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  1. I'm sure this is in the works, but at least the option to have multiple (if not all) different chat channels in one window would be highly preferred over the constant 'tab' game to keep track of group info, faction call outs and local zone awareness. It's nearly impossible to monitor AND play effectively. At the very least can we make the text color(s) and opacity of the text box adjustable? The group chat is nearly illegible during the evening hours. As stated, I'm sure they are in the works, but making sure there's another vote in the ballot box as to it's importance to the overall experience. -Ayuden
  2. Second and thirded on typing while running. Definitely needs to be a thing. Organizing while moving to an objective is key...I get not being able to run and execute other tasks, that makes logical sense, but chatting needs to be implemented. I'm sure this is something being worked on, just making sure we repeatedly say how important it is! -Ayuden
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