juego y sobre todo cambios que están realizando para probar diversos aspectos, como puede ser la reciente incorporación de las monturas (que según he oído ya
  14. Era un gran enano, te recordaremos. https://ibb.co/CzVpFcV (Only the Balance understand)
  15. Yes, I know the current use for account name, I suggest to change that for promote the roleplaying game.
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