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  1. I will say, as I’m obviously on this roster, that this particular siege night this “strat” came up in chat because it had been done to us repeatedly in previous nights leading up to it. Side note: it makes for awful pvp and even worse in guild chatter about who can get to the roof of the tree room the fastest... * oh, and deep conversations with SockPuppet over how everything was going over in Balance land... ;) -Ayu
  2. You mean, like "open world" PeeVeePeeeee ? Seems legit. -Ayu
  3. I apologize for my ignorance in this regard. I'm unaware of the EULA prohibiting a single owner having multiple accounts. If this is the case I'm out of line on the subject, but would like to understand the philosophy or intent of the rule... -Ayu
  4. This doesn't fix anything really when it comes to tactical advantage. And those of us that run a crafting/gathering account and a Combat account would virtually be out of work as well. To the initial thread request, I agree that the /who returning a total number is just as beneficial if you're using it in faction (not spying), as whoever it is you're looking for you probably already have another means of connection to...(discord/faction/guild/etc). So the /who providing a # would still give you volume for the purpose of siege intentions, but would require you to actually go "spy" i
  5. I'm sure this has been said in one of the other 4 pages that I'm not going to read for brevity, but can you call it a Throne "War" game and not allow the factions to use any (non-glitch/exploit) means necessary to succeed? That's kind of what the origin of war is....if I find an advantage in strategy and/or firepower, I use it until it is no longer an advantage, and upon the appropriate counter measure being developed, I go back to searching for the next advantage to help my faction prevail. Now an unintentional exploit of a known glitch is a different story, but I feel like ACE has been
  6. I'm sure this is in the works, but at least the option to have multiple (if not all) different chat channels in one window would be highly preferred over the constant 'tab' game to keep track of group info, faction call outs and local zone awareness. It's nearly impossible to monitor AND play effectively. At the very least can we make the text color(s) and opacity of the text box adjustable? The group chat is nearly illegible during the evening hours. As stated, I'm sure they are in the works, but making sure there's another vote in the ballot box as to it's importance to the over
  7. Second and thirded on typing while running. Definitely needs to be a thing. Organizing while moving to an objective is key...I get not being able to run and execute other tasks, that makes logical sense, but chatting needs to be implemented. I'm sure this is something being worked on, just making sure we repeatedly say how important it is! -Ayuden
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