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  1. Will the Myrmadon get any attention? bleeds dont stack as individual abilities. having 2 Myrmadons on 1 target makes only 1 of them able to stack their bleeds and get the bonus from it. also if any champion uses rend to apply a severe bleed than the Myrmadons bleeds go away. whirlwind doesn't want to proc its damage sometimes forcing me to cancel the action and re-cast the ability. Is this working as intended or just an oversight?? Inconceivable for the duelist seems to work when it wants to. I have to activate the ability about 3-4 times before it wants to work and give the buffs. Redirect pain is the same way. seems not to work sometimes but still put the ability on cool-down. Is teleportation thru walls intentional? What about centaurs champions being able to jump onto flags by the keep gates and then leap right over the walls?
  2. I think this post got blown out of proportion and off topic from the OP. Everyone seems to want to argue the numbers instead of the questions that were asked.
  3. This is exactly one of the problems here. If the community has addressed these issues "MULTIPLE TIMES OVER THE YEARS" then why are they still an issue to this day? it wouldn't be hard to make temporary craftable boxes for EK's to use as a guild bank for now. Or at the very least do a performance tweak so we dont have mass disconnects and broken games during siege times instead of adding more stuff that's broken. If these 5 problems have been a PROBLEM for years now then what is the point of us testing and voicing our opinions just to be givin half ass excuses.
  4. @Jah i said we show up to siege with 25. and you guys have roughly 100. maybe thats not 100 in zone or in HOA or Winterblades but all together in balance. please read before starting a wild argument.
  5. Personally im not going to sit her and argue numbers with 2 people from the faction thats currently stacked trying to defend themselves in thinking the game is fun for everyone else. The devs should be able to see the active player numbers for siege time and be able to see that the faction stacking has been and will be an issue.
  6. hey Jah, how many active do u have in Winterblades? how many active in HOA? Now compare those numbers to any other factions active player count during siege time. your rebuttal about score has absolutely nothing to do with player counts and thus is invalid.
  7. What is going on with faction balancing? Is this going to be coming in a future update or should we all just hop on the balance train like the rest of this game? Its very demoralizing to show up to siege with about 25 people going against roughly 100. But we still show up each and every night and try our best win or lose despite the number differences. Whats stopping new players from joining the stacked faction or chaos/order from ALL jumping ship making the other 2 factions empty?? I get the argument about the big guilds not all being able to be on the same faction if a balancing system was in place but to be honest, if 1 of the bigger guilds from balance swapped to one of the other factions then we might actually have a game on our hands instead of feeling like a constant punching bag. Is there any news on when a performance patch will be released? Not sure if the devs show up to siege but when 100 people are standing a few inches from each other the game turns from a modern PC game made in this century to the very first moving picture ever made in the late 1800's. Frame rate drops to basically 0, skills stop hitting targets, everyone is yo-yoing back and forth and its basically which side has more AOE output thru the lag spikes. Myrm classes that rely on crashing a mechanic at a specific time are impossible to pull off. just trying to switch zones has caused some consistent crashing and this last hot fix released on 4/17 has only made things worse. Will we be getting Guild storage before you put out more "new" items??? I like the fact that the additives came back for bodies!! However, without implementing some sort of guild storage first (that we have been asking for since i can remember) our bank space is even more packed with random stuff. Having to make a few extra characters to use as a storage for myself and guild is a bit of a hassle and a little ridiculous. Not to mention completely confusing when remembering what random toon is holding what. Was the armor durability supposed to be paper??? First few days of this new campaign we didn't have much since it was after a wipe. Most of us purchased intermediate armor just to make do but when handed one of the first sets i realized the durability was 1/5th what it used to be and the intermediate had more. If i can buy some intermediate armor that has higher durability than our guilds master blacksmith can craft (without the tool) i think there's an issue. Sure the armor rating and stats are non existent but my point stands on durability rating being significantly higher with intermediate vs rare/green or any other color crafted without the tool. Is this a PVE or PVP game?? Started off as a PvP game but now its turning into just another PvE game except with 1 added PvP mechanic. Spending hours grinding mats to make gear to PvP in was understandable. But farming endlessly at a PvE war camp for a minor disc just has me wanting to put a bullet in my foot. Not to mention getting multiple of that same minor disc for the other 15 guild mates that want it!!! I guess my question is do i get paid sick leave or holiday pay for this full time job i just started??
  8. ^^ this right here. leather wearers have all traded up. not worth it at all
  9. There is no love for the skinning profession. With the day / night cycle affecting the hide drop tables, waiting for spawn time of mobs and the recent nerf to the amount of mobs found inside forests and other area's its making skinning not worth it. Sitting at a whopping 2 R9 hellcats in our forest of silence trying to get enough flexible hide to gear out 1 person is hours worth of nonsense. Even if my beneficial harvest did happen to Proc, i would get that bonus only on the second cat i skin then wait another 3 minutes for spawns. Why is this happening to the skinning profession when ore/stone can go from pocket to pocket burning thru hammers/picks??? I understand that leatherworking might not be as important as Blacksmithing but if we are 4/5 days into a new item wipe and everyone who can use mail/plate armor has greens/blues and the leather wearers are still in commons then there seems to be an issue. Then u nerf the gold drop and replace it with 1 dust...... i get that animals shouldn't be rollin down the street with fat stacks in their pockets but 1 dust in compensation?!?!? i can go smack a tree twice and get 2/3 dust. Dont forget the new Ancient mobs which have turned solo skinning into a nightmare. Accidentally agro an ancient anything on your journey and its game over unless you have a pocket healer at all times. Then when you do kill a R5 ancient you are rewarded from the gods with.... you guessed it....more dust. We spent a good 10 minutes killing a R5 expecting to see our first majors of the game after this new wipe, instead we got 45 dust and a kick to the moral. We where all on white vessels with common gear and didnt expect to kill it easily but good gravy!!!! Not sure how many people have to complain about this before a change that actually happens to make skinning worth it.
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