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    InVisio got a reaction from JamesGoblin in 5.100 Snap Test Feedback Reports for 7/3/19   
    Just reminder again on Confessor's "Feed the Flames" (+4m per 1 point extended range 0/3) skill ► not working in proper range/incorrect display/worse aiming with new targetting system
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    InVisio reacted to ACE_JackalBark in 5.100 Snap Test Patch Notes for 7/3/19   
    7/3/19 TEST
    Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.100.0
    To report any issues or bugs, please go here: 5.100 Snap Test Bug Reports for 7/3/19
    To report feedback, please go here: 5.100 Snap Test Feedback Reports for 7/3/19
    For an up-to-date list of known issues please go here: 5.100 Known Issues
    New Items for 5.100.00
    Randomized equipment and gear have been added to war tribe loot tables. Players can now sell items to vendors. More props and flow adjustments have been added to the temples. God’s Reach:
    A new God’s Reach campaign map has been added with the following new items: This campaign no longer requires faction selection prior to entering. Specific areas now have mobs of specific ranks. Players no longer drop inventory items on death. Added more spiders to the starting area of God’s Reach. NPCs and Vendors:
    Boss mobs should no longer spawn in monster areas lower than rank 5. Updated Embarri to use military camps, instead of just roads. Updated system vendor shop names in the temple, and added in new vendors for novice weapons and mounts. Sound and Visual FX:
    New versions of outpost announcement messages. New sound for death announcement message. Enbarri power sounds clean up. Reimplementing sound for Half Giant Blood of the Giant. New combat music tracks added. Sound pass on powers of Knife Grinder discipline. Sound pass on powers of Poisoner discipline. Harvesting:
    Swapped Energetic Harvests 3rd and 5th Pip powers. Added comments on Reaping and Breaking harvesting powers being added to Pip 1 power. Crafting:
    Mushrooms can now be used as “seasoning”. Combining discipline recipes now have their own menu and can be accessed through the personal crafting menu (J). Updating recipes for war tribe combines to now require 3 instead of 10 with an additional 3 optional slots. Crafting panel should no longer resize the reagent icons, so they'll all fit into the 1x1 slots properly.  Common and up quality experimentations all now have 10 Pips as the maximum amount of PiPs allowed per experimentation line. General Powers:
    Fixed a data issue with the bandage 3 and 4 powers.  Monkey rolls and other interrupts will now correctly apply the Recently Bandaged debuff. Class Powers
    Meteor Purge's blackmantle effect  should no longer fail to apply when used over 6m away from target. Druid: 
    Fixed druid healing orb reticle. Kinetic Boost now effects Power Efficiency by 20%. Race Powers:
    Headbutt shouldn't throw those who are blocking into the air anymore. Disciplines and Discipline Powers:
    White quality disciplines can now be combined into higher quality disciplines. All Major Disciplines are available from the Vendor. All Minor Disciplines are available from the Vendor. Some Exploration Disciplines are available from the Vendor. Combine Discipline recipe now requires 5 of a kind for upgrading discipline qualities. Adjusted price of Disciplines. Deprecated the following Minor Disciplines - Expansive Mind, Demon's Pact, Fashion Statement, Hand of Glory. (These disciplines were granting unique race relating benefits that not only watered down race diversity, but also felt extraordinarily powerful for a minor discipline). Long Live the Fighter can no longer be loaded out into the survival tray.
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    InVisio reacted to Soulreaver in 5.100 Snap Test Feedback Reports for 7/3/19   
    The new targeting ui/reticule is a -horrible change.
    This auto targeting is horrible due to body blocking and so on now means that you cant target the right players cause the target will jump all over the place and u can't anticipate things. This reticlue change is taking the randomness to a whole new level. This is a grp pvp game and now I have to guess who to hit
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    InVisio reacted to Raindog in 5.100 Snap Test Feedback Reports for 7/3/19   
    I need to see it on healer trying to land rescue in 20+ fight...
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    InVisio reacted to KDSProm in KDS in Crowfall [EU]   
    Funny Times again:
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    InVisio reacted to srathor in Alchemy live stream Thursday - Official discussion thread   
    I can't wait to hear about the 4K healing pots, on a 3 second cooldown!

    I know being able to store then in stacks of 3 will help them be balanced. that and having to use them with a combat slot or opening and right clicking in bags will also help. 
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    InVisio got a reaction from JamesGoblin in 5.8.6 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 4/4/19   
    I still think - menus or any opened UI windows is not much fit and struggle with activation border light with (maybe) Keybinds (detection?) - i found most common with "Settings tab" to show - (think should be marked as issue with them)

    "Settings window" in left Keys bar wtill not activate Option menu (1) even when shown 

    "Settings window" become active after click into window to black Settings background (2)

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    InVisio reacted to lihai in Minor Archdruid Feedback from a new player   
    General leveling feedback:
    Running out of essence before level 4 is pretty painful. Without having access to level 4's Sacrifice spell its possible to get oneself into a position where no abilities work and its unclear as to why.
    Archdruid specific feedback:
    When I got Blight, I had no idea that I also needed to craft/equip a Staff to be able to reasonably generate Orbs. Maybe a text tooltip on Blight or Archdruid itself to indicate Staff auto-attacks can generate orbs. Or a post-confirmation popup about the importance of switching weapons. I dunno.
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    InVisio got a reaction from JamesGoblin in First Look: War Tribes - Official discussion thread   
    I really like new creature's spells in work  !! / thumb up for acceleration of em! (heading again to testing phase  )
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    InVisio got a reaction from vkromas in First Look: War Tribes - Official discussion thread   
    I really like new creature's spells in work  !! / thumb up for acceleration of em! (heading again to testing phase  )
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    InVisio reacted to ComradeAma in 5.8.4 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 2/26/19   
    This will be my new wallpaper. 
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    InVisio got a reaction from Makuza in 5.8.5 Snap Test Feedback and Bug reports for 3/27/19   

    - casting spells from different Trays (also many of them with added bonuses from talent tree/minor/Major disciplines) and switching between them - doesnt count down spells/bonuses corectly (more in passives / or cut with switch, when no equipped in switched tray) - i think Keybinds still struggling in option menu totally with timing when reassigned .. (in secondary option for one key, probably in tray not reassigned good..)
    I see there BIG potential in swiching trays for getting benefits from cooldowns counted right through them for more clear skill rotations / proped buffs..../some details hunters.... but ..very big "BUT.." in meantime..

    ( one example: Arch - druid's Skill BARK - ("hidden Thorns..") - even with power from Skill tree +% Thorn (unaddressed as Bark - so reflect?) in numbers.. /Protective/Explosive Thorns/Prickly Skin/Thornshield...eh.. many disciplines without it - is really not working in any combination of Thorns properly - any damage to enemies, when sloted/switched and punched.. 
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    InVisio got a reaction from JamesGoblin in 5.8.5 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 3/6/19   
    Just 2 fast shots - 

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    InVisio reacted to Pann in Item Wipe   
    Removed some off-topic comments/posts. Please keep it civil, folks. Thanks! 
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    InVisio reacted to KDSProm in KDS in Crowfall [EU]   
    Winterblades and Hy'shen Avari visits KDS, Caldera and a few Order 4g players at a siege window and go home as they came after a good fight.
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    InVisio reacted to Cerus in New Travian Games SCM says Hi   
  17. Haha
    InVisio got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Hey-yo!!   
    as new year comes.. more work to do and new thoughts about get in touch with some new game as i get older 
     (means only: HELLO HERE!!, and get out of my marked spot for thrown fireball ..  )
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    InVisio reacted to APE in The potential of this game saving the MMO genre   
    There is content to test and interesting mechanics if you so choose to see them that way. They have content updates/milestones every so often and bug updates in between. Normally players don't have access to "pre-alpha" or any such early version of a game, especially MMOs. This is a new development model for MMOs so players coming in expecting more or something similar to a early access/beta for other games will be disappointed.
    Some of your suggestions sound more like what might be found in Ashes of Creation eventually. You should check it out if you haven't. I backed it during the kickstarter, but not really interested in the focus on PVE.
    I believe since your account was made they've added the Talent system with Promo Classes, began the first Campaigns with seasons, day/night, siege, capture point system update, multiple continents linked, etc. Basically made a playable game loop in a rough draft version of the game. For those of us that have been around for years, there has been quite a bit more. Being around for ~3 months and expecting for content/update to be dropping out of the sky daily or whatever isn't realistic.
    This game isn't going to save the MMO genre. It doesn't need to be saved. There are tons of great MMOs that people play. If you choose to dislike them, that's on you. Crowfall will not be a huge mass appealing game. It has potential to be popular in it's own corner of the market, but it won't greatly appeal to those that like traditional MMOs nor will it draw people away from Fortnite, Overwatch, League and other highly popular games. 
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    InVisio reacted to Darguth in New Campaing, same problems... Almost Quiting...   
    Because development resources are finite. Any time/thought/energy put into implementing, testings, iterating, and deploying a minor fix for a temporary system is time/thought/energy *not* being spent on a desired, more long-term solution.

    I'd prefer they not polish anything that we absolutely know is a very temporary placeholder of functionality. I'd much prefer everyone's focus remain on a genuine embargo system that we can test and iterate on, rather than iterating over what essentially amount to placeholder assets.
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    InVisio reacted to Vlaana in 5.8.4 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 2/26/19   
    Hello everyone,
    Here some of my feedback about crowfall large scale battle. As usual, English is not my native language. Keep in mind that my feedback is based on people having equal gears.
    I found a lot of post on this forum complaining about the Pitfighter champion (I do not play it and I agree they are a pain) however does the problem lie in the class itself?
    In the following argumentation, I will try to explain my view on this tanky meta.  For me, it is a combinaison of several factors which created such dirty meta (personnal opinion).
    DD = Damage dealer classes
    The DD (all leather classes, the true heroes! Survival at its fitness 🤥)
    One sentence is enough, I found that most of the DD lake a ton of base damages.
    Except for assassin which is almost balanced (I only speak about damages here, not mobility or sustain) and good to gank people harvesting in the wild, others classes are so way behind.
    The lake of heavy AOE to control/perturbate the path of the battle does contribute to the tank impunity.
    In this part, I will explain why I personnaly find the passive trees really bad
    On one hand, the armor tree give player a direct reward independent from their class to decrease damage taken which provides an higher damage output on long terme battle.
    On the other hand, the weapon tree is laking and player has to pick several useless passives to reach better one. As the DD are lacking so much base damages this tree does not help them to provide higher burst.
    From my point of view, most decent players would like to go in the armor tree first then to the weapon tree.
    This choice made by most players has for effect to reduce the overoll burst output of a group.
    This part concerns the disciplines
    The disciplines (major or minor) are heavily oriented toward defense. Either these disciplines give invulnerability towards an element or scale with equipment.
    For example, the minor discipline "sturdy" scale with better equipment making it too strong at the later stage of the game.
    Moreover this aspect of the game is intensified because there is almost no discipline scaling with damage.
    "Sparring" and "Uniform set" provide flat damages increase and Glass canon is not clear (the text desciption says "Makes no sense. At all.", I agree with this statement).
    The only real discipline available to set up a "burst" is the new "force mage" discipline modifying your final damage modifier. But again, all the combo stuff mainly ruin it. For example: In big team fight, you are focusing someone, you start a combo and another group switch target to help you and you see your ennemy health going low, you would like to use "Force mage" active between two combo spells in order to finish him. However, you cannot and you ennemy survive.
    The lack of choice to increase damage output and the low versatility of those disciplines make them not interesting.

    Equipments, the last but not the least:
    Plate set provides a lot of mitigation and an heavy HP pool. It increases the HP efficiency so much that it become insane.
    Mail set is almost as the plate set with a small bonus on the damage side.
    Leather set, the trade between mitigation/HP for +2,5% damage is basically a mathematical mistake 🎓. DD need to have enough damage to take advantage of this.
    Moreover, the leather recipies require so much leather than plate/mail gears and participate in another vicious circle towards the heavy classes.
    Recently I found a post complaining about scarcity of leather, which is true:
    However, I feel sorry to see the second part. Leather classes live to deal more damages. If people thinks about defense before increasing damage, it amplifies the gap between damage versus mitigation. Basically, It means that the stats boosting damage are not interesting.
    Ultimate feel more like basic spell, it is charging to fast. A lot of class are spamming them like candy, this also contribute to their survivability in combat.
    Another way the game is limiting instant burst is combo, there are too many of them making burst almost impossible to set. Another example, "absolution" (confessor spell) which remove the sins from the target so you cannot make a focus with 5/6 confessor on the same one to burst it down.
    Managing so much statistiques by percentages create a lot of disparities (trees, items, talents, ...).🎓
    With all those problems accumulating, the tanky classes with plate or mail are above others due to health pool efficiency.
    This contribute to ridiculous situations such as mail assassin tanking 20 people for more than 30 seconds and leaving alive, fight longer than 45 minutes without any death.
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    InVisio got a reaction from vkromas in A Tasty Update - Official discussion thread   
    Nice idea! 
    "maybe" even with an Empty Flasks in bag from Alchemy - in some spots in open world (somewhere with water fields..? /?) could be filled with water as optional gathering this commodity? /meaned in addition for gathering plants - Sickles tree - time for filling... etc  
    (dont know if/how connected this should be back from profession to gathering..)
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    InVisio got a reaction from Corpran in 5.8.4 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 2/26/19   
    In splitting stack task - 
    when trying to split some things in bottom row of my inventory - would be nice to have whole window visible - it is not.
    (p.s.: The CONFIRM and CANCEL buttons try to hide somewhere outside of my monitor screen!!  )
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    InVisio reacted to vkromas in A Tasty Update - Official discussion thread   
    We had to knock down the amount of times the water well would give out water due to cheesin' it. I don't think there are any plans to remove water from vendors, either since, like you mentioned, it's easier in that it's one of those cost/effort situations. I might also look at the water well tables and see if there is a happy medium we can reach with it. As we build more recipes water is going to be a hot commodity for jewelcrafting, alchemy, and cooking. 
    I do like your suggestion about collecting impure water and then purifying it, that's a pretty cool idea! Tucking this into my notes for later once we revisit how our bodies of water should work. 
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    InVisio reacted to vkromas in 5.8.4 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 2/26/19   
    Dave Greco and Nik Overdiek are amazing. When I was putting those icons in I was in a constant state of hunger because of how good they look! 
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    InVisio got a reaction from Corpran in 5.8.4 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 2/26/19   
    I realy like the FOOD icons  im impressed! gj
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