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  1. I am a day-1 backer with beta 2 access and I was just invited to the pre-alpha. They clearly stated being a day-1 backer as the reason behind the invite. Which means.. Beta 2 people, the wait is almost over!
  2. Runecaster? Ratcatcher?? Exploding potions??? Count me in! Oh wait, I've been here since the begining : D
  3. Yep, although I would make the curve logarithmic. Makes sence for stuff to be easy to start using and extremely hard to master, thus mastering multiple things is hard and rewarding while at the same time providing soft-caps at how many abilities/skills one can master. This is extremely important to economy. You don't want everyone to be able to craft AND gather AND fight. AND make delicious peanutbutter-jelly covered pancakes.
  4. As a matter of fact you could also have multiple babies, but babies and unicorns are not the point here. Why are we talking about unicorns again?
  5. So someone playing Dota for 2 years would loose to someone good at LoL who's playing his first couple of games? No chance except for extremely unique situations where the "veteran" is incapable of learning. And that just proves the "no chance" point..
  6. New players always will and, more importantly, always SHOULD be at a disadvantage or being a veteran has no meaning. Even in games where starting players and veterans have the same resources (DotA, Starcraft, FPS..), new players are trampled. The solution is not to be the noob guardian angel as a company. Being weak and growing stronger has a good taste after all. New players shouldn't be one-shot or they'll never learn. They also shouldn't be even 10% likely to win a fair fight with a veteran.
  7. I like this system. It makes people commit. You can no longer be a master crafter and awesome wizard and deadly rogue and anything else by leveling 2 weeks and hitting a respec button. A dedicated master crafter will be respected because not many have invested that much into, say, Blacksmithing. Same goes for all roles. And you can fail misserably. Investing in the wrong skill costs. A lot. Thus investing in the right one has that much more meaning.
  8. The point of secondary systems is just that.. They are plan-B, a last resort and used in a pinch. Which is why they should be more supportive in nature and way less damaging. Making secondary weapons a means to re-obtain ammo for the primary weapon would make it valid and usable no matter how underpowered it actually is. A typical ranger in a small-scale pvp fight would have to use his arrows wisely or be forced to go in melee range, thus being at a big disadvantage, in order to reclaim some arrows and keep using his/her bow. In a siege or large scale battle preparation and tactics is key. You cannot simply walk into the fray, so having a smith nearby to make you arrows would be wise. This would make ammo-using classes playable solo, since you can simply reclaim your ammo in small pvp encounters, and also provides tactical depth in big/decisive battles/sieges.
  9. A secondary melee weapon/ability set is the best idea. Make it kind of underpowered but valid. Maybe even introduce some elements of "ammo-retrieving" where if you melee-hit a target with certain abilities and you have already range-hit him/her with, say, arrows, you have a chance to retrieve some of it.
  10. By having huge amounts of supplies stored behind their walls and experienced members that use their spells wisely. As opposed to random zergs having people casting to steal kills and spamming spells at everything that moves until their run out of reagents/ammo.
  11. I'm implying that if you had just 20 casts of a powerfull fireball until you run out of reagents, you would think twice about standing on a wall and spamming 1,2,1,2,1 below. You would probably save those spells for destroying catapults. Thats adding important decisions and meaning to pvp. Also, a small tactical guild would have no problem annihilating big zergs by managing their resources correctly, having supply lines and crafters. And thus, hurray!! PvP is no longer a "who has the biggest zerg and lowest ping" kind of thing. If you are not tired of that kind of pvp, go play some more GW2.
  12. And so who would they use? Ranged provides huge boosts, so having the setback of being in need of a steady flow of supplies to be most effective makes big strategic sense. I'll say it the other way.. Why shouldn't the one doing the siege be able to choke out the supply lines and starve/defang the defenders? And wouldn't it be much better for pvp if rangers and mages weren't auto-casting? If their spells actually mattered? Lets stop viewing pvp as a skill spamfest where the biggest whale wins.
  13. Definitely limited ammo. And resources for casters, big armor-repair prices to tanks. This game is all about crafting being essential and in need for finite durations on items. The economy is based on the above. Would be a silly move to let-go of this opportunity to boost crafters even more.
  14. That. I'm happy with the dregs, but not everyone enjoys hardcore pvp. Make something for the softcore pvp-ers too. More archetypes? No. I'ld preffer making those few extremely fun and expanding the in-game specializations/multiclassing.
  15. It will be an interesting piece of information indeed. As a European, that credit card problem is something new to me. Could always use Kickstarter/Amazon/etc. without any issue. On the other hand, the big problem I (and most Europeans) have with Kickstarter is postage expenses that in most cases double the pledge price on physical items. And that mostly does not apply to digital products such as Crowfall with the exception of the top-tiers. Anyway, looking forward to April!
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