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  1. **check check.. just few again.. - drops of Raw Milk from Aurochs seems far more productive through hunting golds in WarTribes, than actually killing Aurochs - should be fixed somehow - low durability of weapon doesnt apear at indicators + add today as some fast.. I would like to say one think above others only from my opinion thorugh time, @jtoddcoleman - I'm missing content from you guys for testing on list for us to test.. (maybe where to focus? if..), when all is wrapped in "mystery" hidden labels even in Patch notes behind...blah my blah and i feel little why..? Well lets try one more shot.. where to focus at current meta? btw-current mood, im sorry if too sharp: - feeling wierd when cooldowns at bars scratching and bugging together with switching tabs others CD's and other skills... feeling pain for even tryout to Bug-report something, when i dont know where to start/with which skill.. (Confessor still in "orange aura" from Ultimate when reaching Soul..,/ Rangers when running shooting while run=bug../, i can do this all day long and will not reach end..) - i can be nerdy, but im not.. this is visual pain from "SKILLS DOESNT WORKING PROPERLY ON TIME IN BARS!" and ill repeat it over and over again.. when no fox for this, no playable/testable content, so... /screw that fps, this is only "meh" over.. (i would ask to know more from behind of mystery in Known Issues lists - where/how/why - examples - to try if im able to help, but if its wrapped also without focus in testing/sry, unplayable...) - many players i think doesnt want PvP content testing when this working "somehow" as it is and i can understand but as i said at beggining..
  2. @vkromas @thomasblair Dont know, if someone mentioned/posted reminder in Bandages timing bug (?), but - 1. Different types of Bandages can be sometime "-override/pre-recast/overwritten/and to the beginning-" before previous timer of "Recently Bandaged" finished. here seems the circle is (and could be also with War tribes mob conditions in aggro..?) : override - timer is jammed and stucked in the recent/previous one recast - toggle - before the timer completes overwritten - gain hit points before reaching old timer (2. - Red window "low HP alert" is struggling with those timers after that...) (but thumbs up for cool look !! )
  3. Hey, hopped in here for fast thoughts and suggestions for some basic tooltips for Eternal Kingdoms as: 1) visibly made windows list of Nobles/Vassals (names/accounts) possible with Tokens/Cells before logging in - (management?/not only via chat command in it?) 2) visibly made windows with tokens directly shown without opening Inventory/EK editor/.. 3) and/or better leading in tooltips through parcels with free Tokens/maybe even cells coordination (visibly made, not only via Inventory only at current parcel = "zero" Tokens when you log in and open your Inventory - it is frustrating / leads to unnecessary mistakes/spare time consuming things like running around with any clue under any Slag....) 4) and with this can be better done orientation with future plan to imagination of your future Keeps/Cities/... when running to another parcel within EK 5) some Things for bind/establish parcels together at 2 different parcels not only with upgrades? 6) with more structured buildings - and some kind of patterns as walls - could be made with more options as: "i wish better angles/fixed ones only connecting tooltips"
  4. I still think - menus or any opened UI windows is not much fit and struggle with activation border light with (maybe) Keybinds (detection?) - i found most common with "Settings tab" to show - (think should be marked as issue with them) "Settings window" in left Keys bar wtill not activate Option menu (1) even when shown 1- "Settings window" become active after click into window to black Settings background (2)
  5. I really like new creature's spells in work !! / thumb up for acceleration of em! (heading again to testing phase )
  6. Hello, - casting spells from different Trays (also many of them with added bonuses from talent tree/minor/Major disciplines) and switching between them - doesnt count down spells/bonuses corectly (more in passives / or cut with switch, when no equipped in switched tray) - i think Keybinds still struggling in option menu totally with timing when reassigned .. (in secondary option for one key, probably in tray not reassigned good..) I see there BIG potential in swiching trays for getting benefits from cooldowns counted right through them for more clear skill rotations / proped buffs..../some details hunters.... but ..very big "BUT.." in meantime.. ( one example: Arch - druid's Skill BARK - ("hidden Thorns..") - even with power from Skill tree +% Thorn (unaddressed as Bark - so reflect?) in numbers.. /Protective/Explosive Thorns/Prickly Skin/Thornshield...eh.. many disciplines without it - is really not working in any combination of Thorns properly - any damage to enemies, when sloted/switched and punched..
  7. Hellow, only fast one - Hunger Shard place seems blocking over the edges casted spells :
  8. In splitting stack task - when trying to split some things in bottom row of my inventory - would be nice to have whole window visible - it is not. (p.s.: The CONFIRM and CANCEL buttons try to hide somewhere outside of my monitor screen!! )
  9. Nice idea! "maybe" even with an Empty Flasks in bag from Alchemy - in some spots in open world (somewhere with water fields..? /?) could be filled with water as optional gathering this commodity? /meaned in addition for gathering plants - Sickles tree - time for filling... etc (dont know if/how connected this should be back from profession to gathering..)
  10. I'll bet Frostweaver will be surely some kind of "Kinder Pingui".. - totally frozen gold chocolate nuget hidden in back of fridge right now..
  11. In calculations such deep list of details trough character statistics - is this very necessary change (and not addressed only to professions/combat/noncombat-combat speed....yet) i think.. But there is good job till now how it works, and how it can be done anyway !! Just think about it : In one direction, how "total weight" can be implemented with only one Power - Retaliation - - "timed delay cast" depending on total weight.. - "total movement speed affected for **** time" (this would be MY key point for total weight efects /even Mounted..) ... - "cooldown affected to next Retaliation cast" - "speed casts".. Weight should be valuable 😛
  12. Yo.. I'll add few logs into fires..or as "the end justifies the maens" says.. so (keep calm, n read..): - Im playing CF few weeks (3weeks or so) - someone can hate me in my position for now, but.. tests are tests.. can give same comments in this as well as i got it .. and after all, dont need to be only one in here.. - informations about game, if you dont dig hard thorugh pages/spreadsheets/youtube/wherever it is .. and back in time about game is very very exhausting and grueling! so.. - , so i found good guild where i could tryout how "different" this game can be in future of playing and for getting some answers about complexicity of curent stage.. and so on.. - ... here can be smiley! ... Story of a beginner (me in mine position via nowdays EU Trial) - 1. - world of last Campaign ended.. so Malekai's giveaway as new one Campaign will add some news and rewards for players!.. WOW! That can be worth .. but.. why im not sure how in Pre_alpha - exactly can be.. why..?? " (in my opinion any bonuses from Malekai's Crest, - or any advantage against other factions/players/guilds in this Pre-Alpha is simply useless if that doesnt want to try some sort of stat - balancing .. (/ or more: disadvantageous - to others - if you want to say it directly, - for newcomers coming after someone who was earlier in these testing phases or even me as new one now,but not forever, without clue/equip... blah blah ... in my opinion this should be implemented at Crow for now as some shiney ""cool look effect only as prewieved without any bonus (if some CAP for testing those is met..? dont know) " - can be good only in way for new testers/newcomers as - to pay atention how game continues with building comunity/how it continus/improving, etc etc.. and who is trying to help nowdays/through how time goes... but, ill let this be in this task...)" 2. - what happened to me after that? well .. "I joined wrong faction" - meaned: all my guild mates is in other faction, than me.. sooo, how i can solve what i cant change till campaign ends (i was told) ?? - hum.. how this can be possible? what i should do so many days if i want to play? ...damn.. in off-topic and killable by my own guild members? does this to me any sense even in game im playing??.. hmhm.. duno.. can be..but mechanics of the game are not here for this - to do it transparently ? so why not..?? ..?? (will not say anything how fair i want to feel, that not deserves it now..) " ( well , okay.. thats "only" game and im "only" tester" - so i can get some points to sun by trying stuff and from my position - my guild was still first, which taken me out troubles with beggining in comunity here.. - so here I go with ideas as i can use this as it is created for now! )" - so: SPYING in ACTIONS (down one more here..) - well its not good, not bad.., what it is? - if its possible - it should or could be marked or implemented with some very good idea if i still can join other faction in while being in same guild.. - thats first part of my question - so: I CAN BE placeholder in ZONE - ..Sieges? "meh".. and i dont need to fight as same as i dont have anyone within, while i choose my side.. i'll help my guild.. im in zone, im not fighting - can be hard to understand, but TeamSpeak will solve my problem in few seconds and /who typo in zone also - im in map, someone cant.. - thats second part of my question - so: and at best.. - I CAN FARM and learn technique (even dangerous way.. whatever..) for some solo pvp actions, not only be called for group fights which im missing a VERY now.. and why i wouldnt do this when Siege is running? well.. - thats last point of my situation in that question 3. - now you can see my side in shiney star when im "just" looking at it .. oh.. i didnt say my question.. but it there really any?? Thanks for read(ch)ing (the end).. hope will be with help.. aand with some "kind of advice" for what was behind my current self-questioning.. do not think wrong with me čus
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