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  1. Just reminder again on Confessor's "Feed the Flames" (+4m per 1 point extended range 0/3) skill ► not working in proper range/incorrect display/worse aiming with new targetting system
  2. Hey, hopped in here for fast thoughts and suggestions for some basic tooltips for Eternal Kingdoms as: 1) visibly made windows list of Nobles/Vassals (names/accounts) possible with Tokens/Cells before logging in - (management?/not only via chat command in it?) 2) visibly made windows with tokens directly shown without opening Inventory/EK editor/.. 3) and/or better leading in tooltips through parcels with free Tokens/maybe even cells coordination (visibly made, not only via Inventory only at current parcel = "zero" Tokens when you log in and open your Inventory - it is frustrating
  3. I really like new creature's spells in work !! / thumb up for acceleration of em! (heading again to testing phase )
  4. Nice idea! "maybe" even with an Empty Flasks in bag from Alchemy - in some spots in open world (somewhere with water fields..? /?) could be filled with water as optional gathering this commodity? /meaned in addition for gathering plants - Sickles tree - time for filling... etc (dont know if/how connected this should be back from profession to gathering..)
  5. I'll bet Frostweaver will be surely some kind of "Kinder Pingui".. - totally frozen gold chocolate nuget hidden in back of fridge right now..
  6. In calculations such deep list of details trough character statistics - is this very necessary change (and not addressed only to professions/combat/noncombat-combat speed....yet) i think.. But there is good job till now how it works, and how it can be done anyway !! Just think about it : In one direction, how "total weight" can be implemented with only one Power - Retaliation - - "timed delay cast" depending on total weight.. - "total movement speed affected for **** time" (this would be MY key point for total weight efects /even Mounted..) ... - "cooldown affected to next Retal
  7. Yo.. I'll add few logs into fires..or as "the end justifies the maens" says.. so (keep calm, n read..): - Im playing CF few weeks (3weeks or so) - someone can hate me in my position for now, but.. tests are tests.. can give same comments in this as well as i got it .. and after all, dont need to be only one in here.. - informations about game, if you dont dig hard thorugh pages/spreadsheets/youtube/wherever it is .. and back in time about game is very very exhausting and grueling! so.. - , so i found good guild where i could tryout how "different" this game can be in future of pl
  8. Heyo, few ideas about Confessor (also +Inquisitor spec) disciplines useage: - as equipped: Illusionist disc+ Force Mage disc - checked at dummies and some "hunters" after how its working together in my points of interrests: - powers - Glamour Weapon / Kinetic Boost (AP boost + Force Wave / Absolution - at 5Sins also as slowers?) - passives - Reactive Barier / Phantom Feints / and Hot Foot (AP boost and SLOW on last Basic?) - attack - Fireball "(1/2/3.. slow 4/5.. SIN!)" - what an nice dance?? ,no oh... my Foot is not as hot.. Rotation from partial s
  9. InVisio


    Hey, as new year comes.. more work to do and new thoughts about get in touch with some new game as i get older (means only: HELLO HERE!!, and get out of my marked spot for thrown fireball .. ) Visio
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