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    Ayuden got a reaction from Ble in Uncle Bob killed SB so....why haven't you arrested him yet?   
    I will say, as I’m obviously on this roster, that this particular siege night this “strat” came up in chat because it had been done to us repeatedly in previous nights leading up to it. 
    Side note: it makes for awful pvp and even worse in guild chatter about who can get to the roof of the tree room the fastest...
    * oh, and deep conversations with SockPuppet over how everything was going over in Balance land... ;)
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    Ayuden reacted to vkromas in The /who command needs to go.   
    So, I wasn't sure if this note from our check-in history should be player facing so I initially left it out. After reading this thread though I've updated the patch notes to now include the following excerpt: 
    /who is now a CSR only command and no longer accessible by players.
    This has been noted in the 5.8.5 Test Patch Notes posted today, 3/21/19.
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    Ayuden reacted to Marth in The /who command needs to go.   
    This /who pretty much makes faction able to know how much to lock a zone. We would see more chaos invasions or balance invasions with it gone. If you /who and see 50 people in your zone you are just gonna dodge (sadly).  Being able to hide a raid in a forest and sneak attack would be a massive boon to pvp.
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    Ayuden reacted to Silverbranch in The /who command needs to go.   
    Attempting to prevent multiboxing is a complete fools errand.
    So long as there is tangible reason to have multiple accounts, which Crowfalls system rewards... to an incredible degree if you're looking to be at all self sufficient, then people will find ways to multibox.
    Whether that be a way of running multiple clients on the same instance, running VM's or actually going back to the namesake and literally running multiple boxes.
    But to the point at hand, I'd advocate for a complete removal even when compared to just showing online numbers, being able to see spikes in active numbers, even without names, is a tangible piece of free intelligence.
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    Ayuden reacted to Duffy in The /who command needs to go.   
    If anyone really thinks that trying to play with account limits will solve anything versus aggravate your player base and drive people away hasn’t been playing sandboxes enough. At best you’ll get rid of the lazy spies and inhibit non conflict player actions, at worse you’ll solve nothing and drive away players and revenue.
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    Ayuden reacted to mandalore in I'm a Spy in Crowfall   
    This zone cap meta is the best! 
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    Ayuden got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Is in gaming spying an exploit?   
    I'm sure this has been said in one of the other 4 pages that I'm not going to read for brevity, but can you call it a Throne "War" game and not allow the factions to use any (non-glitch/exploit) means necessary to succeed? That's kind of what the origin of war is....if I find an advantage in strategy and/or firepower, I use it until it is no longer an advantage, and upon the appropriate counter measure being developed, I go back to searching for the next advantage to help my faction prevail.
    Now an unintentional exploit of a known glitch is a different story, but I feel like ACE has been extremely quiet on this subject for a reason. "nothing to see here, operating as intended, not the droids...etc."....
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